Saturday, May 06, 2006


A report by the Amed branch of the IHD (Human Rights Association) is out:

Investigation and observation report into human rights violations which occurred during the funeral on 28 March 2006 in Diyarbakir

6 April 2006



The bodies of four of the 14 armed militants (Bulent Tanisik, born in Diyarbakir, Muzaffer Pehlivan born in Lice, Diyarbakir, Fatih Cetin born in Cinar, Diyarbakir, Mahmut Guler born in Kulp, Diyarbakir) who were killed on 24.03.2006 were brought to Diyarbakir on 28.03.2006, after the autopsies were completed at Malatya State Hospital they were buried in Yeni Koy Cemetery. The militants were killed during a military operation conducted in Centrum of Mus, Kulp district of Diyarbakir, Genc and Solhan districts of Bingol. Events occurred just after funeral ceremony, first in Ofis borough then continuing through several other boroughs in Diyarbakir. On the way back from the cemetery the crowd of people who had joined the funeral, faced police intervention when they arrived “10 Nisan” Police Station where hard safety measures had been taken. It also transpired that several F-16s had flown sorties over the cemetery.

The police attacked the crowd with panzers, and the youths in the crowd responded with Molotov cocktails. Meanwhile the police used tear gas and opened fire into the sky. As a result of the police opening fire Mehmet Akbulut (18) was seriously injured; he was taken to the Faculty of Medicine at Dicle University and placed in intensive care but died on 31.03.2006. The panzers caught fire when they were hit by Molotov cocktails. During the intervention correspondents from Cihan News Agency and TV 21 were also wounded.

A group of demonstrators, who arrived in Ofis borough, broke the windows of offices of official bodies, political party buildings, a bank branch and shops. Due to the escalation of events, first in Baglar borough, the shop keepers put down their shutters.

Read the rest at KurdishMedia, including the violence of security forces against the population, the closure of access for injured and dying to the State Hospital, attacks against detainees' lawyers by security forces, and much more.

Now tell me, who are the real terrorists?

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