Monday, January 25, 2010


"I will kill them all with chemical weapons! Who is going to say anything? The international community? Fuck them! The international community and those who listen to them."
~ Ali Hasan Al-Majid.

Well, well, well . . . they finally executed that son-of-a-bitch Ali Hasan Al-Majid. I would have preferred that Chemical Ali had been handed over to the women survivors of the Anfal so that they could cut him to pieces rather than allow him the comfort of a hangman's noose but, unfortunately, proper Kurdish justice was once again thwarted.

Here's a little something on the dead bastard:

Chemical Ali is responsible for a lot more suffering than what happened in 1988. Here are some videos about Helebce which show some of the long-term effects of chemical weapons on the civilian population. I believe these videos are from 1998 because they feature Dr. Christine Gosden of the UK, who went to Helebce in 1998 to evaluate the long-term effects of weapons of mass destruction:

Remember that it wasn't only in Helebce that chemical weapons were used. It was the policy of the Saddam regime to use these kinds of weapons against the Kurdish people.

For more on Dr. Gosden's evaluations, see this article of hers from the Washington Post. Check also her testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Technology, Terrorism and Government and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

I have posted the following videos before but, now that Al-Majid is dead, it's time to revisit them so that we should never forget. Besides, these videos were a documentary that was never aired in the US. I wonder why?

Now it's time to deliver those non-Iraqis who are responsible for the Anfal to the Kurdish women survivors . . . and let them all be cut to pieces.


Hamo said...

Iraq is questioning her past with great dignity, people who were in power during the dark years are getting what they deserve. I wonder if Kurdish people could face their real past by just looking at their present. Jash bastard Barzani's clowns need to be hanged at once for long lasting democracy, justice and security of Kurdistan. Jash Bastard Barzani was licking obamas black ars for sake of saving his and his family confort future in Barzanistan part of Kurdistan.

Anonymous said...

Is Iraq questioning her past with "great dignity" or is she rather COMPELLED to do so to maintain her sovereignty? Had there been great introspection perhaps Chemical Ali would have been charged with "genocide" rather than "crimes against humanity".

I'm not dismissing the de-baathification process as illegitimate just not one that inspires great credibility. The balance of powers are still shifting -- and for the process to be sincere it has to be lasting. So, I don't think we should call this one yet.

The rest of hamo's comments on Serok Barzani is utter rubbish, as usual.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, not only are they utter rubbish, Hamo is just a racist and it shows by his reference to Obama.