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"If there’s protest in a country then there’s going to be repression. Can they get away with it? - it depends a lot on the reaction. In the early 50s in the US, there was what was called Macarthyism and the only reason it succeeded was that there was no resistance to it. When they tried the same thing in the 60s it instantly collapsed because people simply laughed at it so they couldn’t do it."
~ Noam Chomsky, Interview with Mark Thomas.

Here is an item just in, and it should be seen in the wider context of the US and Turkish-backed terror operations against Kurds from Turkish-occupied Kurdistan that have taken place in the last two weeks in Europe, with the collaboration of the EU:

Snatched and bumped in 5 hours

Att: Ms Ceri Williams
UK Immigration Service
Re: Becket House enforcement
15 February 2007.

Dear Ms. Williams,

Thank you for taking my call today in regards to our client - Huseyin KOSE and wife and children.

Your Ref: K1154998

We were instructed this morning in regards to the removal of our client yesterday to Turkey, and the events surrounding the detention and arrest.

We are most concerned that this client and his wife and children, who have been reporting to Becket House on a monthly basis, and who have been cooperating with requests for information (Which we recognise as leading to the issue of travel documents), would be arrested and removed within FIVE HOURS.

The facts of the case are as follows:

o The family were woken at 4-30 AM yesterday (14 February) by at least fifteen officers (We are told 15 to 20)

o The family were given a police search warrant

o At the house, our clients brothers child who is four and half was spending the night.

o Our clients brother was called at 5AM to come to the house and collect his child.

o Each person of the family were allocated three of four officers.

o On entering the house, the officers were shouting at all of our clients, and the one and a half year old child was crying.

o The officers refused to allow the mother to go to the child and to pick up her child. Our client's child (Baby aged one and a half) was carried by officers, and not given to the mother until the mother was put in one of the cars.

o Our client was placed in a van in handcuffs, and separated from his wife and children.

o They were taken to the airport, and were not allowed out of the van, until time to board the plane (They spent FIVE HOURS in the van/cars, separated from each other).

o At the family home, our client's brother who had come to fetch his child, was threatened and told that 'he would be next and they would be coming to knock on his door'. Our client's brother has indefinite leave to remain!

o While in 'detention' (Now that VANS have become detention centres) our client was told:

o Be a good boy

o We will help you to come back to the UK

o You will be given money in Turkey

o There are lots of ways for you to come back to the UK if you are good, and don't make a noise.

(Our client was objecting to being separated from his wife and children, and was allowed to call his brother on his mobile phone. The above statements were repeated to our client's brother, and our client's brother was asked to tell our client to be quiet)

o There was NO TURKISH INTERPRETER in the group of officers that arrived at the house.

( It would appear that the NEW way of being able to transgress the English to Turkish barrier, is…If you don't have an interpreter just shout in English as loud as you can, and then they will understand.)

Now to my concerns:

1. As you have kindly confirmed (And what I had long believed) was that living in the democracy of the United Kingdom, and in the era of Human Rights, that where a person is to be removed to their country of origin, that following detention it would be 'policy' to set that removal 48 Hours after detention.

2. We further are concerned that the officers who had authority to enter the home looking for Huseyin KOSE did NOT have authority to traumatise the family that they were seeking and CERTAINLY did not have authority to traumatise a four and a half year old child who happened to be staying the night with the family.

3. Furthermore, we object in the strongest sense to the fact that our clients were 'detained/incarcerated/whatever you want to call it' within the confines of the vans and cars, parked outside of the airport, waiting for the flight.

We would like answers to the following points:

1. At what stage (If ever) were our clients informed of removal directions.

2. On whose authority were the clients arrested.

3. Why was our clients wife NOT allowed to pick up her crying infant and carry the infant outside.

4. On whose authority were the clients allowed to be kept for five hours in vans and cars. (There are LAWS in this country that do not allow ANIMALS to be left for long periods in cars)

5. On whose authority were our clients kept separated from each other, in the cars.

6. What action (If any) will be taken in respect to the treatment meted out to our clients brother and child (Who are settled in the UK)

7. On whose authority (And which agency) indicated to our clients (When concerns were raised as to their money and clothing) that they would be 'looked after and given money in Turkey'.

8. Why was it necessary that each member of the family had three or four 'Guards'.

9. Why was it required that SEVEN officers accompany our clients on the plane to Turkey.

We ask these questions in the light of the fact that our clients WERE reporting to Becket House, and COULD have simply been detained at Becket House during office hours, without giving the children traumatic memories that will live with them forever.

