Thursday, June 08, 2006


"Some mornings, it's just not worth chewing through the leather straps."
~ Emo Phillips

You can find another good reason for separatism at the JURIST, which has the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the Syrian Ba'ath regime and Kurds.

Internet writer, Mohammad Ghanem, got himself into a bit of trouble for telling the Ba'ath to end the repression of Kurds in Little South Kurdistan--haven't heard that phrase in a while, have you? Some of the "crimes" for which he was charged include insulting the Syrian Ba'ath president--and ostrich look-alike--Bashar Assad, "fomenting sectarianism," opposing the unity among Arab countries (since when was Kurdistan ever an Arab country?), opposing the aims of the Arab (Ba'athi) revolution, etc., ad nauseum.

What? No "insulting Arabness?"

I wonder if the Iraqi Embassy in Damascus recognizes the new Iraqi government? That's a serious question because back in 2003 or so, reports had it that the embassy did not recognize the new Iraqi government. Given that Iraq was, and Syria still is, Ba'athi, I wonder what the situation is with Saddam's old embassy. Given, too, that a number of the foreign terrorists in Iraq have come through Syria, I wonder how helpful the embassy has been in facilitating their activities.

Speaking of all this, no doubt everyone has heard that Zarqawi bit the big one or, rather, the big one bit Zarqawi. Personally, I think it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy, and it seems like most Kurds are feeling the same way. This doesn't make me feel as overjoyed as I did when I learned that Uday and Qusay were enjoying new digs in hell, but it is nice news.

However, not so from other quarters, and perhaps one of the most ridiculous items I came across on the subject of Zarqawi's untimely demise was from a place that wants to make the world a better place, Tikun Olam. Here, the surprise comes from the US decision to wax Zarqawi, instead of capturing him for his excellent intelligence value. Please, this is ridiculous. It's true that there were some Kurds who were disappointed with Uday and Qusay exiting stage left the way they did, and there are many Kurds in the South who are very indignant that Saddam is still sitting in his cell, sipping tea. In the case of Saddam, I would have preferred that some Kurdish women had found him instead, so that they could have made fishbait out of him with their kitchen knives. Then everyone could have gone down to the Dicle, get in a little fishing and a barbeque, and a good time would have been had by all.

We all know that if Zarqawi had been captured, the US wouldn't have had the guts to drop him off in some Shi'a neighborhood in Baghdad to let Shi'a women do the same thing to him, so it's better that he was blasted. As for all this nonsense about "intelligence value" and putting him on trial to prove to the world what a bad guy he was--that's all nonsense. Look at Saddam's trial. It hasn't changed anyone's mind. Those who know for a fact that Saddam is a butcher don't need the trial and those who still support him don't believe any of it. These people, the Arab world, the CIA, the Army War College, the Lunatic Fringe, they still believe Iran did Helebçe, and when Saddam is tried for this crime in, oh, twenty or thirty years at the rate things are going, these idiots will still cling to their fantasy that Iran did Helebçe.

Tikun Olam doesn't think anything will change in Iraq now that Zarqawi is dead. The idea there is that nothing will change until the US withdraws or everyone in "Iraq" decides to live together as one big, happy family, just like in the US. Unfortunately, the Lunatic Fringe doesn't get that "Iraq" is not the US, it never has been the US, and it never will be the US. Kurds still long for, and deserve, an independent Kurdistan and that is what the goal ought to be in the long term, if not in the short. The Iraqi Sunnis and Shi'a form an Arab country and they will want to be part of the Arab world. Hey! Maybe they could link up with Syria.

TDN is engaging in quite a bit of smarminess today, in an article about some European investigation claiming that Turkey helped the CIA transfer prisoners to secret prisons. The Europeans claim it's a veritable "'spider's web' of human rights abuses."

