Sunday, August 16, 2009


"I am sure the grapes are sour."
~ Aesop.

There's an update on the Krikorian-Schmidt case, for which Sibel Edmonds was deposed last weekend, at The Bradblog. First of all, a number of charges against David Krikorian have been dropped by Jean Schmidt (OH-R) and her legal counsel, the Turkish American Defense Legal Fund (TALDF) in the wake of Sibel's deposition.

Secondly, the Turkish Coalition of America (TCA) issued a rant against Sibel Edmonds. Brad Friedman of The Bradblog, has all the news on that and does a fine job of rebutting TCA hysterics. As a result, I don't have anything to add, except to note something with which Kurds are well acquainted and that is that the moment the Turks begin to shriek any form of the word "DESPERATE", it means that they've stepped on their own weinies big time and are, themselves, "DESPERATE".

Enough said.


Anonymous said...

So what do you think comes out of all of this Mizgin? Will Sibel's claims be heard and does this whole experience enable her to further speak out beyond what the gag orders forbid her to?

Mizgîn said...

I'm not really sure what all this means for getting the whole of Sibel's story out in the future.

I have a feeling that it all depends on what the Obama administration wants out of Turkey and how much information it's willing to reveal in order to conduct a little blackmail of its own.

You may have noticed that none of this was covered in the American MSM or in most of the alternative media. However, in Turkey the story appeared in severak of the big dailies, like Radikal, Milliyet, and I'm told it was in Hurriyet, too.

They all picked it up from ANKA Haber Ajansi, which appears to have gotten the story from The Armenian Reporter.

It would appear that the Turkish MSM has done a much better job of reporting the story than any of the jerks in the American MSM.

Another thing is that this story would be more widely known in the US if the "Kill the Messenger" documentary had been aired here.

We will all have to wait and see what comes of this. Additionally, I'm waiting to see when David Krikorian will release the video/transcripts of the deposition.

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