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"If we make peaceful revolution impossible, we make violent revolution inevitable."
~ John F. Kennedy.

Kurdish protestors stormed a UN building in Vienna today during an IAEA meeting, from Monsters and Critics:

Kurdish protestors stormed the entrance to the United Nations Centre in Vienna Monday where the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) were holding a board meeting.

Approximately 52 members of an organization of Kurdish exiles took part in the protest to demand the release of Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) leader Abdullah Ocalan who is serving a life sentence in Turkey.

The disruption lasted for about an hour with the protestors utilizing the presence of numerous international media crews reporting on the IAEA meeting to draw attention to their cause.

The Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), headed by Ocalan until 1999, has been fighting an armed campaign in south-eastern Turkey to create an independent Kurdish state.

Ocalan was given the death sentence in Turkey in 1999. His sentence has since been commuted to life imprisonment after Turkey abolished the death penalty in 2002.

I know what you're thinking: Those damned apocular again! Those backward Bakûrî busting into a haven of diplomacy to demand a "terrorist's" release from prison! They're an embarrassment to the cause.

If that's what you're thinking, you're wrong.

It's gone virtually unnoticed in English-language media, but there is now a serious claim that the Turkish government has been slowly poisoning Abdullah Ocalan with strontium and chromium--strontium being a radioactive metal. What could be more appropriate then than carrying out a protest in front of the IAEA? What could be more clever than taking up an hour of the international media's time to force the issue on them? I mean, now the media can't say it didn't know.

Rastî had two unusual visitors today, one from the UN in Vienna and the other from the IAEA in Vienna, and they were searching for information on Ocalan. Now they can't say that they don't know.

The rest of the Monsters and Critics article is filled with useless "filler" phrases that are meaningless in reality but by mindless repetition guarantee the spread of Ankara's propaganda:

The Kurdistan Workers' Party . . . has been fighting an armed campaign in south-eastern Turkey to create an independent Kurdish state.

Wrong. As emphasized in the Declaration last August, PKK wants a "democratic autonomy within the borders of Turkey. We believe that a solution in the unity of Turkey will be for the benefit of firstly the Kurdish people and all the people of the region." Any idiot with the ability to read can clearly see that this precludes "an independent Kurdish state."

. . . Abdullah Ocalan who is serving a life sentence in Turkey.

[ . . . ]

Ocalan was given the death sentence in Turkey in 1999. His sentence has since been commuted to life imprisonment after Turkey abolished the death penalty in 2002.

Wrong again. Ocalan is not serving a life sentence, nor has the sentence been "commuted to life imprisonment," nor has Turkey, in reality, abolished the death penalty. The Ankara regime has been carrying out its execution of the death penalty against Ocalan for some time. How long, we don't know yet. We only know that strontium levels in Ocalan's body measure 115 ng/mg, a significantly elevated level from the normal 0.6 ng/mg to 14.4 ng/mg. As previously posted, strontium is a causative of bone cancer and leukemia. Bone cancer or leukemia were the Ankara regime's chosen manner of execution, leaving no doubt that the abolishment of the death penalty in Turkey was, like all other legalistic "harmonization packages," simply a cosmetic change to law in order to uphold the pretense of democracy and the pretense of conformity to the EU accession ritual.

Do Kurds really need to be a part of an economic club that willingly plays along with a terrorist state in its mockery of what is generally defined as "democracy" or "rule of law?" Does enablement of this charade benefit the Kurdish people in any way? Do Kurds deserve nothing more than to live under a regime whose facade is more phony than any Hollywood backdrop and in which the people do nothing more than play-act the role of citizen?