Geez, what a shock! Not a word on the "spider's web" of abuses spun by the Deep State and CIA against Kurds. Even the phrase "spider's web" reminds me of Ertugrul Kurkcu's article about Turkey being trapped in a "web" of covert killers, an article which discussed the Deep State in the wake of the Susurluk scandal. Ask yourself, did the West pick up on that? Between 30,000 and 40,000 dead Kurds, some 5,000 or so destroyed villages, 3 to 4 million forcibly displaced, but some European investigative committee is worried about the human rights abuse of a relative handful of prisoners from somewhere else. If anyone were seriously concerned about human rights abuses, they would be addressing the situation in Turkish-occupied Kurdistan.

The smarminess continues in a final item, again from TDN. Turkish President Ahmet Necdet Sezer went to Israel to jump-start the peace process and get Israelis and Palestinians talking again.

How would Sezer know anything about jump-starting any kind of talking over anything vaguely resembling peace, when he represents the same government that has never bothered to attempt any kind of peace with some 17 million people that the same government claims are equal citizens of the TC? Sezer represents the same government that refuses to talk to any of the Kurdish politicians in Turkish-occupied Kurdistan, who have attempted to do any work for the Kurdish people lately, and he's preaching "peace" to Israelis and Palestinians?

After all, the Kurdish people made a choice by electing DTP politicians so perhaps the Turkish government should respect that choice before it sends its errand boys off to preach to others. In the meantime, the Turkish government's behavior toward Kurds is a punishment aimed directly at the Kurdish people because of their choice.

The report mentions that Sezer had no plans to talk with anyone from HAMAS. Of course, the Turkish government and HAMAS had some nice, long talks in Ankara, so there probably wasn't any need for any more talks right now.

Besides, Sezer and Mishal probably text-message each other on their mobile phones. Cute.


philip said...

Mizgin, surely you don't take certified Net-nuts like "Tikun 0lam" seriously? Come on, what with the late beheaded Nick Berg's lunatic father saying he's SORRY ZARQAWI IS DEAD, we are seeing living proof that Jews are equally--more?-- susceptible to mental derangement than gentiles.

BTW, since Zarqawi was notorious for "always wearing a suicide-bomb vest," how wd these morons propose to catch him alive?

BTW, given Zarqawi's corpulence in his later days, he certainly presented A BIG, SLOW TARGET for TF-145, HAAAAAWWW!!!

heftirik said...

hevala hêja MIZGÎN, destên te xweş bin!

of course turkey is a very controversial country. and everyone knows this fact.

they hosted hamas, saying that palestinians chose them. allright we respect this. but what about your own country? people chose DTP, but you dont even look at them! in fact in every chance you blame the ELECTED mayors of our people and and try to imprison them...

so, they are so FU:fucked up, that they cant even see this huge contradiction...

but unfortunately that is what they have been doing for their whole life. so we should be considerate! and you know we kurds are very nice people, so lets forgive them?! huh?

F, i want my KURDISTAN...

xatirê te hevala hêja

Mizgîn said...

Philip, I don't take anyone on the Lunatic Fringe seriously. My point is to show that there are those who do not see icing Zarqawi as something good. I have seen even WORSE sentiments coming from the Arab Lunatic Fringe on this subject, and I see it as more of the same kind of dodging reality that has characterized Arab-on-Arab or Muslim-on-Muslim violence, and if you think back to earlier posts I've made on Kanan Makiya interviews or on what the Left has done to facilitate justification for people like Zarqawi, then you should know where I'm coming from.

Also, you know that I have not failed to critique the Right on these things either and that I consider that the Right and the Left meet at that tangent point on the spectrum, which I define as "Lunatic Fringe." The agenda of the Lunatic Fringe does not include justice--especially from a Kurdish perspective.

And about that "suicide-bomb vest," I am convinced Zarqawi stashed Twinkies in it and not C4.

Birayê min ê pir hêja, Xelef, you have caught my point about the "contradiction" (i.e. hypocrisy) exactly. As far as I'm concerned, no more Mr.-Nice-Kurd, and I know that there are many who pretend to take the high moral ground of pacifism or great lovers of peace, but where is this peace? Where are the real efforts for this peace?

Peace is not a one-way street, in which Kurds are crushed for the sake of the status quo or the phony desires of all others on earth for peace. Peace without justice and rights for Kurds as Kurds is not peace, nor is it an equitable compromise. It is merely a political game.