10. Lastly, and most importantly, WHY, if it is the 'policy' of UK Immigration enforcement, to give a family 48 hours notice of intended removal, would this removal of this client have been handled in such a Brutish, arrogant, and uncivilised manner, by officers who live in a democratic, law abiding country, that praises itself on their Human Rights.

On the facts of the above case, if held out to be an accurate portrayal of events, we would submit that the removal of our clients has not been carried out in a lawful manner.

We urgently request your reply in this matter, and will advise our clients (Client in Turkey, and his brother in the UK) accordingly, once we have your reply.

Yours Sincerely

Allan Van As

Here we have another example of democracy-as-marketing-ploy. Along with it, we may add another branch of the advertising campaign: "human rights."

These are the tools in the service of repression.

What are the odds that the torture of this family, by the Turkish government, has already begun? Is anyone willing to place a bet against it? Remember, it is widely known that Turkey routinely uses torture and security forces enjoy systematic impunity. Every government on the planet knows this very well, including that of the UK.

Assaults have also been launched against dissidents of the Turkish state in Italy, from MLKP.Info:

In the early morning of February 12, the Italian state carried out an attack against the revolutionary forces in Italy.

Police raids took place in the cities of Padua, Milan, Trieste and Turin and 15 revolutionaries of the Paduan Social Centre Gramigna, of Milanese Social Centre La Fucina and of the Paduan Proletarian Committees for Communism have been detained.

This "terrorist" hunt on the eve of the demonstration against the enlargement of the military bases of the USA in Vicenza was a threat in the name of the Italian revolutionaries against the peoples resisting against imperialist war and occupation. But the demonstration from February 17 in Vicenza - with a participation of 200.000 according to the organizers - was an unambiguous and strong answer of the masses shouting "down with the imperialist war".

Attacks of the bourgeoisie similar to this one are increasing in the last years. The attacks in 2000 and 2002 in France and Spain against the PCE (r), the operation in 2004 directed against the DHKP-C of Turkey and Northern Kurdistan carried out in a joint attack of the German, French, Italian, Belgian, and Dutch bourgeoisies together with the colonialist Turkish fascism, the massacre of the 17 revolutionaries of the MKP (Maoist Communist Party) in 2005, the detention and imprisonment attack, supported by CIA and MOSSAD, which started in September 2006 against our party MLCP and which is still going on, the raids and attacks against the Kurdish migrant associations in France under the pretext of drying out the finance sources of the PKK and the attacks of the bourgeoisies of the EU against migrant organisations are all links of the same chain.

MLKP also reports serious unrest at Turkish universities, including the murder of a Kurdish student:

18 February 2007/

In Antakya, the racist members of the Association of Kemalist Thought (ADD) stabbed a young Kurd to the ground.

In the universities, the attacks of the racist fascist gangs, supported by the state, are going on also in this semester. During the last month, the attacks of the MHP-fascists against the progressive, revolutionary students went on at many universities with confrontations and also reprisals of the fascists. In Mersin, 12 students are still in prison because of having protested against the fascist attacks at their university.

Meanwhile fascist parties like the MHP and BBP and fascist organizations linked to them like for instance Ulku Ocaklari, Alperen Ocaklari and racist fascist gangs like ADD, the "Turkish Left", the Associations of "Kuvayi Milliye" ("Kuvayi Milliye" means "National Forces" and it is name of the forces of Turkish liberation struggle lead by M. Kemal Ataturk) are organizing innumerable attacks against the progressive and revolutionary forces, directly supported and initiated by the state, the Kurdish people, the revolutionaries, intellectuals and writers are sentenced because of theirs thoughts and exposed to the lynch attempts provoked by these gangs. It has been revealed that Ogun Samast, the pawn who assassinated Hrant Dink, is also linked to the fascist centre called Alperen Ocaklari.

Last week again, a video of an oath ritual for membership, where people were armed, organized by the Associations of the National Forces has become public and caused a lot of protest among the democratic mass organisations.

Finally, the members of the ADD Antakya attacked the students of the Mustafa Kemal University Metin Kurt, Ferhat Demirtas and Ali Demirkiran with knives. The[y] killed Metin Kurt and hurt the other two young people. In spite of the fact, that the place, where the author of the crimes fled to and hide themselves was shown to the police, the police did not intervene.

