Friday, December 11, 2009


"All oppression creates a state of war."
~ Simone de Beauvoir.

Unsurprisingly, the Turkish constitutional court has banned DTP.

The following DTP politicians have been banned from participating in politics for five years:

Abdulkadir Fırat
Abdullah İsnaç
Ahmet Ay
Ahmet Ertak
Ahmet Türk
Ali Bozan
Ayhan Ayaz
Aydın Budak
Ayhan Karabulut
Aysel Tuğluk
Bedri Fırat
Cemal Kuhak
Deniz Yeşilyurt
Ferhan Türk
Fettah Dadaş
Hacı Üzen
Halit Kahraman
Hatice Adıbelli
Hüseyin Bektaşoğlu
Hüseyin Kalkan
Hilmi Aydoğdu
İzzet Belge
Kemal Aktaş
Leyla Zana
Mehmet Salim Sağlam
Mehmet Veysi Dilekçi
Metin Tekçe
Murat Avcı
Murat Taş
Musa Farisoğlulları
Necdet Atalay
Nurettin Demirtaş
Orhan Miroğlu
Sedat Yurttaş
Selim Sadak

Before the decision by the constitutional court, DTP had widely announced throughout Turkish media that all its parliamentarians would resign from the parliament if a decision to close were reached. If DTP holds to its word, such an evacuation of its parliamentarians from the TBMM will result in early elections, within three months' time.

It appears that there is no longer a political party that speaks for the Kurdish people, in spite of the overwhelming support that the DTP received in the 29 March elections.

Since this is the case, as it was with every other pro-Kurdish party before the DTP, there is only one organization that can speak for the Kurdish people and it spoke so loudly a few days ago that all of Turkey heard it. From HPG (Source:

The Tokat operation is an operation that one of our units conducted on its own initiative

Thursday, 10 December 2009 15:08

To the press and the public!

The annihilation operations by the Turkish state and army against our forces, who have been in an inactive position since the beginning of April by the decision of our organization, the oppression against the Kurdish people, the assimilation policies against democratic associations, and the attacks against our Leader Apo through his living conditions, have not reduced but have increased day by day.

In this sense, as a retaliation against the recent operations that have been conducted [by Turkish forces] against one of our young patriots, Aydın Erdem's martyrdom in Amed (Diyarbakır), and the "grave" policies conducted against our Leadership, one of our units under our Dersim state conducted a retaliation operation under its own initiative on 7 December in Tokat's Reşadiye district, Sazak region, which resulted in 7 TSK deaths and 3 wounded.

Throughout the inactivity period our forces demonstrated great sensitivity and responsibility against the attacks conducted by the Turkish state's system. However, it should be very well known that the Kurdish People's Defense Forces guerrillas are very sensitive about our Leadership and martyrs. If martyrs and our Leadership is the case, each one of our units has the right to use their initiative.

10 December 2009

HPG Headquarters Command

The HPG units from Dersim that conducted this operation reached into an area of Turkey well known as a stronghold of MHP. There are no local HPG units in the Tokat area. HPG reached where Turkey thought it was most safe.

Hold on to your seats and get ready for more of the same. If you think you're safe, you're probably not.

Do I need to mention that the "Kurdish initiative" is dead?

Bijî Gerîla!

Çok Yaşa Gerilla!

Çok Yaşa Önder Apo!


Zorobabel said...

One truth that EVERYONE must recognize is this:

The Kurdish people will never be given freedom by the Turkish government. If you ever thought that was going to happen, you were either foolish, ignorant, or delusional.

The truth has come out.

The only way that Kurds will ever gain their freedom is through force.

I expect the HPG to call off their ceasefire by tomorrow morning. If they have not, they are wasting valuable time. Now is the time to send a message.

I knew the DTP was a failed effort from the beginning, but like everyone I held out hope. With our hopes dashed, we know what must be done.

"War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself." - John Stuart Mill

Anonymous said...

The two cornerstones of the Kemalist state, the judiciary and the army, do not want democracy or peace. Therefore, there is no longer a prospect for either. I'm sure the army commanders were just hoping for an attack like that in Tokat. It justified, in their twisted minds, their previous intransigence. Now they can get back to doing what they do best: wearing their well-pressed uniforms, buying fancy weapons from the U.S., and sending boys from poor families to die in battle against other boys and girls. Their places are secure, the Ordu Eviler are well stocked with food and wine, OYAK's cash flow runs a torrent, and their retirement villas await. All is well is this best of all possible worlds.


