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"What I am telling you is that this network is visible, and it is possible to grasp what's going on."
Sibel Edmonds.

There was something more on the TSK's propaganda plan, the Information Support Activity Action Plan, in Spiegel Online, through an interview with Taraf's deputy editor-in-chief, Yasemin Çongar. Çongar sums it up thusly:

It was an 11-page, coded Excel document that was created in the office of the General Staff in September 2007. The language is very unambiguous. Essentially everything that has happened in Turkey in the last nine months is described in this document. For example, the regular contact between high-ranking officials in the military and the judiciary. In essence it was about bringing important figures "into line" and launching negative campaigns against writers and actors. Military operations in the southeast of Turkey and in northern Iraq were also sketched out.

[ . . . ]

Well, basically in September 2007 the military was already using the same arguments that the state prosecutor used in March 2008 when he filed a case seeking to ban the AKP. The wording is the same: That the AKP is a "focal point of anti-secular activities." The secret paper calls for cooperation between civil-society organizations that have to be persuaded to act against the new constitution the Erdogan government is striving for. When the government announced constitutional reform -- the current one dates back to the time of the military dictatorship -- the ultra-secular groups hit the streets and protested against the "erosion of secularism." At the same time TV series, books and films were used to fire up nationalism. The AKP also fell into this trap when it voted for the war against the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in northern Iraq.

Meanwhile, the Turkish general staff all have their panties in knots over recent "hateful" attacks against the TSK, referring to recent Taraf articles that shows the TSK for what it truly is. Translated by Info-Turk from Hürriyet:

Some media organs in Turkey recently published documents claiming the armed forces had a plan to manipulate public opinion against the ruling AKP. Other reports had said the armed forces were acknowledged the so-called "Daglica attack" of PKK, which resulted in deaths of more than 10 soldiers in October.

"A long-lasting smear campaign conducted by certain circles against the Turkish Armed Forces recently had escalated through print and broadcast media, including internet. Turkish Armed Forces expect these multi-dimensional and systematic activities, which are against the Turkish Armed Forces, would continue in the future and the developments are being monitored closely," the Turkish army said in a statement posted in its website.

[ . . . ]

"Turkish Armed Forces acknowledge that they face an orchestrated and hateful attack by certain circles. There is no doubt that the Turkish Armed Forces will take the precautions for self-protection. The most important assurances of the Turkish Armed Forces against such attacks are the judicial bodies and the infallible justice of the Turkish judiciary," it added in its statement.


Info-Turk also has an item from Hürriyet on a meeting between Katil Erdoğan and Katil İlker Başbuğ, a meeting which Turkish-language Kurdish media has dubbed the "Second Dolmabahçe". Başbuğ will replace Büyükanıt as chief of the general staff at the end of August and the suspicion is that Erdoğan held a meeting with Başbuğ in order to swing a deal with the new chief. It's widely known that Erdoğan made a deal with Büyükanıt during a meeting in Dolmabahçe last May, in order to secure TSK's blessing for Gül's presidency.

Be sure to check Hevallo's post on the treatment the ever-loving TSK has dished out to its own troops, specifically Ramazan Yüce, who was one of the eight prisoners of war that HPG captured during the Dağlıca operation last October. I've opined earlier that I bet those guys wish they were back in the mountains with HPG's guerrillas, where they were treated as humans. I may not be far off in that suspicion either because Özgür Gündem reports that a TSK soldier from Amed (Diyarbakır) stationed in Ankara has deserted TSK to join HPG. For those in Turkey who cannot access Özgür Gündem, here's the info:

Birliğinden firar eden asker HPG'ye katıldı


Ankara'da birliğinden firar eden Diyarbakırlı bir asker HPG'ye katıldığı bildirildi. Alınan bilgiye gore Ankara'da 4. Mekanize Tugayında askerlik yapmakta olan Kulp nüfusuna kayıtlı Mensur Güzel adlı asker, birliğinden firar ederek HPG saflarına katıldığı öğrenildi.


There have been a number of news items on the fate of the former POWs since Taraf spilled the beans on the fact that TSK knew about a possible HPG operation at Dağlica nine days' in advance. The Turkish general staff claims that it warned units in the area. Man, these guys must really be busy with crisis management, but they don't seem to be doing well at it. They should probably hire a PR firm.

There's some excellent translation work on Taraf's Dağlıca article at Azadixwaz, a new Kurdish blog by a Northern Kurd. See the links under "Blogs", bookmark, check often.

By the way, Taraf's website has been down for at least 24 hours now, so I guess the Ankara regime decided to give them the Özgür Gündem treatment.

From HPG's Press Communications Center we have the June war balance as follows:

Operations: 69
Clashes: 66

Enemy forces killed: 158

Soldiers: 150
Lieutenants: 7
Police: 1

Vehicles destroyed: 17

Military vehicles: 10
Tanks: 2
Jammers: 2
Trucks: 3

Helicopters damaged: 1

Aerial attacks: 1 in Zap

Weapons captured

BKC: 1
BKC barrel: 1
Mine detector: 1
Shotgun: 1

HPG martyrs: 11

TSK deliberately set forest fires in the Şırnak, Dersim, Siirt, Mardin, Hakkari, Amed and Haftanin areas.

Homes in 70 villages have been destroyed and their gardens damaged due to aerial attack and artillery fire.

For those in Turkey who cannot access HPG-Online, here's the original:




Yurtsever Kürt Halkına ve Kamuoyuna!

