Sunday, February 15, 2009


"Besides, to solve the Kurdish question, Öcalan must be contacted, must be talked with. There is no one in Turkey, with the exception of him [Öcalan] to solve this problem. There is no one with the exception of him that can contribute as much as him to solve this problem."
~ Avni Özgürel.

50,000 Kurds demonstrate for Apo in Strasbourg:

Protests in Batman, but since this video is linked to Reuters--discount the propaganda mantra. Note that RojTV showed much of the same footage this weekend:

Roj TV also reported this weekend that 10,000 people showed up for protests in Cizîr (Cizre), with other protests in all the major cities of Turkish-occupied Kurdistan and in Turkish cities with sizeable Kurdish populations.

In Êlih (Batman) the people battled police all weekend in spite of a severe response by security forces. Stores and businesses closed in protest, which happened throughout the region. Video footage showed Kurdish youths in Êlih picking up tear gas cannisters and throwing them back at police.

There were clashes between protestors and police in Colemêrg (Hakkari) and Gewer (Yüksekova). Roj TV reported that one youth was run over by a panzer in Colemêrg and four houses were set on fire by police tear gas cannisters. Kurdish youths managed to set one panzer on fire.

The good Şirnexîs (Şırnak) managed to send four police to the hospital. Silopî (Silopi) saw similar protests action, with thousands taking to the streets who were greeted with tear gas and water cannons. The same happened in Riha (Urfa), Mêrdîn (Mardin), Agirî (Ağrı), Wan (Van), and Bazîd (Doğubeyazit).

For an idea of what happened in Amed (Diyarbakır), check this video.

Throughout Turkish-occupied Kurdistan, businesses were closed, people dressed in black, only police vehicles were visible on the streets, and hunger strikes were begun.

Protests were seen in Turkish cities,too, including Adana, Mersin, İstanbul, Ankara, and Konya. Turkish police attacked a number of DTP offices in Istanbul. Meanwhile, protestors targeted AKP businesses, particularly BİM which was co-owned by one of Katil Erdgoğan's former advisors and ATC member, Cüneyt Zapsu, and Saudi "businessman"--and CIA asset--Yassin al-Qadi.

In South Kurdistan there were protests in the Qendîl region, Kerkûk, Mexmûr,and Hewlêr. Mexmûr residents dressed all in black. Students at Salahaddin University staged a sit-in protest and a PÇDK member set himself on fire and died. A note left by him indicated that he wanted his death to serve as a reminder to the Southern Kurdish leadership to struggle against Turkey . . . instead of, you know, caving.

Kurds in Little South Kurdistan (Syrian-occupied Kurdistan) protested in Damascus, Hemko, and Qamişlo. Video footage of the Syrian army taking away protestors was aired on Roj TV. Kurds in Syria are also observing hunger strikes.

Kurds in Russia and Armenia protested as well, with Kurdish groups in Russia accepting Öcalan as the representative of their rights.

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