Sunday, June 15, 2008


"We'll teach you to drink deep ere you depart."
~ William Shakespeare, Hamlet.

While in the North I have acquired a fine layer of fat which would be more appropriate on a bear preparing for hibernation. A number of times on this trip, I have felt like an overripe watermelon which is ready to pop. This is, of course, the direct result of Kurdish hospitality, in which one eats too damned much wherever one goes in The Region. This is where one is told, "You know you don't have to be shy in your sister's house," as more food is pushed at you. It doesn't matter that you ate too much at someone else's house a couple of hours before, you are still fed as if you hadn't eaten so much as a molecule for the last twenty years.

If you don't run up against a full-blown meal, you may be forced to undergo the tea ceremony. This generally occurs in the evening (after a large meal at home) and begins with the serving of tea. You will be expected to consume a goodly number of glasses of the hot, sweet liquid during the tea "phase". After the tea is retired to the kitchen, a tray of soda and water follows after a brief rest. Surely, you think, this is it. We will go home now and sleep it off. But no, you cannot skip the fruit "course" because here come platters of watermelon, peaches, and apples.

After consuming a suitable amount of fruit, and having reassured your hosts that you have eaten so much that you must be transported to the car in a wheelbarrow, you will be permitted to go home to sleep it off and to steel yourself for the following day's hospitality.

You may think I'm exaggerating but I haven't eaten this much since the last time I was in Kurdistan.

The weather in the southern areas around Midyat, Cizre, and Silopi was hot during the day, but cool at night so that sleeping on a balcony was refreshing. It also allowed one to view the mountains, particularly Gabar, and to observe any activity taking place there. On the night of 1 June, we watched fires that had been deliberately set by the TSK and burned throughout the night. Early on the morning of 2 June, I woke to the sound of a distant thumping noises and observed three fixed-wing aircraft flying low along the mountain ridge. TSK was bombing Gabar, a fact which was confirmed a few days later by a trusted source in Sirnak. This fact confirmed another, which is rarely heard about in Western media (or Turkish media, for that matter), and that fact is that there is a war going on in Şirnak, Siirt, and Hakkari provinces.

On 10 June, there was a noticeable increase in helicopter activity in the Silopi area, with what appeared to be aerial search operations conducted in Silopi proper. Here is some news on the war in recent days, from HPG (Note: The Turkish version of this news from HPG-Online is carried here in full, since the website, along with Özgür Gündem, Firat News, Yeni Özgür Politika, and Youtube are banned inside Turkey):


Basına ve Halkımıza;

1. 11 Haziran günü Silopi ovasında faşist Türk ordusunun bir operasyonu başlamıştır. Aynı gün operasyona takviye amacıyla gelen bir askeri konvoy, Şivasor çevresinde YJA-STAR güçlerimiz tarafından pusuya düşürülmüştür. Eylemde, uzaktan kumandalı mayınları etkisiz hale getiren jammer aracı hedef alınmış ve imha edilmiştir. Tümden alev alarak imha olan araçta 4 asker ölürken, çevredeki diğer araçlarda hasar görmüştür.

2. 10 Haziran günü Haftanin sınırında Türk ordusu tarafından tutulan Vacip sınır tepesindeki tanka yönelik olarak güçlerimiz tarafından bir eylem gerçekleştirilmiştir. Tepedeki tankı hedef alan Gerillalarımız tankı tümden imha etmiştir. Eylem sonrası tankta bulunan 6 asker ölürken, şiddetli patlamalar sonucunda tank uçurumdan düşerek paramparça olmuştur.

3. 11 Haziran günü Şemdinli’ye bağlı Oramar alanında Türk ordusunun bir operasyonu başlamıştır. Aynı gün Geper çevresinde çıkan çatışma sonucunda 1 asker ölmüş, 2 asker yaralanmıştır.

4. 3 Haziran günü Besta alanında başlayan Türk ordusunun operasyonunda 5 haziran günü Kanibotke alanında akşam saat 20:00 sıralarında bir çatışma yaşanmıştır. Çatışmanın sonucunda Türk ordusunun kayıpları netleştirilemezken, operasyon 12 Haziran günü geri çekilmiştir.

5. 12 Haziran günü Besta’ya bağlı Kato Xelila alanında Türk ordusunun bir operasyonu başlamıştır. Aladaş, Tırba Eser ve Kure Naze alanlarında operasyon halen devam etmektedir.

6. 6 Haziran günü Kars’a bağlı Cemce alanında Türk ordusunun bir operasyonu başlamış, aynı gün Geliye Hacide çevresinde çıkan çatışma sonucunda 1 asker öldürülmüştür. Akşama doğru operasyon geri çekilmiştir.

7. Besta’ya bağlı Mergumara, Meveşke ve Çemce Tahle alanlarında Türk ordusu arazi ve ormanları yakmaktadır.

8. Bir süre önce Bingöl’e bağlı Yedisu alanında iki gerillamızın esir düştüğü yönünde faşist ve yalancı Türk basınında çıkan haberler asılsızdır.

