Tuesday, February 03, 2009


"British and American aircraft "protecting" the Kurds did nothing to prevent the invasion; indeed, most patrols were suspended to allow the Turks to get on with the killing. Inside Turkey, the Ankara regime has destroyed 3,000 Kurdish villages, displaced more than three million people and killed tens of thousands."
~ John Pilger.

Does it look familiar?

It should, you've seen something similar before:

Don't forget this, either:

Evidence relating to Saddam Hussein's alleged use of poison gas against Kurdish civilians was given to his genocide trial in secret on Thursday, so as not to embarrass Turkey.

After seeing a string of memos issued by Saddam's chief of staff in 1988 ordering "special ammunition" attacks, the court cut off its microphones while studying documents relating to Iraq's northern neighbour.

"We will now cut the microphones because this concerns Iraqi-Turkish relations," said chief prosecutor Munqith al-Faroon, who then presented various documents while the sound in the reporters' box was cut off.

No details were given of the evidence presented in this part of the trial, nor was it explained how it touched on Turkey.

Saddam and six co-defendants are accused of killing 182 000 Kurds between 1987 and 1988, when government troops allegedly suppressed a Kurdish uprising by using artillery, air strikes, death camps and poison gas attacks.

Bottom line: Erdoğan and Saddam were cut from the same cloth.


Zorobabel said...

Erdogan is a petty Islamist thug. Can't say I didn't warn every Kurd who voted for this worthless sack of ****.

Renegade Eye said...

To this day, the CIA claims that the Kurds were gassed, because they got caught between the fighting between Iraq and Iran. The gases were supposed to target Iran.

Mizgîn said...

Agreed, Zorobabel.

RE. yes, and Pelletiere's BS is the only CIA BS that I have seen Arabs embrace. Since when do you release chemical weapons anywhere near civilian populations anyway?

Reminds me of the same CIA BS that said Mehmet Ali Agca wasn't working for the Gray Wolves but for the KGB.

Anonymous said...

Dear Miz- Forgive me, but I'm savoring this dice between the two fantatsists, Israel & Turkey! The problem is, the elites who propigate these fantasy worlds have a helluva lot to lose if their myths & lies see the light. Always wondered where that 300++ billion in (Turkish) external debt went? Down which ratholes? They're apoplectic that if they admit to Armenian and Kurdish genocides, that it will set in motion a dynamic which they can no longer control. And, everything with these elites is about control and the myriad privileges which accompany it! JB