Monday, March 19, 2007


It's pathetic, pathetic, when Turkish NTV speaks the truth, for a change, about a Kurdish refugee camp, while a Lockheed Martin director sits there in front of Congress and lies his ass off about it.

Here's one:

Ralston: Ammunition was found at Mahmour camp in N. Iraq

US and Iraqi troops searched the Mahmour refugee camp in northern Iraq in January.

WASHINGTON - Contradicting earlier statements on a search carried out by US troops in the Mahmour refugee camp in northern Iraq, US Special envoy to combat PKK terrorism Joseph Ralston said that ammunition had been found.

In an exclusive interview with the Associated Press agency, Ralston, a retired US air force general, said that they believed that ammunition could have belonged to the PKK.

Ralston said that the US, Turkey and Iraq were close to reaching an agreement over closing down Mahmour camp, which Ankara has long said has been a base for the PKK.

The retired general added that it was because of America’s pressure that both Iraqi and European officials had taken measures against PKK.

After the troops searched the camp the local Kurdish authorities and United Nations officials declared that no weapons or ammunition had been found.

Here's two:

UNHCR deny arms found in Mahmour Camp

The US Special Envoy to combat terrorism Joseph Ralston said that ammunition was found at Mahmour in northern Iraq, despite previous statements denying that any cache had been uncovered.

ISTANBUL - A spokesman for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has denied claims that weapons were found at a refugee camp in northern Iraq that Turkey says houses members of the terrorist group the PKK.

Speaking on television station NTV Friday, UNHCR spokesman for Turkey Metin Corabatir said that a search of the Mahmour Camp last month by US and Iraqi troops had not found any arms or ammunition.

However, some shells without fuses had been found well away from the camp in remote areas.

“It was the refugee children from the camp that showed that location,” Corabatir said.

The observer representing the US at the tripartite meetings held in Geneva to discuss Mahmour had confirmed the civilian nature of the camp, he said.

Corabatir added that they were looking into finding sustainable solution for refugees in order to be able to close down the camp.

And there's more in Turkish for those so inclined.

And a little reminder from IHD's press release on the raid:

As a result of UN s control decreasing and Turkey's permanent allegation that Maxmur Camp is under the control of armed militants; UN High Commissioner for Refugees asked Iraq Authorities to raid in the camp and determine whether there is any armed person/group or not.. Moreover, UNHCR asked for paralyzing armed person/group if there is any. After this demand; Iraq Authorities raided Maxmur Refugee Camp yesterday. America, actually invasion forces also sent a representative, who is Denmark, to this raid. According to the information that we learned raid carried out in a professional manner and officers did not find any weapons.

All of the evidences show that raid was a routine implementation.


1) Broadcasting such an ordinary raid as an operation against terrorism is totally wrong. Actually raids, in such camps, are frequently carried out. Speculating on such persons, who had to leave from their homeland and became refugee violates right news principle and are against refugee law-human rights.

2) Refugee Camp was identified, in much news, as "PKK s Maxmur Camp". Such identification caused, even involuntarily, a misconception about these people, whose numbers are over 10.000 and disadvantaged group. As a result of this misconception; they were considered at least as members of illegal organization and became target in the society.

Spreading "Turkey's permanent allegation" is exactly what Ralston did in Congress last week, all for the sake of the military-industrial complex and the Deep State, of which he is a part.

Remember the ideology:

The idea that Strauss was a great defender of liberal democracy is laughable. I suppose that Strauss’s disciples consider it a noble lie. Yet many in the media have been gullible enough to believe it.

How could an admirer of Plato and Nietzsche be a liberal democrat? The ancient philosophers whom Strauss most cherished believed that the unwashed masses were not fit for either truth or liberty, and that giving them these sublime treasures would be like throwing pearls before swine. In contrast to modern political thinkers, the ancients denied that there is any natural right to liberty. Human beings are born neither free nor equal. The natural human condition, they held, is not one of freedom, but of subordination – and in Strauss’s estimation they were right in thinking so.

If throwing over 10,000 Kurdish refugees, who were driven from their homes and villages by a NATO army, to the (Gray) wolves will secure more Lockheed deals and create a warm, fuzzy feeling between the three key states of the Deep State--the US, Turkey, and Israel--then that's exactly what vermin like Ralston and Wexler are going to do. After all, these "unwashed masses" were born "neither free nor equal" under Turkish occupation.


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