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“Any attack on Kirkuk would be considered an attack on Diyarbakir."
~ Hilmi Aydogdu, DTP Amed Provincial Chairman.

It would appear that the main players in the Ankara regime have their panties in knots over Masûd Barzanî's remarks over the weekend that Turkish intervention in Kerkuk would lead to Southern Kurdish intervention in Turkish-occupied Kurdistan.

Here's a list of the more hysterical reactions . . .

Zaman's headline reads: "Ankara tells Barzani to 'know his place:'"

The Turkish capital’s anger was obvious early on Sunday, with diplomatic sources immediately responding to Barzani’s remarks, although to date Turkish diplomats have refrained from accepting Barzani as a counterpart and responding to similar remarks.

[ . . . ]

“Turkey has never assumed a policy or even a wording that would harm brotherhood of Turks and Kurds. Now the sole reason for Barzani to make such an inappropriate statement is his panic due to the rising awareness of the international community of what is going on in Kirkuk, of the fact that there is a fait accompli that is desired to take place. But we have always said that Kirkuk is an Iraqi city,” diplomatic sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Today’s Zaman.

Newsflash: There is no brotherhood between Turks and Kurds.

Second Newsflash: The international community can't even find Kerkuk on a map let alone know what's going on there. The only thing they may vaguely remember was when Ozel Timler were caught and bagged by the US Marines way back in 2003, thanks to Kurtler Vadisi Irak, that is.

By the way, the Ankara regime has so far refrained from accepting the Iraqi president, Celal Talabanî, as a counterpart as well. Notice any similarity with the Ankara regime's refusal to accept Barzanî as a counterpart? Hint: Both are Kurds.

The AP, from USAToday:

The Turkish prime minister on Monday warned Iraqi Kurds against interfering in Turkey's Kurdish-majority southeast, saying "the price for them will be very high."

Recep Tayyip Erdogan was reacting to comments by Massoud Barzani, leader of the Kurdish autonomous region in Iraq, who said Iraqi Kurds would retaliate to any Turkish interference in northern Iraq by stirring up trouble in Turkey's southeast.

"He's out of place. He'll be crushed under his words," Erdogan said of Barzani Monday.

Yes, that's how an Islamofascist Turkish Fuhrer deals with every problem that arises from Turkish repression of Kurds--They'll be crushed! Just like during the Amed Serhildan, eh Tayyip old boy, when you confirmed the Turkish state's will to massacre Kurdish women, children, elderly? Oh, my mistake! The Kurdish elderly were tortured to death by Turkish state security forces slightly before the Amed Serhildan, weren't they? Take that, all you Bakûrî Kurd activists in Diaspora!

But wait! The Fuhrer speaks again, from Sabah:

Turkish Prime Minster Erdoğan has commented on Kurdish leader Barzani's statements during opening ceremonies of 84 education centers in Ankara. Stating that Barzani has gone too far with his last statements, the PM said Barzani would soon pay for such behavior.

Erdoğan has answered the questions of the press as he was leaving the ceremony area.
"I suggest Mr. Barzani not to utter words which he would not carry out successfully," said PM.

"North Iraq is making serious mistakes which it will soon pay for. We are a 'state' with a history of thousands of years. Barzani should watch his words carefully," he added.

Sieg Heil, Herr Fuhrer! Meanwhile, why don't you brush up on your history? Selcuks arrived in the region permanently in 1071 CE, making them an even bigger group of latecomers than the Arabs and meaning that Turks haven't been a permanent fixture for even a thousand years yet, much less "thousands of years." Geez . . . I mean, the Persians are closer to being indigenous than the Turks.

More on the Turkish Fuhrer's stupidity at VOA and from Reuters, although you can read mini-Fuhrer Gul's comments, along with murderer Mehmet Agar's remarks, at Sabah.