HPG Basın İrtibat Merkezi


To the press and our people;

1. On 11 June, the fascist Turkish army began an operation. On the same day, a military convoy carrying reinforcements was ambushed. In this operation, the vehicle which was carrying a jammer (which deactivates remote-control mines), was destroyed. The vehicle burned completely. Four soldiers were killed and many vehicles close by were damaged.

2. On 10 June, an operation implemented against a tank on the border at Haftanin, on Vacip border hill, which was under the control of the Turkish army. The tank was destoyed. After the operation, six troops who were in the tank died because of strong explosions. The tank fell off a cliff and broke into pieces.

3. On 11 June, the Turkish army started an operation in the Oramar area in Semdinli. On the same day, a soldier was killed and two were wounded after a clash around Geper.

4. On 3 June, the Turkish army began an operation. On 5 June, in Kanibotke area, around 8 p.m. a clash occured. After the clash, the Turkish army's casualties could not be clarified, however the Turkish army retreated on 12 June.

5. On 12 June, the Turkish army began an operation at Kato Xelila in Besta. The operation is still ongoing in the Aladaş, Tırba Eser and Kure Naze areas.

6. On 6 June, a Turkish army operation started in the Cemce area, in Kars. On the same day, in a clash that occured in Geliye Hacide, a Turkish soldier was killed. Also on the same day, at night, the Turkish army retreated.

7. The Turkish army is burning areas and forests in Mergumara, Meveşke and Çemce Tahle, which are in Besta.

8. Some time ago there was a claim that two guerrillas were captured in Yedisu area in Bingöl. This claim, which appeared in the Turkish media, is wrong and misleading.

HPG Press Communications Center

HPG also carried out a rocket attack against police living quarters in Yüksekova, in retaliation for police brutality against Cüneyt Ertuş during Newroz celebrations. One police was killed and five were wounded.

HPG: Yüksekova saldırısı, halka polis saldırılarının misillemesidir


HPG, Hakkari'nin Yüksekova ilçe merkezindeki polis lojmanlarına yönelik gerçekleştirilen eylemin misilleme amaçlı yapıldığını söyledi. HPG, eylemin polislerin Yüksekova Newroz kutlamalarında Cüneyt Ertuş adlı çocuğun kolunu kırması ile halka yönelik saldırılara cevap olduğunu kaydetti.

HPG Basın İrtibat Merkezi (BİM) gerilla güçleri tarafından Hakkari'nin Yüksekova ilçesi polis lojmanlarına yönelik roketatarlarla düzenlenen eyleme ilişkin bilgi verdi. Önceki gün gerçekleşen eylemde 1 polis ölürken 5 polisin de yaralandığını kaydedilirken, eylemin misilleme amacıyla yapıldığı bildirildi.

BİM 'bu eylem Newroz kutlamalarında polislerin Cüneyt Ertuş adlı çocuğun kolunu kırmasına ve polislerin Newroz'da Gever (Yüksekova) halkına yönelik faşist saldırılarına cevap ve misilleme amaçlı gerçekleştirilmiştir' dedi. ANF

Perhaps the best news from North Kurdistan is that the morale of the guerrillas remains high as does the support they enjoy from their people.



Anonymous said...

ye ye yaziksen. :)
& be careful.

Bobby said...

Mizgin, your description of 'forced feeding' sounds a lot like being in the Southern States! I love my family, but I need at least a 5 year break inbetween just to drop the weight! I guess families everywhere (regardless of ethnicity) want to make sure those who left the nest get fed once in a while :)

hamo said...

I know it has nothing to do with the subject above but I would like to share a good news with you today.

According to Jash Bastard Arab Taliban's office, he is going to USA for a knee operation and possibly more checks on his ill health in the Mayo Clinic popular with the Middle Eastern dictators. I know and feel the fact that he will not get punished in this world for the crimes that he has commited and still commiting against the Kurdish people which includes genocides (Anfal, Halapja etc,) from the bottom of my heart that I wish he will die in pain and suffer rest of his life in hell. INSALLAH (god willing)

Hevallo said...

And I would like to say......... "Mizgin, we've missed you! Welcome back to 'blogistan'!

Get writing!


Mizgîn said...

Well, the other problem with food in North Kurdistan is that it's so tasty. Dolma, icli kofte, karniyarik, all of the various grilled meats and vegetables accompanied by cold ayran, the fabulous fruits . . . and the best fried chicken--No, seriously, the American South could learn a thing or two about fried chicken from Kurds.

Hamo, Barzani spent time at the Mayo Clinic before he died.

Thanks, Hevallo. I will send you an email with some ideas of what we ought to do to make the blogosphere a little more friendly to those inside Turkey.

hamo said...

"Barzani spent time at the Mayo Clinic before he died."

Thanks, for that heval Mizgin and this hopefully be end of Taliban. After seeing what can these Jashes do, I really started to question everything about Kurdish leaders. Remember Mullah Mostafa Barzani was head of the Mahabad Kurdish Republics Army when they were destroyed by the Persians and the Russians.

It is quite irony isn't it, after 60-70 years of destruction of the Mahabad now again his son Masud leading the new autonomous Kurdistan region and under his leadership the people of Kurdistan getting bombed by Persians and the Turks daily and this time he has another Jash like him helping this as standing president of Arab Iraq.