Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Turkish children are suddenly dying, according to The New Anatolian.

Let me think. . . almost 40,000 Kurds were murdered by the Turkish government from 1984 to 1999 alone. Many of those were children. Recently, Erdogan said, "If you cry tomorrow, it will be in vain. . . The security forces will intervene against the pawns of terrorism, no matter if they are children or women. Everyone should realise that."

Whose tears are in vain now? Erdogan's words elicited a promise which now appears to be in the process of being fulfilled:

"The fascist and colonialist Turkish state has conducted a series of murderous attacks againt our people in recent days," the message said adding that "the Kurdish people, today as yesterday, will not remain without defence. "From now on a response will follow each attack against our people with more violent actions. This time we shall not only target property but people as well," the TAK said, threatening to "turn Turkey into hell."

It looks like Mr. Erdogan never should have given permission for Kurdish women and children to be murdered with impunity by the terrorist TSK, because it looks like he is going to end up crying in vain. It all started with the Kurdish children he murdered in Kurdistan. To this day, neither Erdogan, nor anyone else in the government or military, has expressed regrets over those murders. Instead of regrets, they continue in their atrocities by torturing Kurdish children in prison.

There is a simple answer to the entire problem: Get the TSK out of Kurdistan now, and end the occupation.

See? It's very, very simple. Only fascists complicate these things more than they have to be.

By the way, did you know that The New Anatolian is run by Ilnur Cevik? That would be the same Ilnur Cevik who is pioneering Turkish efforts to grab Kurdish oil in South Kurdistan. You can find more detail on that here.

I hope Omar Fettah isn't going to have to eat his words, along with a side order of crow.

And look who's working with Ilnur! It's none other than the son of Serafettin Elci, the only Kurd in Turkey who is permitted to say the F-word (federalism) in relation to the Kurdish situation. If Ahmet Turk, Osman Baydemir, or your local Kurdish shepherd ever uttered the F-word, you can bet that they'd be dead men walking. Not so for Seraffetin Elci. Interesting, isn't it?

Can everyone say, "Deep State?"

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