The funniest thing is that the Turkish regime is true to form. Every time those damned Kurds get too uppity, Turkish political hacks like mini-Fuhrer Gul run to the US for help, and that's exactly what happened in this case. Little Abdullah had to phone home to Mama Condi because he's afraid the big, bad pêşmerge are going to kick his ass for being the biggest bully in the neighborhood, from AFP, via AINA:

Turkey has complained to the United States over Iraqi Kurdish leader Massud Barzani after he reportedly threatened to interfere in Ankara's affairs if it continued to oppose Kurdish claims on the oil-rich city of Kirkuk, officials said Monday.

Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul "conveyed our sensitivities" to US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in a telephone conversation at the weekend, a senior diplomat told AFP.

Cry me a freakin' river, Abdullah, baby.

What's Condi gonna do anyway? Pat Gul on his fat butt, buy him an ice cream cone, and send him on his way? I guess the lobbing of artillery into South Kurdistan near Zaxo by Turkish Terrorist Forces was also part of the reaction to Barzanî's comments. I betcha Baby Gul didn't bother to mention that to Mama Condi.

Of course, all of this over-the-top overreaction on the part of a pack of thin-skinned genociders is nonsense. The Southern pêşmerge aren't going to intervene in Turkish-occupied Kurdistan because there's no need for them to intervene. The Ankara regime has a much bigger worry which was expressed by DTP's Amed provincial chief, Hilmi Aydogdu, at the end of February:

“The two sides in this war would be Turkey and the Kurds in Iraq. There are some 20 million Kurds in Turkey, and the 20 million Kurds would regard such a war as an attack against them,” newspapers quoted Aydogdu as saying.

“Any attack on Kirkuk would be considered an attack on Diyarbakir."

By extension, since Amed (Diyarbakir) is the capital of all of Kurdistan, any attack on it is an attack on the entire Kurdish people. Not only does Ankara need to worry about HPG attacks--or even TAK attacks in Western Turkey--it also needs to worry about a serhildan of 20 million Kurds in Turkish-occupied Kurdistan . . . or 30 million if you want to go with Barzanî's number. Remember, those 20 million are the relatives of the few thousand HPG gerîlas, who most likely be ending their ceasefire ( rejected by Ankara and Washington even before it became a formal order from Murat Karayilan) soon.

No, Barzanî doesn't need to intervene in Turkish-occupied Kurdistan. He just needs to make sure his pêşmerge aren't fighting alongside Turkish Terrorist Forces this time around, against Kurdish gerîlas and against a Northern Kurdish serhildan.

Buyukanit and Basbug know this very well, too.

By the way, I have proof that Turkish agent Seymour Hersh is: 1. A hardcore drunkard; 2. A serious drug addict; 3. A total suck-up; 4. All of the previous. Check out an interview he did with an Iranian, in particular this incredible piece garbage:

Nobody knows what is in the president mind and Mr. Cheney. We don't know what they think. He attacked Iraq in 2003 in response to the Sunni Al- Qaeda in America. Why he would attack Iraq have never been clear because Saddam Hussein was secular. He was a Sunni but he did not like Jihadists. So it is unclear to me what Bush was doing. You could argue that the neo-cons want to get rid of any threat. They never liked Saddam. He was a threat to the other countries in the Middle East, to Israel. Perhaps what we are doing is for Israel and oil but I don’t think this president believes that he really thinks his mission is to spread democracy in the Middle East, even though, you could argue that Iran is probably the most democratic country. The elections there certainly indicate people vote what the way they believe but he believes to spreading democracy and right now we are working with some of the most undemocratic countries in the Middle East, you know Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia that do so. It is very strange.

That should resolve any questions in anyone's mind about the credibility of the vastly overrated moron from The New Yorker.

Last, but not least, Bilal Wahab on NPR. Runtime a little over 5 minutes.


Anonymous said...

Good post. Do you think the ceasefire has ended? 10 Turkish security forces were killed over the weekend.

Mizgîn said...

Ten Mehmetciks were iced over the weekend because the Ankara regime rejects the fifth unilateral PKK ceasefire and continues offensive operations against the Kurdish people's defense forces. So those deaths, as with all the others, are the fault of the Ankara regime.

When the ceasefire is ended, you will know it. There will be a statement by Koma Komalên Kurdistan to call it off.

Anonymous said...
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