Monday, November 29, 2010


"This disclosure is not just an attack on America's foreign policy interests. It is an attack on the international community."
~ Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

You can read or search the Wikileaks secret US embassy cables at this site. If you'd like to cut to the chase for the moment, you can browse all the cables from the US Embassy in Ankara here.

I haven't made a thorough search of the site yet, but did check out the Ankara cables first. At this point there doesn't seem to be anything shocking in the revelations . . . at least, if you know the real situation in Turkey, there's nothing really shocking, nothing to justify old woman Clinton's hysterics.

Germany's Spiegel Online has an interesting take on the Ankara Embassy cables, though:

The leaked diplomatic cables reveal that US diplomats are skeptical about Turkey's dependability as a partner. The leadership in Ankara is depicted as divided and permeated by Islamists.

SHOCK!! He,he, just kidding. Spiegel Online continues:

The US diplomats' verdict on the NATO partner with the second biggest army in the alliance is devastating. The Turkish leadership is depicted as divided, and Erdogan's advisers, as well as Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, are portrayed as having little understanding of politics beyond Ankara.

The Americans are also worried about Davutoglu's alleged neo-Ottoman visions. US diplomats quote one high-ranking government adviser as saying that Davutoglu would use his Islamist influence on Erdogan, describing him as "exceptionally dangerous." According to the US document, another adviser to the ruling AKP party remarked, probably ironically, that Turkey wanted "to take back Andalusia and avenge the defeat at the siege of Vienna in 1683."

The US diplomats write that many leading figures in the AKP were members of a Muslim fraternity and that Erdogan had appointed Islamist bankers to influential positions. He gets his information almost exclusively from newspapers with close links to Islamists, they reported. The prime minister, the cables continue, has surrounded himself with an "iron ring of sycophantic (but contemptuous) advisors" and presents himself as the "Tribune of Anatolia."

"Sycophantic" advisors?! Personally, I prefer to call them "toadies" but sycophantic advisors will work.

Frankly, yes, the AKP is far more dangerous than the paşas. On the other hand, who's in charge of the "Muslim fraternity" quoted in the cables, according to Spiegel Online? Where is this leader living? Why, in the US itself and he's got his own green card. You'd think after all the problems the US has had with the Taliban and al-Qaeda, they'd give up on aiding and abetting Islamists. But now they're whining about the problems their Turkish Islamists are causing them.


According to the Cablegate site, 278 of the 251,287 cables have been released so far. It's definitely worth watching what's next.

It'll also be worth watching to see if Katil Erdoğan is going to prosecute the US for its criticism of him, like what happened to some students in Istanbul recently or to Hürriyet . . . or to another journalist . . . or to Musa Kart . . . or to Michael Dickinson, et cetera, ad nauseum.

Best in Show ~ Michael Dickinson

Tribune of Anatolia, indeed. What a weenie.


Anonymous said...

You have mistakenly linked the Em of Ashgabat instead of Ankara

Mizgîn said...

That's odd. Checking it just now it pointed to the cables from Kabul.

It should read Ankara now.


Hamo said...

Most of the visual media is keeping really low profile of these files on US government. I think the CIA, FBI, MFI, INTERPOL, EUROPOL etc making their research very well by totally controlling the most effective media The TVs. May be the US government threating or scare mongaring the tv stations of possible chaos in the country if the visual media show these files repetaedly none stop through out the day. I am sure mother of the US soldiers who were killed in iraq, afghanistan etc would like to know the US embasadors real time dialogous with their washington bases while their sons and doughters fighting for so called fredom of iraq (or may be something else, cant remember)

Turkish E.T. said...

"Frankly, yes, the AKP is far more dangerous than the paşas"

I dont understand. On one hand there is AKP receiving criticism from everyone from Pasha's to general public about their every step towards solving the kurdish issues. Kurdish language on TV, investments to eastern Turkey, rights granted on surrendering PKK even speaking Kurdish themselves in the parliament.

And on the other hand there are the Pasas. Who do believe that all we are doing by giving rights to Kurdish is giving compromises. Who would take up an opportunity for a military action over dialogue anytime. And whose only contribution towards solving the problem has been military actions.

And here you are, a Kurd, with an expected common sense, coming up with a sentence such as this above. "the AKP is far more dangerous than the paşas"

I think you are lying. I think you are listening to someone elses ideas. And that someone else does not like AKP because they know that if they solve the Kurdish rights issues in Turkey this blog, and PKK, and themselves will be no more. PKK and Turkish military feed on each other and you dont want things to change. This can be the only explanation of this incredible statement.

Anonymous said...

ET, you look at things from the Turkish standppint and we don't. Yes, padisah erdogan is more dangerous than pashas because the AKP know how to use the money and trade to corner Kurds while pretending they have "given" some rights to their low-level subjects, the Kurds.

Military is known enemy and not as crooked and it's destined to collapse since it is so wrapped with ataturk's outdated and crooked vision. AKP, on the other hand, doesn't mind cutting deals with the satan (reminder: the recent deal with the military) just to stay in power and realize fethullah's vision, the great turkish empire (watch fetho's videos on how he wants the turkish nation to raise).

So, stop coming here and trying to sell your bullshit. The latest MGK statements and erdogan's statements alone should prevent you from trying to sell your bullshit here.

Kurdish entered the parliament long before akp. Don't come here telling alp let this and that. Kurd TOOK what they have so far and they will take more. Your position of "we gave" is at best disgusting. Yikil karsimdan.


Anonymous said...

"Hayatta savunamayacağım tek şey TRT 6'da program yapmaktır. TRT 6 meselesinde de Adalet ve Kalkınma Partisi'ne (AKP) inandım ama yanıldım. Onun için bu konuda bana tepki duyan varsa sonuna kadar haklıdır. Boynum kıldan incedir. Herkesten özür diliyorum"

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Anonymous said...

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Jewish Odysseus said...

Mizgin, I didn't want today to pass without recognizing the 20th anniversary of the great Bashuri revolt against Saddam Hussein.

May all the Kurdish people taste liberty soon.

Novoline said...

oldie but goldie <3

Jewish Odysseus said...

interesting article: