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"When the time is ripe for certain things, these things appear in different places in the manner of violets coming to light in the early spring."
~ Farkas Bolyai.

Another Kurdish blog is listed in the right margin. This one is Magi Funk and you should probably stop by there to see what's going on. The two recent posts have to do with 17 dead Turkish soldiers in Hakkari--more on that later in this post--and Turkish brutality at Amara.

Gordon Taylor has weighed in with his observations of Obama's visit to Turkey and let me post a teaser here:

So nothing really has changed. Obama's speech made some intriguing gambits, and the symbolism of meeting with Kurdish MPs, a group that has been shunned up to now, will no doubt resonate; but without straight talk and an abandonment of the lavish armaments contracts that are the true core of Turkish-American relations, nothing ever will change. Like a baby in an iron womb, Turkish democracy has gestated for decades without hope of accouchement. Turkey's governance has always had one goal: to maintain the state and its power. And the pattern continues. For the sake of the all-important State, political parties have been closed, papers shut down, reporters imprisoned, YouTube prohibited, websites darkened, letters of the alphabet proscribed, and thought crimes punished. While murderers of liberals and ethnic minorities, caught red-handed, go unpunished, people who speak the simplest truths are arraigned and convicted within weeks. Inquiries into the most blatant thuggery drag on, without resolution, for years. Judges render verdicts that defy common sense, then retire to drink tea out of tulip-shaped glasses.

Read the whole thing so that you can follow his complete argument. It's Rastî-worthy. Note that it's also been picked up over at History News Network.

Great photo on Gordon's post, too; I love it when those retards slap each other around.

Alliance for Kurdish Rights has a post on the brutality at Amara and the attack against DTP parliamentarian Ayla Akat Ata.

Hevallo has a post about the funerals of Mustafa Dağ and Mahsum Karaoğlan, in which he notes that Mustafa Dağ left behind a small family with two children, and we know that Mahsum was a third-year student at Dicle University.

Mustafa's father, Salih Dağ, had something to say about the situation, from Taraf:

"They killed my son. But still no one has taken responsibility for his death. State officials did not even come to give condolences, no one has even asked. Only DTP and DTP parliamentarians are interested. They said some volunteer lawyers will investigate my son's death. Until now, we have not filed any criminal complaint. I am waiting for the lawyers. I will go to the end for this incident. I will make the murderer of my son render an account."

HPG is shaking off the winter and has had a successful operation in which 17 Turkish soldiers have been killed. HPG dedicated the operation in memory of the Amara şehids (Source: ):

An Operation in Memory of the Amara Şehids: 17 Soldiers Killed

To our people and the public!

A comprehensive operation was begun on 6 Aprıl by the Turkish army against Şehid Şiyar Hill, which is near Hakkari's Oramar village. In the operation, which lasted two days, four operations were conducted by our Zagros forces in memory of our patriots who were martyred during the Amara Walk and for our guerrillas who recently reached martyrdom.

At the operation that was implemented by our guerrillas against a branch of the [Turkish] operation, four enemy troops were killed and two wounded in the clash that occured afterwards on 6 April at 1000 hours.

In addition, at 1130 hours, a clash occured between our guerrilla forces who were implementing their second operation in the same area against the Turkish army, five troops were killed and four were wounded. At the end of the clash, the Turkish army left the hill and retreated.

On the next day (7 April), our guerrillas implemented two operations against the Turkish army, which was trying to seize Şehid Şiyar Hill with intensive technical support.

In the clash that occured after the first operation, six enemy soldiers were killed, two were wounded. At the end of the clash after the second operation, two enemy troops were killed, four wounded.

While our forces, which did not have any casualties during two days of clashes, returned to their bases unharmed. The Turkish army, which endeavored to stay on the hill with the support of Cobra helicopters and artillery, [and] had 17 dead and 12 wounded, retreated.

One guerrilla has become şehid, again from HPG BİM (Source: ):

Clash in Şemdinli

To Our People and the Public:

On 5 April the Turkish army launched an operation in the Şemdinli region, in the area of Bêlgatê and Xapuşkê. On that day in the same area around 1000 hours, as a result of the conflict, Azad Gernas (Ayetullah Esenler), our guerrilla, became şehid; TC casualties are not yet clarified.

The recorded information of our martyred friend:

Code name: Azad Gernas
Actual name and last name: Ayetullah Esen
Birthdate and place: 1979 / Mardin-Savur
Date joined: 2001/İstanbul
Mother's name: Besna
Father's name: Süleyman
Date of Martyrdom: 5 April 2009/Hakkari, Şemdinli

In addition, operations also appear to be picking up in the Ağrı region (Source: ):

Operation in Ağrı

A comprehensive operation has been initiated by the Turkish army against Ağrı's Demirkapı region on 3 April. On the same evening, while the operation somehow retreated without any outcome, some ambushes were detected by Turkish troops around Türkmenköy, Kule and Demirkapı villages that are located in the same area.

Winter is over. The snows are melting. The freedom forces of the Kurdish people are wide awake.


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