Sunday, December 11, 2005


I just came across something from a Turkish blog that has really made me laugh.

Litmus at Aegean Disclosure, makes some great comments on the recent psychosocial rant--inspired, I suspect, by Erdogan's revelation of sub-identities within Turkey--of a former Turkish ambassador to Japan in a commentary piece from Turkish Daily News.

The section of the rant in question is found in the last paragraph of the TDN commentary:

As we were defeating the PKK, we were wary of offending our Kurdish brethren, so we refrained from criticizing the Kurds. We refrained from saying how primitive the tribal structure and the status of women in their culture. We did not try to prevent the politically motivated population growth. We said, This entire homeland is yours. We concealed our knowledge that their myths about their glorious history were a fabrication. In the end they have mustered the audacity to claim that they are one of the two founding groups of this state.

And now we want our togetherness to continue on the basis of this falsehood.

Litmus' response:

Yes, it's true the State didn't criticise the Kurds enough, this might have something to do with the fact that it was occassionally busy supporting religious fundamentalist outfits in order to fight the PKK. And then one has the audacity to claim that their tribal structure and treatment of women is somehow unique when the state was supporting those who dabbled in the virtues of honor killings. One can hardly begin to decrypt the vileness that is contained in the phrase "We did not try to prevent the politically motivated population growth." What did you have in mind? A Modest Proposal? In here lies the belief that the Kurds are going to multiply in droves and take over the entire country while the country lies helpless as its hands are mercilessy tied behind its back by...democracy. Who, after all, needs the PKK when you can get it on, all night long? Democracy for Gunduz Aktan is so fragile and pathetic that sheer population growth is going to make Turks slaves to those redneck myth-fabricating Kurds he hates so much (and whose redneckness and tribal customs don't seem to prevent them from being so wonderfully Machiavellian). Way to go, retard.

It's great to see such a clean slash through the BS, but I swear I'm still laughing, particularly over the comment on the need for the PKK! Bijît, Litmus û gelek sipas!


Dara Sor said...

Great! Now... This is a Turk I like... Speaking from the heart! I love his paranoia... And he is perfectly right! We will breed them out! HAHAHA!

Juanita said...

dara sor has the right idea! It is a classic case of psychological projection, really -- it is the Arab way. Arafat actually iterated it when he talked of the 'weapon of the womb' - although in his case he literally meant 'weapon' of the womb.

But the classic Arab (Islamist) style is to multiply to such a degree that they are a large minority, then become combative about their 'rights', eventually demanding a piece of the host country to control.

Mizgîn said...

I definitely think the former ambassador is paranoid, but Litmus is not. He is being fabulously facetious, as can be seen from his reference to Jonathan Swift's satirical essay, "A Modest Proposal." I also liked the reference to the Turkish state being rendered helpless by democracy.