Monday, November 26, 2007


"Meanwhile, looming above you, blotting out the sun, your government bears down like a giant hydraulic press, a press whose plate, waiting to crush you, is etched with the grey visage of Father Turk. If you think this is an unattractive prospect, you are right. And yet you must make a choice. . . "
~Gordon Taylor, La Gioconda Perduta.

Photos from the Amed protest against DTP's closure--all 100,000 strong--courtesy of Özgür Gündem:

Read something of the protest from Bianet, and don't miss the latest installment on Kurdistan's freedom fighters at Progressive Historians. It's truly excellent and just in time for tomorrow. I'm sure the friends will be pleased with it.


Turkish E.T. said...

oh my god. if you want peace why do you have to lie?
don't you realize that the photos you provided are photoshopped? as a matter of fact did you photoshop these?

Turkish E.T. said...

wow. this girl is hot though, and she looks pretty authentic:

Mizgîn said...

Yorumunu buradan silmekten ziyade bu yorumlarla ne kadar bilgi yoksunu olduğunu dünya aleme ibret olması için silmiyorum.

Turkish E.T. said...

I was saying that because you initially provided 2 copies of the same photo with different color schemes. This clearly gave the idea that they could have been easily clone stamped to show more people alas they are not. I stand corrected, by myself.

I still think the girl is beautiful though.

what on earth does it have to do with being "devoid of information" ?