Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Who am I, you ask?
The Kurd of Kurdistan,

a lively volcano,

fire and dynamite

in the face of enemy.

When furious,

I shake the mountains,

the sparks of my anger

are death to my foes.

~ Cigerxwîn, "Kîme Ez".


A brigade of Kayseri commandos has been destroyed early this morning Kurdistan time by the beloved freedom fighters of the People's Defense Force (HPG)!


Before we get to the announcement, let's review the role of Kayseri commandos in Turkish-occupied Kurdistan [emphasis in the original]:

The decision to ‘train’ alongside Turkey’s mountain commandos in 1997, we should note, was also made two years after Human Rights Watch had publicly disclosed that “two special Commando Brigades, Bolu and Kayseri, [we]re heavily involved in counterinsurgency operations. Unlike the regular Turkish Army forces, the Bolu and Kayseri [mountain commando] units [we]re more highly trained and [we]re expected to engage in closer contact with PKK fighters and with civilians suspected of supporting the guerrillas. [Witness] B.G. told Human Rights Watch that during his April 1994-May 1995 stint in the southeast, he learned that the Bolu and Kayseri were considered by soldiers and civilians alike to be far more abusive of the civilian population than the regular Army. ‘Nasty behavior toward the population [wa]s encouraged in the Bolu and Kayseri brigades’, he explained, ‘while the Piyade (infantry) Commando tend[ed] to be kinder. The commanders want[ed] there to be a kind of good guy - bad guy situation, which they then use[d] to threaten the locals. They sa[id] be good or we’ll send the Bolu after you!’ Bolu and Kayseri Commandos were prevalent throughout the 1994 Tunceli [Dersim] campaign, during which tens of villages were destroyed. Witnesses interviewed by Human Rights Watch said they were able to identify Bolu and Kayseri soldiers, and reported that they were involved in numerous violations of the laws of war, including village destructions, indiscriminate fire, and kidnapping civilians who were then forced into serving as porters during Army patrols … The Bolu and Kayseri Commandos”, furthermore, “appear to have incorporated a significant number of U.S.-designed M-16 assault rifles and M-203 grenade launchers into their regular arsenal … According to Reuters, 5,000 Bolu and Kayseri commandos joined 35,000 other forces in the Tunceli campaign [See ‘Turkish Army Torches 17 Villages, Residents Say,’ Reuters, October 5, 1994]”.

Now that we know these bastards have received what they have so richly deserved, on to the news report, from ANF:

Garrison Destroyed in Çukurca!

It has been announced that HPG guerrillas, who conducted an operation against a mobile military garrison in Çukurca, destroyed the entire garrison and killed 30 soldiers. It was also reported that the guerrillas confiscated a number of weapons and munitions.

The clashes started between 0100 and 0200 hours. The mobile garrison that was targeted by the guerrillas was located 30 km from Çukurca district in Hantepe, between Bilican and Talise villages and the military unit was the Kayseri Commando Military Brigade Command.

30 Soldiers Killed

According to HPG sources, in the operation against the Bilican mobile garrison the entire garrison was destroyed. In the operation, in which 30 soldiers were killed, many weapons like artillery and artillery shells were destroyed.

Weapons Confiscated

While the TSK came to pick up their wounded soldiers with helicopters they too encountered guerrilla intervention and it was reported that the helicopters were fired at [by the guerrillas]. HPG sources also indicated that the helicopters were forced to retreat.

In addition, during the guerrilla operation, the guerrillas went into the military units and confiscated many weapons and munitions.

Clashes Continue

Clashes in the region, in the Uzundere area are still ongoing under the control of the guerrillas. Details of the clashes are expected from HPG soon.

One would presume that these Kayseri commando-types are the same types that would fill the ranks of a so-called professional army within TSK, which would be posted to Turkish-occupied Kurdistan to fight our guerrillas.


Bijî Gerîla!

Çok Yaşa Gerilla!

Çok Yaşa Önder Apo!


Anonymous said...

Agir û pêtim,
tev dînamîtim.


Anonymous said...

The terrorist thugs of the Turkish army will get what they deserve in the battlefield. The tsk is the only army in the world that is proudly mutilate and rape dead bodies of the fallen enemy fighters. What a coward and sick this army is!


Turkish E.T. said...

"Bolu and Kayseri Commandos were prevalent throughout the 1994 "

god. this revenge is 16 years too late. revenge is a dish best served cold, but this one is way beyond rotten. when will this killing stop.

Anonymous said...

Beyond rotten, ROTTEN? Yes, of course, those notorious Kayseri professional commandos were there to picnic and enjoy the weather. Right? You are only "humanist" when it comes to dead Turkish soldiers. Why do we never get to see you condemn the horrific war crimes of TSK members on here? Seriously, have you said a single word about what they did the bodies of guerrillas lately?

Especially since you like using profanity, why don't you come on here one day for a change and say something to the TSK bastards? You could start with the beasts who killed Canan, a 16 year old Kurdish girl. Your beloved AKP is silent. I wonder what kind of excuse Cemil Cicek the asshole would have for this. That she could move with speed of light and put her head into the trajectory of bullet? After all that jerk told the Europeans that the Kurdish children in prisons were not actually children. May be that's why the state officials and security forces rape Kurdish children. After all they are not children, right? Piss off.


Cammie Novara said...

As I followed a link to this The Top 12 Reasons To Burn A Quran On 9/11 article my first thought was Rastibini's visitors truly should be able to pass judgment on this! http://hubpages.com/hub/The-12-Top-Reasons-To-Burn-A-Quran-On-911

Anonymous said...

An American journalist has been arrested in Turkey and the American media is DEAD silent on the issue.

Should we be surprised? Never.