Anonymous said...

"IN this best of all possible worlds."

Excess sarcasm leads to typos.


Anonymous said...

pressure on Erdogan to release Ergenekon members?

One step forward, one-hundred steps backward... the history of the Turkish Republic

Anonymous said...

TSK should burn the forests in Tokat and level the villages in Tokat. Our Turkish brethren and their lands deserve the same treatment as us Kurds and our lands Kurdistan.

The people who are banned from politics are those who actually helped DTP multiple its votes. It seems AKPasha Inc has staged this whole thing...


Anonymous said...

Closure of DTP should serve as a hint to KRG about the nature of AKP and the Turkish state. I firmly believe the AKP cut a deal with the pashas. KRG must wake up from the romantic dream it's seeing about Turkey and the AKP.

Anonymous said...

Question: What happens to the DTP's new office in Washington, D.C.? I thought they had already received permission and had opened it. ???


Hamo said...

I am all and happy for the closure of the DTP by the Turk state. I don't think Kurds should have a voice or any saying in the Turk parliement, at least not until they are recognised as Kurds. A Kurdish party going in election in Turkey is a west of time as Turk party attending election in Kurdistan. Kurdish language, traditions, names, hopes, dreams etc, have no similarities with the Turks, so trying to force Kurdistan in Turkey would not work as it did not work last 80 years.

Best thing now would be the DTP keeping their words to stay out from the Turkish politics or the elections for good! Kurdish parties such as HAK-PAR, DTP and DBP (Demcracy and Peace Party) should declare their own national parliement in Diyarbekir and conduct new Kurdish national elections in Kurdistan as soon as possible.

Turkey is Turkey and Kurdistan is Kurdistan as soon as this understood by Turks and the Kurds alike then peace will come sooner (Abdullah Ocalan)

Anonymous said...

Gordon, I have no idea what will happen to the DTP office. My guess is that it will not be active as US would not want to "offend" Turkey. US's reaction to closure of DTP was crafted carefully so it wouldn't offend the advanced democracy in the region. Considering Turkey is the highest paying lobbyist, I doubt an official DTP office would be active in DC. Under a different name, perhaps, DTP, I doubt it.


Anonymous said...

Turkish fascists attacking the DTP supporters protesting closure of DTP. Here is the pictures from the ANF:

You can see two of them shooting at Kurds with pistols. One Kurdish demonstrator was shot in the leg but he was detained by the police without any treatment. The Turkish thugs who shot at Kurds? As usual, they are free and walked away. It has been Turkish state policy to for the law enforcement to sit back and watch while Turkish thugs attack Kurds. They even have a name for it: "Our people are acting out of love for their nation and country".

AND people say Kurds don't need HPG to defend them? Sure, stand between those bullets and Kurds, then we'll take you serious.


Mizgîn said...

Zorobabel, I don't think that I considered DTP as a failed effort from the beginning; I saw them as playing an ERNK role to PKK's role of ARGK. However, I am always suspicious of the TC and the fact of closure did not come as a surprise. I am not surprised by the hypocrisy of the TC or the ruling party, nor of the international community when it comes to our cause.

Force is, of course, the only thing that the TC understands and it is the only thing that has advanced Kurdish interests in North Kurdistan.

Point well taken from the Mill quote, by the way.

In the same spirit as the point about force and the Mill quote, Zarok would like to see TSK move into the Tokat region and begin burning forests and leveling villages so that, ostensibly, the comrades have nowhere to hide and no one to feed them. But consider this: No democracy has come about before it has suffered through a civil war. European countries had their own civil wars and the US has had its civil war. Why should we think that Turkey can be any different? It has has so-called democracy imposed from above and has not suffered enough yet to be able to appreciate democracy.

Instead of simply burning forests and villages in Tokat, what we really need is a civil war. The very same atrocities that happened in The Southeast need to happen in the west of Turkey . . . and you all know exactly what I mean. The civil war needs to be taken into Turkish homes, just as the state forced the Dirty War into Kurdish homes. It is only in this way that Turks will learn enough suffering to enable them to willingly embrace democracy for ALL.

Gordon, you are correct to link the judiciary with the pashas. The judiciary is the guardian of the guardians of the state. As for DTP's office in DC, we may not hear anything until we hear something from DTP in Diyarbakir.

For Anonymous who posted the youtube link: Very interesting. I'm working on a post to feature that since some new information about certain Turkish lobby members has come my way. I don't agree with him on the role of Gulen, however, but I'll explain that in the post. Look for it in the next day or so, since it is about 1/3 to 1/2 of the way done.

Berfo, photos of the shooters in the post above this one. Please disseminate.

Anonymous said...

Mizgin, The regional water issues are getting much worse. Unless there are compromises soon on water release, the problems in the middle east may become uncontrollable.

Turkish E.T. said...

"what we really need is a civil war"

bahahaha. Thousands of years of Kurdish struggle and what do you come up with as an answer?

A civil war. New recruits of gun power, who are part heroin smugglers. I've bene reading these blogs for 2 years, Rasti and Hevallo and all and no solution was presented other than that of killing people.

why don't you accept it that you are perfect representatives of what Kurds today are: a gun slinging primitive culture that oppresses women and opposes anything that is not same as itself.

Why don't you try improving your land, your culture. your backward customs. Your honor killings. Why is the impulse to grab a rifle and shoot a Turk? Why is the reaction to a democratic decision is always in the form of swinging molotof's.

First it was Prophet Ocalans prison cell being too small. Then it was the murder of 1 single Kurd in diyarbakir. Now its the closure of DTP. You will have your reasons as long as you are so full of hatred.

congratulations Kurdish struggle. You are exactly the same as what you think you are opposing. Full of hatred and revenge, afraid of peace and progress.

Turkish E.T. said...

"one of our units conducted on its own initiative"

on it's own initiative??? Baby. Dead. If an arm of an organization can do such an act, (killing 7 people) on it's own initiative, then your organization has no central command!

Your organization is a chaotic terrorist randomness without a mission, without a stand, without a statement! Your organization is no more organized!

Your organization is no more!

So what if Tokat is a stronghold of ignorant fascists MHP? Does that make it even slightly harder to kill 7 people, with machine guns?? NO!

7 soldiers stucked in a bus for their mandatory military duty.

That is the difference between Kurdish -struggle- and it's Turkish victims. Your hero's are willing to climb up a mountain to get an opportunity to kill a human. Those murdered kids, so called -soldiers- just want to go home.

Anonymous said...

Turkish E.T. said... "why don't you accept it that you are perfect representatives of what Kurds today are: a gun slinging primitive culture that oppresses women and opposes anything that is not same as itself."

Says a person whose state he supports runs brother houses. That's real advanced and forward. :)

Kurds are gun slinging? A small country like Turkey has Nato's second largest army and has been using it to annihilate its Kurdish citizens. Who is gun slinging?

As for command. Go read about guerrilla warfare. Then check how much of command structure is there in your military. While you are at it, pull on a hand grenade and hand it to a soldier. It's standard practice ;)

"Why don't you try improving your land, your culture. your backward customs."

We have been, despite the fact that your thugs had forbidden our language and alphabet and everything that stands for our culture. Go check the court cases. Who is backward? A civilization that sees killing of his own brother for throne justifiable? You should be the last person belittling Kurds, you know.

By the way, Uzman Cavus is an officer, a paid soldier and that position was implemented strictly for oppressing Kurds. But say PKK was wrong with Tokat raid. So, why don't you go help TSK burn the forest there and torture the villagers because they didn't fight against the PKK? Make sure you force them to be korucu. But make sure you torture them because they didn't go after the guerrillas who attacked those soldiers. After all this is what TSK did in Kurdistan.

Oh and... At least they didn't use white phosphorous or gases like TSK always used against Kurds. Remember Dersim? Go read how TSK gased children and babies. There wasn't PKK back then but oh, I forgot, you guys are so civilized! Mihemedo was written for a reason, hovi.


Anonymous said...

"Says a person whose state he supports runs brother houses. That's real advanced and forward. :)"

correction: brothel houses. As in Karakoy.

