Sunday, July 06, 2008


"I'm telling you that these people are untouchable. They are the untouchables because you see this with many, many people, and it's not raising any flags, the mainstream media is not reporting on it, the congress is not doing anything about it, so what does Marc Grossman have to worry about?"
~ Sibel Edmonds.

While I was away, quite a bit of information surfaced on Sibel Edmonds' case. Apparently ABC News discussed former congressman Dennis Hastert's new jobat the DC law-and-lobby firme of Dickstein Shapiro. Dennis Hastert was named in FBI tapes that Sibel Edmonds translated as taking drug/bribe money from Turkish agents in the US. Not surprisingly, the TC and Turkish companies are clients of Dickstein Shapiro.

For more information and commentary on the Hastert story, see what Luke had to say at Let Sibel Edmonds Speak. There you'll find, among other things, that the Clinton administration had appointed a special prosecutor from the Injustice Department to investigate congressman--not only Hastert--who were on the Turkish take. The Bush administration killed the investigation as soon as it was took over.

The other news has to do with the nuclear black market that Turkey, Marc Grossman, and A.Q. Khan--among others--were involved with. In this case, the CIA ordered the Swiss government to destroy evidence of a family that supplied the A.Q. Khan network with "supplies". The members of the family involved were also CIA assets.

Tens of thousands of documents relating to the case were destroyed by the Swiss government, working for the CIA. The IAEA was also present with the CIA at the destruction of the documents, which means that it is also in on the game and cannot be trusted.

As Luke summarizes:

The US government has done just about everything it can to ensure that Sibel Edmonds is prohibited from spilling the beans on what she knows about the nuclear black market, among other things. Now we see the hand of the US government apparently reaching into a foreign democracy [???--Mizgîn's question marks], exporting the concept of the 'unitary executive' and upsetting the balance of powers, to destroy evidence which was to be used to prosecute crimes involving the spread of nuclear weapons to rogue regimes.

The US government had previously demonstrated that it didn't wanted to prosecute these crimes, therefore their flimsy ex-poste rationales for destroying the evidence, in secret, need to be held up for extra scrutiny.

You can listen to Scott Horton's interview with Sibel and Luke on these matters, here.

There's a wrap-up, and information on the Injustice Departments redacted IG report on Sibel at Luke's. As Sibel mentions in the radio interview:

It is the fact that there is this nuclear black market, and we have many, many players, and some of these players happen to be our allies, some of these players happen to be U.S. persons, and yet, we only get partial stories, and whenever it is convenient for our government to say "Oh, okay if it is Syria, or if it is Iran…" and yet looking the other way when it happens to be people who we call our allies.

If that's not the very definition of hypocrisy, I don't know what is; but I do know that the "untouchables" are very touchable.


hamo said...

"I do know that the "untouchables" are very touchable."

Most of the time it is too late to do anything about them. When Bush the junior leaves the office end of this year. I am sure there will be a lot of court cases against him for causing so many deaths whether army or the civilians. Unfortunately, bring lawsuit against him and charge him for the crimes that he has committed would not bring millions of people that he killed back to life and I doubt his punishment would prevent any other mistakes of future US administrations!

ladybroadoak said...

The whole point of impeachment and a war crimes proceeding (inevitable, torture and rendition was an interjurisdictional crime) is to put these rottweillers on a leash.

This will teach any future "leaders" to not do this again.

Why should a pot smoker get years in jail and these genocidal maniacs go scott free?

madtom said...

You missed the juiciest part of the story to come to light. Khan himself now says that he was just the front man for President Musharraf himself. He's no more the lone mad scientist acting alone, but just a cog in the wheel.

I know you don't think much of our democracy or freedoms, but where else in the world would this kind of information about the crimes of the highest leaders in the world come to light, and no one is being dragged off to Siberia.

madtom said...

By the way Mizgin, I have a question.

I have seen some talk about al queada next target outside of Pakistan, some people say it will be in the Russian stan's, some say the horn region. all good guesses I guess. But there is another theory out there that says that they are building in Turkey and waiting their chance. What do you think about the chance of AQ starting a campaign in Turkey. Do you think the PKK would help, or fight the AQ types, and do you see any chance that AQ would find any support from the Turkish people?

