Sunday, May 25, 2008


"No one is supposed to think that the votes that the Kurds gave to AKP is because of sympathy or trust or belief in AKP"
~ Leyla Zana.

From Yeni Özgür Politika:

The US and Iran clandestinely met regarding Qendil

It has been revealed that the Iran regime, which implements attacks against PJAK and PKK guerrillas, met with American officials secretly.

KCK Executive Council member, Duran Kalkan, said the US and Iran met at least three times regarding the Qendil attacks. Kalkan said: "The US and Iranian regimes met three or four times until now. In all these meetings, the attacks against the Medya Defense Zones by Iranian artillery was negotiated and has been decided."

Pointing out the cooperation between the US and Iran regarding PKK and PJAK, he said "On this basis, they attack PJAK. I mean, it is obvious that the US approved and supported this attack. For that reason, a dirtier alliance is revealed." Mentioning that cooperation against PJAK by the most opposite forces has been decided in these meetings, "The US can have an alliance with Iran, categorized by the US as one member of the Axis of Evil, to strike Kurds. The artillery shelling of Qendil-Xinere regions is completely under American permission and support" Kalkan said.

Remembering that the 1975 Algeria Accords were signed by the US, Iran, and Iraq regimes, Kalkan stressed the cooperation against Kurds, thus, is not a new event.

In Amed (Diyarbakır), high school students have been taken by the police, with the permission of high school administrations, to wedding salons where anti-PKK seminars were held. The students were asked to become spies for the police. Since these are illegal incidents, students and their guardians applied to the IHD.

Troops who gave anti-PKK speeches at the seminars, gave their business cards to the students and wanted them to call to talk, either in a park or a cafe.

Students were transported from school to the seminars in police buses. At least three schools were involved in these police activities: Rekabet Kurumu Anadolu Lisesi, Yunus Emre Lisesi, and Namık Kemal Lisesi.

In London, Leyla Zana speaks out, saying that for PKK to lay down its arms, "firstly [Turkish] planes must stop bombing operations". Zana continues: "The Kurdish people see the PKK's struggle as their insurance and I am one member of these people. A democratic solution of the Kurdish question is feasible with a new, liberal constitution which includes the rights of the Kurds and other peoples who are living in Turkey."

On the AKP government, Zana says: "Kurds will send AKP to the garbage." Zana criticized AKP severely in the meeting she attended at the Kurdish Community Center. "No one is supposed to think that the votes that the Kurds gave to AKP is because of sympathy or trust or belief in AKP. Our people just wanted to give AKP a chance. They supported AKP with the consideration that 'whether it can find a solution for our children in the mountains, whether the Imrali system could be changed or he [Ocalan] could be freed.'"

Leyla Zana also called the Kurdish political parties for a national conference. Such a conference is necessary to clarify Kurdish national interests and to have a common policy. She stressed the vital importance of an intra-Kurdish dialog.

Zana will continue with diplomatic contacts and series of meetings in London through 25 May.

Meanwhile, back in Elkî (Beytuşşebap) . . . On 21 May, in retaliation for HPG military council member Adil Amed, Kurtay Faraşin, and the Besta shehids, HPG attacked Tepê Şabanikê in Meydan Zengelê region. HPG siezed Tepe Sabanike hill, where TSK soldiers were positioned, within 10 minutes. Five TSK soldiers were killed and four committed suicide by running off the edge of a cliff. In this operation, HPG also siezed one BKC machine gun and one BKC sight, two M-16s, three military bags, one walkie-talkie, several lanterns and smoke grenades. Nine soldiers were killed, one of whom was a lieutenant, and five were wounded.

On the same day, fascist Turkish army units began a military operation in Güçlükonak's rural areas. HPG attacked one of the units. As a result, two TSK soldiers were killed and two wounded. After the operation, the region was bombed by Cobra helicopters and tanks.


Baran said...

It's not a very unlikely that US and Iranian representatives secretly met and conspirated over the Kurdish resistance movement. I mean if our own Kurdish leaders do it ( why wouldn't those who occupy and support the occupation of Kurdistan do it?

hamo said...