Hey ET... I almost forgot... Istanbul's police chief was busted in a drug trade raid... You really have some skin to blame PKK for drug trade. Go check your ex-prime minister Tansu Ciller's accounts too and how she carried on the drug trade openly.


Turkish E.T. said...

1- Drug Trade

It is a proven fact that a significant part of PKK's funding is from heroin trade. It is well known fact that heroin trade is more in control of the kurds than Turks in europe. Now even though Agar were giving out green passports to people, it is also known that the people who received these passports were Kurds, with already established connections. They were the ones doing trading. it is correct to assume that PKK finds drug trade an absolutely legit cause to fund it's war.

2- brothel houses
what exactly is the issue here? I see nothing wrong with a state running a brothel house. It is better to be under such control, no matter how disgusting it is; rather than done in a hotel with smuggled clueless russian women. Offtopic!

3- Kurdish culture today, is unfortunately profoundly primitive. The entire region's culture is where it was in the 80's. You took a culture based on guns, and formed a terrorist organization from it. Well done.

4- Turkish army is the extention of a power coming from ottoman times. The country never had a chance to prove itself that it didn't need an army. It is not easy to neighbour russia, syria, iran, iraq while fighting with PKK. Logically, Turkish army has to be big and well funded. You can't expect it to be small.

5-If a turkish soldier grabs a hand grenade and does what he feels with it today; TODAY; With the recently passed laws; with the progress that was only made within the last year that you only benefit from ignoring: He will be tried in civil courts, and he will be sentenced. You should be following Turkey enough to know about this.

If a PKK guy throws a molotof to a store, a car, a girl, he is not tried or condemned within PKK, it is a terrorist organization with no central command, no stance, no cause other than terror and a deep submission to Prophet Ocalan.

6- and all the other historical stuff about korucu's and "uzman cavus's burning villages" and all. The last time these happened were more than 5 years ago. You don't believe in the progress that was made just as a standart Kemalist... boy you two deserve each other so much.

The korucu system was going to be completely abolished. There are no village burnings anymore! That was at least a progress that you cannot handle accepting!

7- Dersim... history. "killing of his own brother for throne" history. irrelavant today.

TODAY. You are calling for blood.

Now let me tell you what is going to happen.

Following your well educated calls to "attack homes" PKK will probably attack main cities on New Years. Bloodiest attacks this decade has seen. Which will be repeated over and over in news. Local and international. No tourists this summmer.

Turkey will retaliate but not just with military means, a civil war will break out. People will start spying on people. Kurdish businessmen will be outcast. People will start killing people.

AKP, who has made the furtest progress on kurdish issue, will be a stronger target of the kemalists. AKP will have no chance to implement any policies before fading away. Whatever they intended will be lost for a good long time.

Turkey's small patience in these matters will run out, korucu's, village burning's, state gangs will be back. Turkey will stray away from Europe, away from US and become a bloody revenge ball within it self.

This is what you want, sitting comfortably in your western home, eating your microwave food, you Kurdish diaspora can give less shit about this part of the world, as if it's one thrilling TV show. You find it your duty to sink the region into deeper shit.

Turkish E.T. said...

I can almost hear your moans of sexual satisfaction to this bloody scenario.

That is what I mean. You were brought up in a culture that finds blood, killing, murder an integrated part of life.

Anonymous said...

Turkish E.T.

1. Drug trade:

Of the captured and tried PKK guerrillas and other members there has not been ONE charged and found guilty of such a crime. Look at the Turkish state officers, police or soldier or ummm Prime minister. If that's not convincing enough, which I don't think it will be because "oh Kurds are so bad so they can be blamed by everything" for your sick cause.

2. You cannot defend having brother houses while trying to defend women's rights. Simple as that. But yeah, it becomes irrelevant for you.

3. In 80s self defense movement began. Justifiable. Even Turkish sociologists and intelligentsia agree with that today. If it wasn't for self defense would you go fight the Turkish state to have them admit Kurds exist in Turkey?

So yeah we are so bad but why is it that each time someone admitted to anything Kurdish they have been either killed and thrown into jail?

It wasn't 5 years ago that DTP was closed.

4. Look, make up your mind. You say yourself PKK existed in 80es and now it becomes your justification for a "strong" army? Dude, your army massacred Kurds in 1920, 1930ies. What PKK are you talking about? Read about Dersim read about Zilan massacre and how kids have been slaughtered. What does this have to do with strong army?

