Thursday, October 01, 2009


"The Turks were very supportive, but wanted a three-part division of Iraq to include their own occupation of the Kurdish region."

~ Sibel Edmonds.

Does anyone recognize this country:

I didn't think so. That's the map that was included in an educational CD in the Istanbul province as part of the Istanbul Parent Education Project. The CD, with a booklet, has been distributed to schools in Istanbul.

More at Hürriyet:

The aim is to educate parents on various issues, ranging from first aid to how to deal with children, prior to the start of the school term.

"Various issues" obviously also includes the occupation of South Kurdistan.

Do you think they sent courtesy copies to Barzani, Talabani and al-Maliki? Or maybe that part in the VERY Southeast of Turkey is just TSK's new buffer zone.


Anonymous said...

Mizgin, Here is a little something about Turkey-Iraq ties. I first started reading your material at Sibels site and occasionally comment there. Good work both of you. Anyway, this looks like a resource based conflict that could become problematic later on.

Dr, Bouchra Ahrouch said...

Very old 'map'. They just got it from the internet.

Gordon Taylor said...

Not just Kirkuk, Mosul, and Kurdistan. Also they've taken over Armenia & Nakhchevan, parts of Georgia including Batumi, Greek Thrace over to the Nestos, and part of Bulgaria. A real MHP wet dream!

Anonymous said...

Mizgin, Here is something that I came across. Is it valid info? thanx. fm,com_fireboard/Itemid,453/id,7754/catid,22/func,fb_pdf/

Anonymous said...

That's like using a Napolean's map of Europe to depict current European standings!


Mizgîn said...

Yes, Dr. Bouchra, Istanbul Provincial Education Directorate "just got it from the internet". Don't the education administrators of the province know what the map of Turkey looks like, particularly since the official mythology exists to reinforce the idea of the unitary state within certain territorial borders?

Why did they put this map in the educational materials to be distributed to parents? MHP wet dream, indeed!

FM, the water issue is a huge problem. Last year there was a very bad drought in The Southeast and the level of the Tigris was extremely low. This year I am told there's been much more rain in The Southeast and, of course, there were the recent floods in Istanbul.

The Israelis also have a contract with Turkey, in which Turkey supplies water to Israel. The agreement is for 20 years and part of that will be paid for in weapons. Israeli companies were also negotiating for construction projects for GAP but, as far as I know, all of this is on hold because there have been big problems with continuing the project. Turkey can't get financial backers, everyone is opposed to destroying regional culture, Syria and Iraq would be further screwed, etc.

Regarding the donme question, I don't know if that stuff is true or not. There were rumors about Yasar Buyukanit and there are rumors about Ilker Basbug, who visited the Wailing Wall a few years ago and the fundamentalist press in Turkey went wild. It could be that this is the same type of fundamentalist nonsense that is in the States, which claims that Obama is a "secret" Muslim.

One that should be seriously looked at as donme is Tuncay Guney and whether or not his previous status as donme--he's now claiming to be overtly Jewish--provided him with credibility with MOSSAD and MIT.

It could be that the .pdf link you provide is propaganda directed at Jews in order to strengthen their support for Turkey and its policies. Something like the information described in that link is not going to go over well in Turkey.

Anonymous said...

Miz - I'd add to anonymous (above) that it's like trying to humor some lunatics who think they're Napolean! Turkey would = Argentina or even a larger version of Albania if not for that "special relationship" with the other regional head case, Israel. As the brave Sibel continues to make manifest, this allows thuggery (see, above) and corruption to remain basically unchallenged. It also allows Turkey to use the Western Banking System akin to a giant ATM card. Do you see the IMF at Turkey's doorstep telling them to clean up corruption? As long as they remain Israel's "only Muslim ally" the "Gangs of New York" will write the Turks essentially blank checks. Their other significant revenue stream, drug-dealing, remains essentally untouched. The United States continues with its sick, corrupt policies of locking up poor and minority kids for crummy street deals, while allowing Turkey carte blanche.
Oh, but to be a "fly on the wall" at a meeting of the Turkish General Staff. I'd bet some very descriptive terms to describe Jews/Israelis flow quite freely! I always wonder whether the delusional grandiosity and anti-Semitism (isn't Mein Kempf a favorite of the junior Officer Corps) will eventually get the best of them. Until Turkey no longer "matters" to the powerful Israeli supporters, the corrupt Turkish elites will continue to be propped up.

Anonymous said...

Mizgin, thank you for the links ref. Israel and Turkey regarding water. According to an article in Haaretz, july-7-2009 the contract never actually started. Also here is an article that may interest you


Anonymous said...

Here is the article. My mistake stating it was from Haaretz.

I am going to start researching agribusiness in the M.E. regarding water and other deals.


Mizgîn said...

Anonymous, I don't know if Mein Kampf is favorite reading material for TSK junior officers, but I do know it was a best-seller in 2005. I saw it in a shiny, new grocery store in Diyarbakir (catering to the military) at the time as well as in a bookstore near the Sultanahmet area in Istanbul.

FM, regarding the Global Research link:

Turkey agreed to allow IDF and Israeli security forces to gather electronic intelligence on Syria and Iran from Turkey. In exchange, Israel assisted in the equipping and training of Turkish forces in anti-terror warfare along the Syrian, Iraqi, and Iranian borders."

I know exactly what they mean in that last part and it confirms something I suspected from watching "Kill the Messenger". Thanks for that.

As for the water not being delivered, there could be a couple of reasons for that, none of which should come as a surprise.

Also, in connection with agribusiness and a possible Israeli connection, you might want to consider the land mine issue. Turkey was supposedly clearing mines from the Syrian border. How much they've actually done is something I don't know. But before anyone can go in and begin mass agriculture, there are a LOT of other minefields that will have to be cleared in the Kurdish region.