Tuesday, March 03, 2009


"Everything we shut our eyes to, everything we run away from, everything we deny, denigrate or despise, serves to defeat us in the end. What seems nasty, painful, evil, can become a source of beauty, joy, and strength, if faced with an open mind."
~ Henry Miller.

Oh, well, wouldn't you know it? Those great experts on the Armenian Genocide, the Turkish general staff, has produced a documentary video on the Armenian Genocide that is being distributed and shown to school children in Turkey. Bianet has some information on it:

The General Staff of the Turkish Army has prepared a six-part “documentary”, which was sent to all primary schools through the province authorities of the Ministry of Education. The DVDs are to be shown to children “at a convenient time”, and schools are to report back on the effects of the film by 2 March, so a letter sent to schools by the Ministry in January.

[ . . . ]

The education trade union Eğitim-Sen has demanded that schools immediately stop showing this film. Trade union leader Zübeyde Kılıç told bianet that their report on the film would be published within a week, and that they may go to court in order to prevent further screenings at schools.

According to Kılıç, the film would teach 12 million children, aged 6-14, to hate Armenians and anyone who is different. It would “create a generation fed on hatred.”

She added, “These children are at an age when they accept information without interpreting it, when they accept what they are told as the truth, and when things are stored in their memory. It will be impossible for a child watching this film not to feel hatred for Armenians.”

“As for the Armenian children (i.e. citizens of Turkey who will also be exposed to this film), they may be marginalised or discriminated against afterwards. This worry may lead to them hiding their identities.”

Kılıç has called on an education which would teach the events of 1915, as well as other controversial parts of Turkey’s history, in a way that would heal wounds. “But this film encourages conflict.”

Jeez, what a shock.

Among those who collaborated on the documentary are Samuel A. Weems, who is closely associated with the website "Tall Armenian Tale" and Dr. Justin McCarthy, who published teaching materials to spread Turkish propaganda in the US. McCarthy also wrote a manual on the Armenian Genocide for the Education Committee of the Assembly of Turkish American Associations (ATAA), another branch of the Deep State that's active in the US.

It goes without saying that Turks like Taner Akçam, Halil Berktay, Elif Şafak, Fatma Müge Göçek, and Orhan Pamuk were not consulted for the documentary by the Turkish general staff.

No doubt, I thought, the documentary will be outrageous, but I didn't realize how outrageous it would be until I saw a recent opinion piece by Hasan Cemal at Milliyet. This is really way over the top:

The idea of the Armenian who eats human flesh is being promoted in the video tapes that are delivered by the Turkish National Education Ministry to schools to be watched.

Are we going to learn our history like this? Are we going to teach our kids by brainwashing with hatred and revenge? Or by pouring the poison of racism into their minds?

Please, Mr. Prime Minister, tell me, do you really care about societal peace? Are we going to raise our children with an understanding that derives hatred from history?

Well, I dunno . . . do ya think maybe the idea of cannibalism would traumatize kids or make them hate . . . all based on the lies of the assholes on the Turkish general staff and the disgusting little "expert" toadies they rounded up to glorify their crap? But, hey, at least they're all consistent. The theme of officially sanctioned racism and hatred is one we've heard not too long ago. Reference Mithat Sancar:

In terms of political culture and daily life, Turkey is becoming a society that has a powerful racist vein. Daily racism has increased a lot in Turkey. I mean racism became normal. The disasters which are created by the normalization of racism can be understood by looking at world examples and the pains that result [from racism]. This racism destroys the base of democracies and it makes it easier in Turkey to polarize society and then drag people to the point that they can slaughter each other. In fact, in the last year, torture incidents in Turkey, deaths in prison and in detention, and shooting on the streets have increased. All these incidents are related to each other.

Obviously Katil Erdoğan's "Love It or Leave It" policy applies not only to Kurds.

And for an example of the "Love It or Leave It" policy in action, make sure to stop by Hevallo's place where he has a link to a BBC item on the latest regarding JITEM's acid wells.


Anonymous said...

"THE ETERNAL ARMENIAN" - brought to you by those who have the most to lose in the current kleptocratic system - the General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces. Those hundreds of billions of external debt, kickbacks on weapons systems, the heroin production franchises - I submit that the "Guardians of the Kemalist Republic" have a helluva lot to lose should a healthy dynamic (i.e., honesty) ever take hold in Turkey! And, let's not forget the Sequel here, Miz - in all probability "THE ETERNAL KURD"
Best, JB

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the Turkish Deep State in America: Lincoln McCurdy's Turkish Coalition of America and the University of Utah have established a "major new academic program" on "the origins of modern ethnic cleansing" in the collapse of the Ottoman Empire.

Renegade Eye said...

In 2009 Turkey still produces, crude and racist product.

Mizgîn said...

Thanks for the info, JB. Why am I not surprised by any of it?

RE, the crude and racist product is generally for domestic consumption. For the West, they try to be a bit more polished.