5. So why hasn't Basbug been tried yet? He was certainly involved in Ergenekon. But your beloved AKP cut a deal with him to secure their rear end.

About PKK and it's elements not following orders. Oh your beloved media would scream "internal executions within PKK" "another person ran away and joined us" ... you name the cliche. At least PKK doesn't call them "They are good boys" if one of them commits something unjust. Your general staff does.

By the way, Ceylan was killed by your soldiers (read the report the commander of the garrison wrote) and NOBODY from the AKP owned up to it. All the defense was total BS.

6. It was not six years ago that Ceylan was killed. It wasn't six years ago that the highest court in Turkey found it self defence to shoot a 13 year old boy from his back at point blank range 13 times. Face it. Just like how you see Kurds primitive and not worthy of living, your state does too. But I have to say this is an improvement. Since 1923, the Kurds didn't exist. Now, although it's so painful for you guys to admit that Kurds exist, they are not as worthy human beings as your noble race.

Kurds have demanded for a long time for the korucu system to be abolished. Go refer back what Cemil cicek and others said about it. It took 86 years for you to understand it's not a good system???

7. You want people to forget everything done to them and give you a hug because you were so generous to give them some rights and you don't have the decency to admit they TOOK those rights?

Village burnings are history too? Remember, it was the state forces who killed the villagers wanting to come back to their evacuated homes. It wasn't long ago you know. Look up zangirt massacre happened in May this year (so why korucu system is still there?? Your powerful army is so weak or this is just a rotten policy from a rotten mentality?). But congratulations, you would make a good Demirel apprentice. Yesterday is gone so forget about it, right?

History is NEVER irrelevant. Wake up. When was the last time Turkey had an armed conflict with any of it's neighbors? Yet you constantly use that as an excuse for a "powerful army".

"Turkey's small patience in these matters will run out, korucu's, village burning's, state gangs will be back."

Dude, you sound so full of yourself. Look, peoples will never give up on fighting for their rights because "Turkey's patience" will run out. Wake up, korucu system has been there and how will it come back? It never left.

Anonymous said...

Oh and nobody is seeking for blood spill. PKK could have bombed and turn cities in hell many times over, but it hasn't. They actually comply with rules of engagement, unlike your military who cut ears until recently. Before you say history, read Nadire Mater's book. Oh by the way, she is Turkish.

All Kurds are saying is that they are not going to back off from asking for their rights. If it needs a civil war to stop being treated as second class citizens, then so be it.

You accuse me of being in the west sitting in my safe home and being unfamiliar with what's going on in Kurdistan yet you don't even know that korucu system has never gone anywhere? You speak of my safe home while your leader sits in the USA and applying for a green card? You are a real champ. Besides, how do you know I am not in Amed, Istanbul, Antalya, or Istanbul? A Kurd cannot be smart enough to go around the filters your o-so-mighty system put up? ;)

You still cannot answer me WHY it's OK to burn the forests in Kurdistan (happened more than once this year too) and not in Tokat. Just like that, you cannot answer why AKP hasn't said a word condemning what heppend to Ceylan.

The Kurdish diaspora you belittle so much have paid heavy prices and thanks to them, information about the atrocities Turkey constantly committed has been spread. They started their organizations and continued the struggle to defend Kurdish people. You cannot deny they have been successful to some extent. That's the reason we are discussing this issue today. Otherwise you would not hesitate for a second to say "there are no Kurds".

So here is what happened. Kurdish struggle has resulted in having people like you admit that Kurds actually exist and they are not just primitive mountain Turks. The "mountain Turks" part is gone but now you belittle them (forgetting that a lot of Turks actually follow the Risale written by a Kurd, Saidi Kurdi). That's an advancement. Next comes the phase where you have to admit Kurds are equal to you and have to be equal participants in the state. Apparently it will be painful.


Turkish E.T. said...


2) There are countries with perfect equality for women which have government run brothels. ie. Australia. That's why the topic is offbase for women in societies. PKK has done nothing for Kurdish women and sentenced the region into a financial crisis for years.

3) Today, there is no need for any more blood. The region is too vulnerable to PKK's uncontrolled nonsense.