How about you? would you welcome or condemn and attack on the state from AQ?

Kurd said...

Madtom, the majority of Kurds will always condemn any terrorist attacks against civilians. That is why the PKK does not follow the path of other militant groups. It's because PKK is run by Kurds who oppose such terror. PKK only chooses to attack those who attack the Kurdish people... in other words, the Turkish military.

That is why groups like TAK (Kurdistan Freedom Falcons) were condemned by the majority of Kurds and were even condemned by the PKK. Because Kurds inside and outside the PKK don't believe in using the same barbaric tactics that the Turkish regime has been using against Kurds for so long.

So, the majority of Kurds will always condemn AQ and their pathetic offshoots.

Mizgîn said...

No one's going to do anything to that SOB Bush, Hamo. That's the way it always is . . . No justice.

Ladybroadoak, if you want to "teach any future 'leaders' to not do this again," then you'll need to do more than impeachment and imprisonment. You'll need executions. This is the only way they'll learn.

Madtom, yeah, Khan is part of a big plan. Surprise, surprise, surprise! What would Sibel Edmonds say? And no surprise that no one is being dragged off to Siberia. This is America. Criminals go free, like Marc Grossman, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Scooter Libby, Donald Rumsfeld, etc., etc., etc.

As for the news on ABC, BFD. As bad as Turkish media is, it's a helluva lot better than ANYTHING in the US. Sibel Edmonds' story has been told in detail in Hurriyet, and that was when her information was published in the London Times back in January. Now, YEARS later, ABC News mentions that Hastert may have Turkish owners . . . Again, BFD. The British press has done a much better job.

PKK would kill Al-Qaeda. The ideologies involved are mutually exclusive. America's ally, Turkey, especially the Islamists that Bush put into power, would fall all over themselves to acomodate Al-Qaeda. Sibel's information includes a tidbit about an Al-Qaeda training camp in Turkey. No surprise there.

Besides, Al-Qaeda being a CIA asset and all, I'm sure even the pashas would be acomodating.

madtom said...

Well I guess the question has moved out of the theoretical world, and on to a reality ofblood spilled on the streets of Istanbul.

What remain now is to see what strength they have and what ability to move they can muster.

madtom said...

I don't know Mizgin, I remember the whole Turkish connection story being prime time. I think it was 60 minuets, or some other prime time news channel that broke the story. I don't know if you noticed, but Hastert is no longer in power. Libby was convicted.

That AQ is a CIA asset is a funny joke. I guess next your going to claim, "fire can't melt steel", or that the towers were brought down through a controlled demolition. Better yet, the Jews did it. That one always gets a laugh.

The problem here is that many Americans, me included, agree with many of the policies you object too. It's not secret, or done behind a curtain, it's just that we want it done. Sometimes thought I will admit that we don't want to see all the consequences of our actions. For that we apologies. But we will kill our enemies and defend our families at all cost, and if we have to run over a few innocents, so be it. War is hell.

You know it's not as if the only casualties are on your side, we have them too, right here in our communities. Thousands die every year trying to cross the Florida straights. We wish it could be different. But our enemies would not hesitate to kill us all. So we have to defend ourselves any way we can. I am sure you can sympathize with that sentiment.

Instead of pointing fingers, or moving behind intractable politics, we should find more common ground.

ladybroadoak said...

You are too right. We do need exeucutions for SOME, the rest can rot in jail, instead of potsmokers for example.

We are using TOWNHALLS meetings to make proclamations, backed up by using Bugliosi's Murder For Hire model.

The towns in N. America are hurting so badly getting the proclamations passed is NO problem at all !!

We will see DEMOCRACY move forward this way !! (remember: The Soviet Union fell without a single bullet being filed - and We know how to dismantle tyranny by several examples .. )

This is a novel N. American approach! Gotta love it !!

(See with towns banning these vermins, where CAN they go?)

madtom said...

"Soviet Union fell without a single bullet being filed"

You see some people even refuse to see the blood on their own hands, much less across the world.

At least I can see past my own nose.