Juxtaposed against this, the true nature of the Ankara regime, we have the nonsense of murderer Kenan Paşa being "investigated" for saying that Kurds should be treated as "brothers." This chief murderer of September 12, later self-appointed president of the Model of Democracy, one of Paul Henze's very own little boys, is not only responsible for the enforcement of a constitution written to protect the state from the people, but there are a number of other accomplishments that can be added to his resume, as Mehmet Altan once reminded us:

I remembered the balance sheet of that coup d’état: 650,000 people were placed in detention and tortured; 2,000,000 people were put on police files and tortured; 230,000 others were tried by state of siege emergency courts; 98,000 were hunted down for membership of some organisation and the death sentence was demanded for 7,000 people. Journalists were sentenced to a total of 3,315 years imprisonment. 14 people died as a result of the hunger strike and 171 others as a result of torture to which they had been subjected. Another 144 died in suspicious circumstances, 50 were sentenced to hanging and executed. Amongst the last was Erdal Eren, aged only 17, whose age was deliberately increased. To justify this problematic decision, Kenan Evren had declared “Do you want to hang them or feed them? (…)”

The coup d’état restored the prestige of the one party state in Turkey … it straightjacket pluralism, democracy and individual rights. Thanks to the European Union, we see, today the extent of this straightjacket.

The Secretariat of the National Security Council (MGK) recommended that the State conduct a psychological operation against its own people … And this circular has remained in force for 20 years … despite the many governments that have followed one another and all our society…

Yes, by all means, Kenan Paşa needs to be investigated--but not for his bullshit about treating Kurds like brothers. He should be investigated for bringing about a regime that now secretly poisons a prisoner in order to circumvent its own abolishment of the death penalty.

Perhaps it would not be strictly correct to say that those ordinary people who play-act at democracy should be investigated, but they certainly should have their heads examined by competent psychiatric authorities. Here I mean those who continue to believe that only through democratic means will Kurds achieve anything.

Reality check: The sole reason that Kurds under Turkish occupation can fight back today, whether politically or militarily; the sole reason that DTP politicians can send Newroz invitations in Kurdish; or install Kurdish-language software in municipality computers; or suggest that local resources be administered locally; or send letters to Danish prime ministers asking for the preservation of free speech for Kurds; or attempt to hold conferences to discuss the Kerkuk question--all of these and more--is the result of PKK's şehîds.

A murder like Kenan Paşa, and the regime he brought into being with a little help from his American and European friends, can only be countered by force of arms. This is especially true when all doors of legitimate political activity have been slammed in Kurdish faces by unseen hands, which we have seen recently in the assaults on Kurdish political leaders and intellectuals in Europe, in the banning of Ocalan's ECHR submission from the "Mother of Parliaments," in the rejection of Ocalan's retrial request, in the insistence that the refugees of Maxmur are still somehow "terrorists" despite an American raid that proved otherwise, in the outright rejection by Ankara, Washington, and Strassbourg of a ceasefire and offer of political solution to the Kurdish situation.

There is no possibility of winning at someone else's game (democracy) when you are playing with cheaters. Only fools will continue to play.

It's time to act up, just like 52 Kurds did at the IAEA meeting today. If the use of molotov cocktails and stones are necessary, then it's time to act up in that way, too, just as Kurds have done throughout Turkish-occupied Kurdistan today in Mersin, Sîrt, Şîrnex, Amed, Istanbul, and Adana. It's time to march, as Kurds have done in Berlin, Brussels, Toulouse, Mexmur, Afrin.

Everyone recognizes the complicity of Europe in the genocide of the Kurdish people, even TAK. From the hevals at KurdishInfo:

The European States, which had a important part in surrendering of leader of Kurdish People, Leader APO to fascist Turkish State as a result of inferior bargain with cooperation of colonialist and imperialist states, have shown their duplicity and unprincipled character afresh by carrying out operations on our people for few auctions when the time came. This means baseness and political depravity in all languages.

[ . . . ]

If Turkey don't give up denial-extirpation policies and European states have a part and participate in these policies, these will cause to take aim at tourists who are in Turkey and the touristic establishments. While we take aim at Turkish tourism we will take aim at tourists, especially European tourists. So we are warning right now; any tourist shouldn't come to Turkey and shouldn't arrange to come Turkey. We had said our targets and have attacked. If they come, they will our target again.

In that, you have an example of John F. Kennedy's soundbite: "If we make peaceful revolution impossible, we make violent revolution inevitable."

Of course, it's up to Turkey and the West to decide which road they want to take. The solution is really very simple.

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