Haziran ayı boyunca Gerilla güçlerimiz Karadeniz, Amanoslar ve Kürdistan'ın bütün alanlarında gerçekleştirdikleri eylemlerle operasyonlara büyük cevaplar verdi. Bir ay boyunca gerçekleşen 69 operasyonda 66 çatışma yaşanırken, Gerilla güçlerimiz tarafından 64 eylem gerçekleşmiştir. Bu çatışmalar ve Eylemler sonucunda haziran ayın içerisinde 158 düşman askeri öldürülmüştür.

Haziran Ayı Savaş Bilançosu
Operasyon: 69
Temas : 66
Eylem: 64

Öldürülen Düşman Gücü
Asker: 150
Subay: 7
Polis: 1
Toplam: 158

Tespit Edilebilen Düşman Yaralısı
Asker: 93
Subay: 2
Polis: 5
Korucu: 4
Toplam: 104

İmha Edilen Araç
Askeri Araç: 10
Tank: 2
Jammer: 2
Vagon: 3
Toplam: 17
Ayrıca 1 Helikopter darbelenmiştir.

Hava Saldırısı
Zap: 1

Ele Geçirilen Malzeme
BKC: 1
BKC Namlusu: 1
Dedektör: 1
Av tüfeği: 1

Şehit: 11

*Haziran ayı boyunca Şırnak, Dersim, Siirt, Mardin, Hakkari, Amed ve Haftanin alanlarında Türk ordusu bilinçli olarak bir çok kez ormanları ateşe vermiştir.

*Hava Saldırıları ve obis atışları sonucunda köylülere ait 70 koyun telef olurken, köy evleri ve bahçeleri hasar görmüştür.

HPG Basın İrtibat Merkezi

Last item of the evening: Lots of people have been searching for news on the recent Ergenekon busts in Turkey. TIME has a fairly decent write-up on the situation. I especially agree with the quote by Turkish journalist Can Dündar:

Observers say the timing of this latest development in the Ergenekon investigation, coming as the AKP is battling to survive, suggests it is at least partly politically motivated with an eye to undermining the secularist camp. "This investigation is tainted by a political stamp," writes Can Dundar, a journalist and author of a book about the Ergenekon network, in the mainstream daily Milliyet. "The genuine need to fully expose a deadly gang planning provocation towards a coup has been overshadowed by this political intent."

TIME is the one suggesting that this current Ergenekon fiasco "is at least partially politically motivated," but Dündar states it like it is: "This investigation is tainted by a political stamp." Dündar also hits the nail on the head by stating that there is a "genuine need to fully expose a deadly gang . . ." Ergenekon springs directly from the old Gladio operation, which was created and funded by the US. All of those who've been arrested during this fiasco are retired military and, or, people who are already well-known as being part of the Deep State that Ergenekon is . . . such as Veli Küçük. Since these individuals are well-known as part of the Ergenekon gang, they are dead weight to the organization and must be purged in order to protect those at the heart of the Deep State.

Let's not think for half a nanosecond that AKP is innocent in this matter of the Deep State, since this part of the Gülen gang is attempting to create its own Deep State that will take over from the secularist Deep Staters that it now seeks to destroy.

Since Ergenekon was established via Gladio and American financing, it has an American branch, too. To learn about that branch, one must seek to understand the information provided by Sibel Edmonds, including the Susurluk gang (all of whom walk free to this day), narco-trafficking, gun-running, nuclear blackmarketing, the military-industrial complex, and corruption at the highest levels of both the Ankara and Washington regimes. This means that the web of Ergenekon stretches from Washington, to the Balkans, to Ankara, and from there all the way through Central Asia and into China. As Sibel has said:

Essentially, there is only one investigation – a very big one, an all-inclusive one. Completely by chance, I, a lowly translator, stumbled over one piece of it.

But I can tell you there are a lot of people involved, a lot of ranking officials, and a lot of illegal activities that include multi-billion-dollar drug-smuggling operations, black-market nuclear sales to terrorists and unsavory regimes, you name it. And of course a lot of people from abroad are involved. It's massive. So to do this investigation, to really do it, they will have to look into everything.

Another decent article in English can be found at Hürriyet.

If you really want to know what this current, superficial Ergenekon investigation is all about, all you have to do is watch The Godfather, a movie about a war between two mafia factions over a policy decision.

There you have it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for summing it all up once again so beautiful Mizgin. Thanks.

azadixwaz said...

I think there is no need to say anything else. It is very obviously a counter-attack that AKP is conducting, and I have no hopes for it to go deep into the heart of the real jerks that control Ergenekon, Gladio, Army, and the whole fascist state of turkes generally.

Thanks Mizgin,

hamo said...

Ironically some of the developed states and intellects regard Turkey as similar to old Spanish, Italian and Greek dictatorship regimes in Europe or Iraq, Syria and Jordan dictatorship regimes in the Middle-East. Unlike those countries whom dictated by known individuals or parties (Saddam in Iraq, Franco in Spain, King in Greece, Esad in Syria, Islam in Iran etc,.). Turkish regime based on her oppressive regime characteristics from the bankrupt Ottoman ruins and adding to this with his own totalitarian system.

I surely admire and much appreciate what PKK and Kurds want to do in Turkey in terms of bringing the country to at least respect the democracy and human rights but I don’t see this as achievable before this country totally destroyed to its single cells. I am sure there were few countries like Turkey existed in the past and probably disappeared without a trace in the dump of the history. I don’t see anyone ever remembering or missing this bankrupt country called Turkey if it disappeared tomorrow.