Yilmaz Guney taught more about kurds to the world than PKK ever could.

DTP was closed as a result of laws that weren't changed for 5 years, but this does not prevent a new kurdish party to be opened. Had AKP been closed noone would riot in the streets. So should the supporters of DTP.

4) any country located where Turkey is would need a strong army. That's all i'm saying.

5) Basbug will be tried. So will everyone else. PKK only helps delay this. Can't you see it? PKK and Nationalist Fascists, they take strength from each other. They exist on each other. PKK takes its strength from the Turkish Army. And so does Turkish army use PKK to take public support. Cant you see?

6) a good deal of this 86 years is lost. Anyone over the age of 40 in Turkey can be considered the "lost generation", they are the "Generation X" The media of the past has poisoned them, living 5 years under strict military rule in the 80s has poisoned them, but change is here and you are doing your best to reject it.

7) Yes. Forgetfulness is the basis of civilization. That is exactly what needs to be done brother.

Turkish E.T. said...

Berfo, forests burn in western Turkey and turkish government blames it on PKK. And when they burn in Kurdistan you blame it on Turkish army... lets stop this dualism.

"You speak of my safe home while your leader sits in the USA and applying for a green card."

Nobody is my leader and he isnt applying for a greencard. And by the way RASTI is somehow not blocked in Turkey. I know because I'm writing from there.

"Next comes the phase where you have to admit Kurds are equal to you and have to be equal participants in the state. Apparently it will be painful."

BERFO :)) Dont you think this phase actually came before the acceptance of Kurdish identity?

Kurds were accepted in Turkey before Kurdish Identity was accepted. That is a fact I can confirm myself. I had a friend in highschool named Ali, he was singing Ahmet Kaya all the time.. "basim belada. tabancami unutmusum helada."... only now do I realize that he was a Kurd and I can't care less what he was... so stop making it sound like there is segregation in Turkey.

It is wrong to not accept the kurdish identity.

But there was no segregation.

Anonymous said...

Turkish e.t. who are you trying to dupe anyway? Clearly you've managed to convince yourself of some alternate reality.

So you think that just because you had a friend named "Ali" (a nice Turkish name for a Kurdish boy) in high school who sang Ahmet Kaya (a singer whom most Turks now consider to be a traitor BECAUSE he wanted to sing in Kurdish) and whom you "guess" is Kurdish (probably because he never felt you would accept him otherwise), the Kurds were accepted in Turkey? How exactly are they accepted? Didn't you also say that they disrespected their women, and that their culture and traditions were "backward"? Did you ever bother asking Ali about how accepted he felt?

So, your point is that there is no "segregation" in Turkey. Does that mean that of those people whom you later "guess" to be Kurdish, none had any problems integrating in Turkish life because they were Kurdish? Do you know the shame that lies in the hearts of so many Kurds? How could you?

What about those Kurds who cannot speak Turkish, how well are they "accepted" in Turkish society? How are their prospects for a decent life? What about those Kurds who actually say they are Kurds and who speak openly about wanting Kurdish rights (i suppose those 'segregated' in prisons don't count).

Just to clarify, Kurds are not complaining of forced "segregation" but of forced "assimilation". Try rolling that word around your mouth. It sounds a bit different than segregation, and believe me, if you bother to look it up in the dictionary, it will have a different meaning too.

The Kurds are complaining of not being able to be who they are in the public sphere. To further clarify, we don't want Turks to treat us like we are 'just as good' as Turks and that we can become a Turkish President (like the one who was assassinated?) if we 'study hard' and become really good Turkish speakers. We want to be recognized as Kurds and to speak Kurdish freely -- even if we are serving tea in a coffee shop and especially when we are educating our children, including our women.

And just in case my point is lost on you, imagine telling feminists (since you seem to ostensibly support women's rights) that they would have to act and dress like men to participate in the public sphere. Or, telling black people, "hallelujah! segregation is over! But, since seeing a black person is so repulsive, black people have to don white masks when they step out of their homes". How liberating is that?

We want recognition that our culture and language are distinct and that our people's aspirations are unique and may not always be synonymous with the Turks'. It is not enough to tell us we are 'human'. We are human BECAUSE we speak our God-given language and we practice our culture that has imbibed us with tenets of our humanity, not IN SPITE of it.