This is exactly what I am trying to put across. Why do we want to create a state in the Middle East if we are going to be as same as our enemies. Many folks in South Kurdistan already miss Saddam era where even the USA had to think twice before they attacked. Considering now Iran, Turkey with the help of USA and Israel continuously bombing as they please. I mean Iran, Turkey, Syria, USA and Israel acting like Kurdistan their own back garden.

Jash Barzanis and Bastard Talibans dictatorship ruling would have been finished when Anfal and Halapja genocides carried out by Saddam with the help of these two evil bastards. They had no chance of carrying as Kurdish leaders after these horrible genocides but their luck changed when the Americans and the Turks backed them up and put them back in to driving sit. Sure that these bastards determine to wipe their own people from the face of the earth. Turkish government and MIT (intelligence) have hundreds of dirty files against these bastards, which would put them in shame and behind the bars for good. I am sure by the look at it, Turkish black mails against these clowns working very well.

What these bastards do and say is disgusting and I understand very well that continuously keep them on the news and report them is doing no good to Kurdish cause but keeping silence is hundred times worst considering these bastards (Jash Barzanis and bastard Talibans) past records of genocide against the Kurdish people one can not stop worrying.

baran said...

But to be fair I can't gather any evidance from this press item that there has taken place any meetings. Everything points towards it but the source in this case doesn't have any inside information. That's why I think it's odd he said that they've meet at least three times. And I don't speak any Turkish so I'm lost in translation.

hamo said...

I don't think anyone should doubt the news that has been reported in this Kurdish newspaper (Gundem) specially if they are regarding to Kurdish issues. The same newspaper several times closed down by the Turkish state and finally ceased their existence by the publishers due to amount of Turkish state court cases against them. I don't think such a paper would make that kind of news to agitate and anger Kurdish people.

Jash Barzani clans just last month met the Turkish foreign ministry representatives in Baghdad while Turkish planes were conducting major air bombing campaign against the South Kurdistan towns.

The MIT person Emre Taner revealed the meeting even while before it was published in the Gundem newspaper during the interview session with one of the Turkish papers. I wish I could remember the name of the newspaper but it does not matter what angle that you are looking at it these jashes of the Kurdistan land ones again sold their nation for their personal gains. Even the Jash Barzani himself revealed of awareness before the Turkish land incursion to South Kurdistan and no retaliation by the peshmerge cowards would prove such an agreement.

I wish there was some pictures or the video to prove this meeting but again how would you expect people of Kurdistan to react while these Jashes and Bastards are ruling the Kurdistan even worst then Saddam dictator? Remember the Bastard Taliban visit to Saddam just before the USA's invasion where he kissed Saddam's hand and oblige obedient to his dictatorship? While he was denying this, media published a lot of pictures and even video to prove this act of treason against the Kurdish people. Did anyone do anything? Absolutely, NO....

If these bastards can still stay in the power after openly and directly commiting genocide against their own people then I don't believe anything can stop them doing what they are doing right now (continue to sell Kurdish blood in Iran, Syria, Turkey and of course in their own land)...

Anonymous said...

Randy - If We Unite on the album The Human Atombombs (2001).

"Look ma, look what they've done The sun over Kurdistan is gone"

baran said...

Indeed Jalal Talabani is a heartless man:

Austen Chamberlain said...

He is a politician. What do you expect? Is Ocalan any different from him? I doubt it.

baran said...

You hit your head on the nail there. More or less all politicians are corrupt because the system is corrupt. Öcalan isn't a nice chap either, I can tell you that. But what I expect from political leaders is that they represent the people.

hamo said...

He is a politician.

So, what? This does not justify Taliban to commit genocide on his own people. Ataturk, Mussolini, Hitler, Saddam and George Bush were all poiticians too but this does not justify their policies or acts.

What do you expect? Is Ocalan any different from him? I doubt it.

I don't know what you know about Ocalan but I am damn sure that not too much.

Renegade Eye said...

See this.

zf_1221 said...

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