Sunday, December 04, 2005


There is an update on the situation of Roj TV, from blogger Henrik at Viking Observer, Convenient outrage in unconvenient pasts , including a caricature from the Turkish press showing a naked Ocalan and Danish PM Rasmussen in bed together.

A quote from Hürriyet, carried in the Viking Observer post:

Denmark shows no tolerance over Tempo magazine's cartoon

A Turkish magazine, Tempo, published the controversial cartoon of a naked PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan and Danish Prime Minister Andres Fogh Rasmussen watching TV in bed together, in reaction to the Danish stance on PKK mouthpiece Roj TV, on Saturday.

In reply to the cartoon, Denmark showed no tolerance with dailies complaining about the Turkish reaction. Danish daily Ekstra Bladet says that the cartoon had been published in retaliation for Danish refusal to ban Roj TV, and Danish daily Politiken

As Henrik observes:

So if Danish papers dont tow the Turkish party line, they are "not showing tolerance". Sounds like something we have heard before, doesnt it?

Yes, Henrik. Sounds all too familiar to me.


Vladimir said...

Turkish culture or?

Mizgîn said...

I don't understand your question, Vladimir.

Dara Sor said...

LOL! =D Funny... Thanks for sharing!

I have to say - Turkey has one set of rules for others and one for itself...

Hypocracy SUCKS...

Vladimir said...

I mean this is a typical example of Turkish political culture.

Btw, do you know if PCDK is part of Kongra-gel>?

Mizgîn said...

Vladimir, the use of cartoons and charicatures to express a political message is an old one. I do not have a problem with this usage. However, in the case of Turkey, imagine what would happen to anyone who were to make a similar charicature of Atatürk, or even Erdoğan? The old Article 159 of the Turkish Penal Code has the remedy for that offense, at least in the case of Erdoğan (in the case of Atatürk, the result would be lynching). The new Article 301 can be interpreted to render old Article 159 effective for such an offense even today.

As for PÇDK, it is no secret that the party emerged from PKK at the time that PKK was reorganized into KADEK. KADEK and KNK subsequently merged to form KONGRA-GEL. As of this year, KONGRA-GEL refined its political goals and became Koma Komalên Kurdistan (KKK). PÇDK displays the flag of KKK.

Vladimir said...

Thanks for your comments.

Turkish newspapers earlier made a picture of Merkel or some other German politician with swastika's. But if someone makes a cartoon about Erdogan, he gets fined!