Tuesday, July 01, 2008


"Israel, on the other hand, is supplying technical and tactical support in order help Turkey kill more Kurds. Israel sent technical staff even to Batman and is supporting Turkey technically and tactically. This is Kurdish enmity."
~ KCK Statement, February 2008.

Exactly one year ago some news came out about the creation of the America-Kurdistan Friendship League and I mentioned something about some of the fruitcake neocons involved with it. Now I noticed that, a few days ago, one of those involved with the AKFL conducted an interview on the notoriously right-wing fascist website, FrontPageMag, and it was carried on Kurdish Aspect. I have a few bones to pick.

First bone:

Israel has a longstanding relationship with the Kurdish people.

Not quite. Israel has a longstanding relationship with Iraqi Kurds, not with the Kurdish people.

Second bone:

[David Ben Gurion] reasoned that Arab hostility encircling Israel necessitated alliances with the leadership and people of non-Arab states like Iran, Turkey and the Kurds (understanding that the Kurdish connection needed to be somewhat secretive, as it continues to be today for fear of upsetting the Turks.)

Again, the connection here, secretive or not, is not with the Kurds; it's with Iraqi Kurds. Compared to Turkish Kurds, Iraqi Kurds are a minority among the Kurdish people as a whole. Therefore, to state that there is a historical relationship between the state of Israel and "the Kurds" is wrong.

On the other hand, the majority of the world's Kurds are Turkish Kurds. Israel has never had, nor has now, any relationship with them . .. unless one counts the fact that such a relationship is by proxy, with the proxy being the TSK (third bone):

Israel’s military and diplomatic establishment is heavily invested in Turkey and trade relations are of growing significance.

Israel's heavy investment in Turkey is exactly why Israel has no just relationship with the Kurds. That heavy investment is heavily military and we all know what relationship the TSK has with the Kurds.

If there were a historical relationship between Israel and the Kurds and Israel were truly concerned with creating an honest alliance with the Kurds, then why were Israeli's operating UAV's for TSK against the Kurdish freedom movement? Why did PKK have to issue a warning to Israel, referring to Israeli behavior in the matter of the UAV's as "Kurdish enmity" on Israel's behalf?

Fourth bone:

Turkey represents, as far as Israel and the U.S. are concerned, a model for a “secular” Islamic democracy.

Again, not true. Turkey is not a democracy, although it is a model--a model fascist regime. Naturally the US considers Turkey a Model of Democracy for the Middle East, as well as an Islamic democracy. The CIA has poured a lot of money into it for that purpose, just as it did with both the Taliban and al-Qaeda. The Bush Administration appointed Erdoğan as prime minister for that purpose. If Israel is supportive of those kinds of actions, it proves once again that Israel is no ally of the Kurds.

Fifth bone:

Israel, mindful of the reactions from the Turks, has refrained from open expressions of support for Kurdish rights.

If Israel is unwilling to do the right thing as regards the rights of others who are brutally oppressed, then the Kurds don't need it as an ally anyway. And don't bitch about The Holocaust because present behavior makes it's obvious that nothing was learned from it anyway.

Sixth bone:

The Kurds are Israel’s natural allies.

Maybe, maybe not. It all depends on what the term "natural allies" means. If it means that Kurds get used for US and Israeli interests in the region, along with Turkey's interests, then maybe any alliance formed would be far more unnatural than natural. This is the kind of alliance in which the Kurdish people serve as pawns for the self-serving, fascist regimes in Ankara, Teheran, Damascus, Baghdad, Israel, and the US.

Seventh bone:

The Kurds geographic location and acculturation makes them a barrier to the spread of radical Islam-whether Shia or Sunni.

Wrong again. The only real Kurdish barrier to the spread of US-financed radical Islam is the KCK and those armed organizations under its umbrella--YJA-STAR, HPG, and HRK. Yet these are the only "barriers" in the region that the US, Israel, Turkey, Iran, and Iraq are actively trying to get rid of.

Eighth bone:

The Kurds also aspire to become a democratic society modeled after Israel.

Let's think about this, shall we? Maybe Denmark, for example, would be a better democratic model than Israel. Denmark is, after all, the world's happiest country. Besides, the Danes have great dairy products, just like Kurdistan, and they've stood up against Turkish and American bullying over Roj TV.

Ninth bone: The angle the AKFL is working here is justification of US and Israeli policies against Iran and Syria. Any use of Kurds in those policies will be detrimental to Kurdish interests--note that the operative word here is "use", as in "I use a tissue and then I throw it away."

Don't let yourself be used as a box of tissues, Kurdistan.


hamo said...

Mizgin, I see that you are as much confused as I about Israel.

As much as the people, this world and countries are totally based on selfish interests and dirty relations to support them to survive. I am not going to write a lot of nonsense comments but one thing stands out between us and the Israelis that they care for their own people's interests it does not matter where ever they are, unlike our tribal, backward, criminal bastard jash leaders who only concern about their own back pocket.

When it comes to moral values that of course it is sad to see people who suffered long in the history because of their identity and belief would create such a state that have no moral obligations towards to people who suffer even more such a things above. Of course they are paying the price for their state's ignorant acts which are well founded constant fear and disturbance by their close neighbors.

azadixwaz said...
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azadixwaz said...

goddamnit, sorry i just wrote a long comment and lost it that is why!

Anyway, I think that, the Israelis and the Kurds have a lot in common, such as their sufferings (even if I cant say that the Israelis are suffering as one tenth of the Kurds are, now) and the peoples who see them as enemies such as Arabs, Iranis and Turks. Turkey is a big ally of Israel as we all know, but we also do know how much Turkish people and the current government does not like, if not hates, the Jews and Israel as a whole.

It would be in Israel's true interests, if they did cooperate with Kurds. But I understand that Israel has very strong interests and investments in Turkey and it is not something easy for them to cut all of their relations. But when we think of it in moral terms, as Hamo has mentioned above, it is saddening to see Israel being the biggest hypocrite by not recognizing the Armeninan Genocide or not even using the word "Kurd" to not offend their friends in Ankara.

Also as Mizgin has stated, they are not friends of the Kurds, only Southern Kurds. I honestly think that they are not even friends with Southern Kurds, but anyway. If they were friends of the Kurds, or if they sympathized just little bit with the Kurds, they would not have been the first ones to offer Turkey help in capturing of Mr. Abdullah Ocalan. So I think, it is safe to say that, at least for the Israeli politicians part, they dont see any kind of Kurd as their friend!