Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Finally, a rational statement on the death of Kani Yilmaz from Kurdistan Observer. Read the entire thing at the link, because I am only posting a part of it here:

It is almost two weeks since the dreadful incident and there is still great confusion as to what really happened. The security forces of Sulimania since then have four times stated that the incident was a mere accident and nothing more. However political opportunists and people who work against the interests of the Kurdish nation love to play the conspiracy drums and condemn the names parties for deeds which they have not committed.

The whole matter must be looked at rationally it is ludicrous to charge PKK or PCDK of a murder which has not been committed. Doctor Muhammad Nuri Muhammad Rashid the doctor appointed by the court of Sulimania by KRG government, has stated that the two had lost their lives as a result of sever body burns and that there are no signs of explosion or materials linked to explosives. For those wish not be misled and are sincerely interested in knowing what really happened, they can contact Dr Muhammad through this phone number 07701524940. The people of Sulimania all know him as a truthful and a straightforward man who is not linked with any political party.

I believe that Mr. Murat Karayilan President of Koma Komalen Kurdistan (KKK) summarizes the situation rather well. He states that "There are numerous factions whose actions are based on mere prejudice. For example if a stone was to fall out of the sky and hits someone in the head, they quickly claim it was PKK who threw the stone". One or a hundred statement will not have any affect on this faction's mentality towards PKK and PCDK because against defying odds succeeding will bring a great blow to these factions interests.

At a time when the brave sons and daughters of our nation are struggling for their nation's mere existence I believe such baseless accusations are unhelpful and destructive. Declaring revenge and a jihad against PKK and PCDK is irrational and undeserved. In this whole sad episode not once fascist state of Turkey has been mentioned. What better plot than removing a Kurdish patriot like Kani Yilmaz and at the same time PKK is accused of an act which is not in any way linked with. Truly killing two birds with one stone.

Without a doubt Kani Yilmaz was a Kurdish patriot who had worked over thirty years for PKK and the Kurdish cause. His death was a great blow to the Kurdish nation. However what we must understand is that throwing accusations around does not help Kurdish nation nor sadly will it brings Kani Yilmaz back.


I don't suppose that all those who ran all over creation shooting off their fat mouths, insisting on PKK's guilt, insisting it was absolutely certain without any doubt. . . None of these will go around and admit they were wrong--least of all PWD, whose statements have been one long string of lies.

All the ülkücüler can go crawl back under their rocks now. Show's over.

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