Sunday, May 13, 2007


"European states that criticize Guantanamo risk credibility by closing their eyes to Ocalan, who is deprived of his legal rights in isolation at Imrali Island."
~ MEP Feleknas Uca.

A suicide bomb targeted KDP and PUK offices in Maxmur on Sunday. This is the second suicide bombing against Southern Kurds in four days. From the AFP, carried on Khaleej Times:

A suicide bomber killed 32 people on Sunday when he ploughed his explosives-laden SUV into local administrative offices in the northern Iraqi town of Mahmur, officials said.

All the dead are men, but there are women and children among the 115 wounded, and ten of those are grieviously wounded,” Kurdish regional health minister Zirian Abdel Rahman told reporters.

Police said the bomber hit a compound housing Mahmur’s local administration and the offices of two Kurdish political parties.

“We were holding a meeting in my office when there was an explosion outside, which smashed the windows,” said Abdel Rahman Bilaf, the mayor of Makhmur, which lies 300 kilometres (180 miles) north of Baghdad.

There's more there about the absolutely piss-poor security. You would think that if someone's gonna go and defend Baghdad for the largest army in NATO, they'd figure they might get some seriously unwanted attention from the filthy Ansarî. And if you figure that, you should also figure that while your pêşmerge are tied up fighting for NATO's largest army in Baghdad, you might have a problem with security if you're not careful.

But I guess American interests are far more important to certain people than the security of Kurdistan. Oh well, once an Uncle Tom, always an Uncle Tom.

. . . . But try to explain that to the families.

Her bijin to the hevals in HPG for their downing of a Sikorsky over the weekend.

From Strassbourg comes the sight of 70,000 Kurds protesting to demand a medical examination of Ocalan by an independent medical team. Photos from Yeni Özgür Politika (click on "Fotoğraflar İçin Tıklayın"--middle of the page--for more):

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