The leap you have yet to make is to accept the Kurdish people, wholesale with their culture and their traditions, as equals. We have our flaws but we are entitled to the same respect and rights as other people.

Until then, sadly, you are the backward & ignorant one.


Anonymous said...

Turkish ET:

FYI Ahmet Kaya owned up to his Kurdish identity publicly much too late after "basim belada" song. Up to the evening he said he will sing in Kurdish, he didn't have a song sang in Kurdish. In other words he was a "good" Kurd.

The moment he owned up to his identity... Well, I am sure you know very well what happened to the poor guy. His story is not unique...

As for forgetting. So, let's forget everything happened up to now and rename the republic Anadolu Cumhuriyeti and write the constitution accordingly, how about that? Everything from scratch. Only then I will assume you are genuine about your forgetfulness though I do believe memory is what actually makes us human and having the short memory you speak of is actually named as senility.

So you are basing all your argument on an article based on one reporter's view which presents no evidence? Great job.

Here is a more in depth analysis for you to read:

If the above information is not enough for you, go read about the police chief of Istanbul who was arrested recently for drug trade. Wasn't he? Go check the records about armored military vehicles rolling over and the heroin spilling, go read about the Turkish military officers busted during drug trafficking, go read about some of the korucu families and how they have been moving heroin with military and police protection. Turkey is NATO's crack whore and you need to face that fact. By the way, your argument defies itself. A guerrilla movement fed from conservative culture like Kurdish would never, ever, sustain its existence for over 30 years let alone growing stronger.

You have to realize that the PKK guerrillas don't drop from the sky and they have families and friends.

About prostitution argument, your judgment is wrong. Go see one of those places and then argue those women are in humane conditions. Besides, convince me that women in say Karadeniz and Trakya regions are not suppressed? Go save them before you worry about Kurdish women because I think the Kurds actually have a renaissance in move right now. Go read Ismail Besikci's article on the issue. He is a sociologist and I am sure he has more credibility than me (perhaps not more than you but oh well :))

By the way, you are being treated humanely and with respect even though you are coming to a blog presenting the Kurdish view and bad mouthing the Kurdish people and culture and their values. Who is backwards? :)


Anonymous said...

Turkish ET

By the way, the thug who fired on the crowd was a korucu for the state (a paramilitary security force) and he used a gun given to him by the state. You call this a state controlling its forces? How many times is this that Kurdish people are getting shot by state security forces?


Turkish E.T. said...

"The Kurds are complaining of not being able to be who they are in the public sphere."

dude. Who can be themselves in Turkey? You think women are themselves in Turkish (or kurdish) society? Gays? non-christians?

anyone who is not a sunni muslim ataturkist is assimilated, but that doesn't mean we should randomly bomb and shoot everyone. Not in 2009!

"We want to be recognized as Kurds and to speak Kurdish freely "

Come on now! You are already recognized as such! this doesn't explain why soldiers had to die in Tokat! it does not!

"So, let's forget everything happened up to now and rename the republic Anadolu Cumhuriyeti"

I don't care what the fuck we name it to. It can be Cookie Republic I don't give a damn.

"go read about the police chief of Istanbul"
God berfo. Stop telling me stories I already know. I'm telling you that I know the formula and you are talking to me about the results. For fuck sake I read about the involvement of Turkish officials in drug trade. I don't deny it. I know more about it than you do. But you must be out of this world to deny that PKK is funded through drug trade. It's all over google I don't even have to send any links here.

Berfo, who doesn't have a gun in southeast. You are blaming a lunatic for shooting at other lunatics who were throwing flames at stores and on buildings. Who do you think are you defending? Who do you think you are accusing?

I accuse you for provoking those two to meet on the street. You are guilty for not seeing the duality in this. You are guilty for provoking violence against democratic struggle.

You are guilty for following your prophet Ocalan and burning down stores and burning people just because his jail room was not comfortable enough.


Turkish E.T. said...


Turkish E.T. said...

let's compare our beliefs here.

you are a seemingly liberal Kurd. I say seemingly because while you are "fighting for the liberation of kurds" you are bound by various beliefs yourself. These beliefs are finely hidden behind your fight for kurdish liberation. This anti reaction is your strength for now but once it's removed you'll turn into the same story as Turkey did in its history.