Now we see what the employment of democratic methods will earn for us. It should also be noted that these events closely repeat events from the past that have led to military coups within the Turkish state, and that those coups were supported by the international community.


Addendum, from the Black-Operations-Department: Also from last week, and exposing more of the UK's willing cooperation with the US à la Gladio, check out what's been going on in Iraq, by the very people who brought you black operations in Northern Ireland--no, not the IRA, the Joint Support Group--in "Ulster on the Euphrates: The Anglo-American Dirty War in Iraq". Don't forget to take a look at the original article from the Telegraph.

A teaser:

Last week, the right-wing, pro-war paper published an early valentine to the "Joint Support Group," the covert unit whose bland name belies its dramatic role at the center of the Anglo-American "dirty war" in Iraq. In gushing, lavish, uncritical prose that could have been (and perhaps was) scripted by the unit itself, the Telegraph lauded the team of secret warriors as "one of the Coalition's most effective and deadly weapons in the fight against terror," running "dozens of Iraqi double agents," including "members of terrorist groups."

What the story fails to mention is the fact that in its Ulster incarnation, the JSG - then known as the Force Research Unit (FRU) - actively colluded in the murder of at least 15 civilians by Loyalist deaths squads, and an untold number of victims were killed, maimed, and tortured by the many Irish Republican Army double-agents controlled by the unit. What's more, the man who commanded the FRU during the height of its depredations - Lt. Col. Gordon Kerr - is in Baghdad now, heading the hugger-mugger Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR), a large counter-terrorism force made up of unnamed "existing assets" from the glory days in Northern Ireland and elsewhere.

[ . . . ]

The Telegraph puff piece is naturally coy about revealing these methods, beyond the fact that, as in Ireland, the JSG uses "a variety of inducements ranging from blackmail to bribes" to turn Iraqi terrorists into Coalition agents. So, to get a better idea of the techniques employed by the group in Baghdad, we must return to those "mean streets of Ulster" and the unit's reign of terror and collusion there, which has been thoroughly documented not only by the exhaustive Stevens inquiries, but also in a remarkable series of investigative reports by the Sunday Herald's Neil Mackay, and in extensive stories by the BBC, the Guardian, the Independent, the Times and others.

We will also see how the operations of the JSG and "Task Force Black" dovetail with U.S. efforts to apply the lessons of its own dirty wars - such as the "Salvador Option" - to Iraq, as well as long-running Bush Administration initiatives to arm and fund "friendly" militias while infiltrating terrorist groups in order to "provoke them into action." It is indeed a picture painted in black, a glimpse at the dark muck that lies beneath the high-flown rhetoric about freedom and civilization forever issuing from the lips of the war leaders.

[ . . . ]

But as investigative reporter Max Fuller has pointed out in his detailed examination of information buried in reams of mainstream news stories and public Pentagon documents, the vast majority of atrocities then attributed to "rogue" Shiite and Sunni militias were in fact the work of government-controlled commandos and "special forces," trained by Americans, "advised" by Americans and run largely by former CIA agents. As Fuller puts it: "If there are militias in the Ministry of Interior, you can be sure that they are militias that stand to attention whenever a U.S. colonel enters the room." And perhaps a British lieutenant colonel as well

With the Anglo-American coalition so deeply embedded in dirty war - infiltrating terrorist groups, "stimulating" them into action," protecting "crown jewel" double-agents no matter what the cost, "riding with the bad boys," greenlighting the "Salvador Option" - it is simply impossible to determine the genuine origin of almost any particular terrorist outrage or death squad atrocity in Iraq. All of these operations take place in the shadow world, where terrorists are sometimes government operatives and vice versa, and where security agencies and terrorist groups interpenetrate in murky thickets of collusion and duplicity. This moral chaos leaves "a kind of blot/to mark the full-fraught man and best indued/With some suspicion," as Shakespeare's Henry V says.

What's more, the "intelligence" churned out by this system is inevitably tainted by the self-interest, mixed motives, fear and criminality of those who provide it. The ineffectiveness of this approach can be seen in the ever-increasing, many-sided civil war that is tearing Iraq apart. If these covert operations really are intended to quell the violence, they clearly have had the opposite effect. If they have some other intention, the pious defenders of civilization - who approve these activities with promotions, green lights and unlimited budgets - aren't telling.

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