Sunday, December 28, 2008


"Realistically speaking, Turkey's only alternative is to resolve the issue through political dialogue. There has never been any political dialogue in order to bring about a solution to the Kurdish issue, and this is the sole reason why the problems Turkey faces today are weightier than ever."
~ Abdullah Öcalan, 1999.

Taraf has an interview with a committee member from PKK's Foreign Relations Committee, Ahmet Deniz. From Taraf:

"Without PKK there will be no permanent solution"

PKK Foreign Relations Committee member Ahmet Deniz, who evaluated the recent issues related to the Kurdish question for Taraf, stated that there will be no possibility for a permanent peace without PKK and he said the unilateral ceasefire is still de facto in effect.

PKK Foreign Relations Committee member Ahmet Deniz evaluated the issues about disarming PKK and a solution for the Kurdish question for Taraf. Deniz said that for a permanent solution to the Kurdish question, PKK must be recognized as the party to engage in talks. Mentioning that the unilateral ceasefire is still in effect, Deniz said, "We want a happy, honorable peace."

A ceasefire contribution to a solution without PKK

Ahmet Deniz noted that they [PKK] are watching very carefully improvements that are without PKK's involvement, and that neither the KRG nor Turkey had contacted them officially yet; however, they keep in touch with some close friends in the KRG on various subjects for an exchange of ideas.

Deniz said they are watching closely the conference that may be held by various Kurdish groups; however he believes the conference will not contribute to a solution if PKK does not attend.

Deniz mentioned that in order to contribute to a peace process, PKK continues its unilateral ceasefire that was declared on the last kurban (Kurban Bayramı) and that it did not change its defense position.

Laying down arms is easy

Remarking on the meaninglessness of a demand for PKK to lay down arms without taking any step, Deniz said, "If it gets to that point, laying down arms is a pretty easy job." Underscoring the necessity of an honorable peace for themselves, Deniz said, "In this perspective, Mr. Talabanî's words are very important. We want to see the sincerity of steps taken and want to believe that there is no trick in them. As a goodwill gesture, we continue to maintain the unilateral ceasefire that we have declared to the public. Despite this, the process is moving very slowly."

We are not imposing

For the solution of the problem Deniz said they are avoiding an imposition, however the state must not be indifferent. "At this point, Abdullah Öcalan's attitude is clear. We are followers of this attitude. Let the state take one step toward us and we are ready to take two. The state must not ignore us, its citizens. While there is such a straight and easy way it is not good for the state to go to others for a solution. We say that we are going to evaluate any demand anyway.. Why don't they listen to us?"

An honorable peace

Noting that the Kurdish people want an honorable peace, Ahmet Deniz said, "We want a happy and honorable peace. It is very important for us not to damage our honor. Everyone must learn a lesson from previous mistakes. While getting so close to a solution, while catching such a good chance, Deniz mentions the necessity of taking advantage of this. "We only want the coming suggestions to be just, realistic and genuine," said Deniz. Stressing that they are realize the problem cannot be solved with methods involving violence, Deniz said weapons must be mutually silenced.

Ahmet Deniz stated that in the coming days, one of the PKK leaders, Murat Karayilan, will have a comprehensive explanation regarding recent improvements.

TESEV report is positive

PKK Foreign Relations Committee member Ahmet Deniz said they believe the report that was prepared by TESEV, titled, "A Roadmap for the Solution of the Kurdish Question: Suggestions from the Region to the Government," will contribute to the solution of the Kurdish question. He said, "We support such studies; we consider the report that voiced the people's demands as a goodwill gesture and want the state to hear this study." Emphasizing that, on this issue, NGO's and elites have very important roles, Deniz said, "Reports like TESEV's last report may affect seriously the way leading to a solution to the problem."

Barzanî: Kurds will not shed Kurds' blood

Mentioning Turkey's attitude change toward KRG, Mesûd Barzanî said, "With the exception of war, we are ready to support all kinds of peaceful solutions." Barzanî said they will not allow the shedding of the blood of Kurds by Kurdish hands. Barzanî, after a meeting with his advisors, said, "Turkey changed its attitude toward the Kurdish government and Kurdish region. Turkey and Kurds moving close is on the agenda. I hope the relationship improves in a way that favors mutual benefit for the two parties." Referring to a conference that will be held by the Kurdish parties in Northern Iraq, Barzanî said they will endeavor to have a common policy after this conference. Citing the necessity of defending constitutional gains, Barzanî said, "We want a democratic, federal Iraq."

Well . . . I wonder how long it will be before the paşas and lapdog Turkish parties are on Taraf's case for this? I mean, it's not every Turkish daily that will publish something like this and there's no Turkish daily that will get away with it for long.

By the way, I had mentioned in an earlier post that Taraf was having problems generating the revenue needed to conduct their daily operations because of a lack of businesses willing to advertise in the paper. At the time, someone had commented if there were a way to help Taraf "stay open and running", although I did not see the comment until much later.

As a reply, I would say that if anyone wants to help Taraf, send one of their writers an email and ask them what they need. If you can only communicate in English, I suggest an email to Yasemin Çongar.


Gordon Taylor said...

You've performed another service by translating this.

BTW, is unavailable at this time. I'll try again later.

Turkish E.T. said...

Rasti I am moving from america (ny) to Turkey (istanbul) this week. IS there access to your blog from Turkey?

Mizgîn said...

Thanks, GT. Taraf can be very slow loading sometimes. I don't know why but, yeah, just try again later.

Well, ET, I don't know. Blogger was accessible when I was there in May and June. I'm not sure about now. I tend to think it is available because I haven't seen anything to the contrary recently.

Ah, Istanbul . . . the city a person can't live with and can't live without. Why don't you make yourself useful when you get back there and go over to Istanbul University and kick some fascist ass?


Yolun acik olsun.

Turkish E.T. said...

no kicking or kissing necessary I think asses are for sitting on only . If blogger is still banned I'm sure you can do an Rss hack to display the mirrored content of this blog on a nonblogger site. I think that would be ideal even now incase blogger gets banned again in the future.

Anonymous said...

Mizgin, can you provide Yasemin's email or is this available on Tarafs site? i dont speak turkish

Mizgîn said...

Anonymous, there's a link to Congar's email address on Taraf as follows:

Her English is very good so you should have no problem emailing her in English.

As for you, ET, I should have known you would prove yourself absolutely useless in the end.

Turkish E.T. said...

:) be kind Mizgin. If everyone was useless there'd be no war.

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