1- Kurdish Culture--
ah you are such proud of your culture. Whatever it is. it's values. it's structure. IT's customs. Especially it's macho spirit. How -clean- your women should be. How it's place in society should be next to and behind her husband. And you even support this culture so you can recruit those girls that run away from home to join PKK which they see as freedom. The more oppression the more recruits!

2- Prophet Ocalan
Ahh what would you do without him? He is your identity. He is your shining light. What would you be without him? Who would you be? you probably wouldn't even exist? You'd be looking at the world from the cosmic void waiting to exist! You should stick to his ideals. You must stick to whatever he says is true.

My Beliefs:

Nada. Not islam. Not ataturk. Not Turkish culture or Turkish values, or even language. I believe that I exist and will exist no matter what language I speak and that's all I care for now.

Your thoughts are guided by your beliefs which always end up in bombs and blood.

Anonymous said...

turkish e.t.

you're seriously desperate to completely deny the Kurds any rights, aren't you? How am I not free to be a woman in Turkey? Do I have to dress up like a man to go out? Do I have to pretend I have a deep voice and grow a beard to go to the grocery store? Can I not vote in the elections? Can I not enter the parliament, or go to school as a woman? Can I not enter almost any profession I want as a woman?

Women's rights in Turkey are more akin to those in Western societies than to countries like Afghanistan. Rights of minorities, such as Kurds, however, are not akin to those in Western societies and more like countries like Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Egypt, etc.

And, for the love of simply existing for the sake of existence, please don't tell me that Kurds can do all the things women can, otherwise, I would seriously have to question your intelligence.

Wow, we really have to start with the basics with you.


Anonymous said...

Hey E.T. look what happened to the democratic struggle. BDP politicians, people who haven't touched a gun in their lives are being arrested again. What do you recommend now? More of them sticking their necks out?

I never support violence. But if you slap me, I will slap you back. Simple as that. The biggest mistake you are making is that you are comparing a movement with a state. Turkish state doesn't understand what democracy is let alone tolerate democratic struggle. Look at the history of the state. All I am saying is Kurds are dead unless what have self defense. Noone can trust a corrupt state and its brainwashed thugs. Again about Tokat. Tell me WHY the state isn't burning the forests there? Don't our MHP oriented brothers and their territory deserve the same treatment???

Our culture is our culture. No more, no less. It's been influenced both positively and negatively and currently it's changing again. At least we don't have women wearing miniskirts throwing stones at people because of their political beliefs. Regardless, Ismail Besikci has some good analyses. Have you read them? It may open your eyes.

So you come here firing all around. Tell us what Kurds should do and let's discuss.

All I am saying is this. You cannot call a place home as long as it's your policy to belittle its people and treat the place without respect to its values and identity. You may not like our culture, our values. Who cares?

Who are you to belittle us? Seriously. You can criticize but who the hell are you to belittle a people? Don't you think this is a habit coming from buying into the "the noble blood flowing through your veins" crap? :)

So you keep bringing cultural issues... Let me bring one up too. Just tell me why Turkish males have a habit of grabbing each other's buttocks? Or they love telling one another "F* you" QUITE OFTEN. Is this advanced? :)))

Using the "f" word doesn't get you anywhere while having an argument with me. ;)

Seriously, tell me something. Have you ever lived in Kurdistan? Have you gone through 1 percent of what a regular Kurd like me has gone through? All I can tell you is that Turkey is LUCKY because Kurds are still talking about making peace with such a messed up state.

Thanks to Kurds the fascist state is talking about democratization. Key word, talking. It took 86 years and thousands of Kurds' lives to come to this point. Perhaps you have to acknowledge that fact and show some appreciation.

Anonymous said...

ET by the way, I don't buy your "no belief" crap. Again, if PKK was involved in drug trade, USA would definitely not declare it as common enemy. Iran would definitely not attack it. This is not to say they don't charge money from the traders of any kind crossing through territories they control. That's hardly trading drugs. Another simple fact for you. Do you really think Kurdish people would support PKK if it was really involved in drug trade? A conservative culture like Kurdish culture (which you admit how conservative it is) would never let PKK endure its existence for 30 years.