Tuesday, January 12, 2010


"If the country needs communism, we will bring it."
~ Abdullah Demirbaş, quoting the Kemalists.

Here's a short interview with the now arrested mayor of Diyarbakır-Sur, Abdullah Demirbaş. He talks about the same things I've bitched about since forever. In the first part of the interview, he points out the hypocrisy of the Turkish regime using Kurdish for itself--even though in many cases such use is illegal--while forbidding the use of Kurdish for Kurds. Hand-in-glove with that goes his implication of the international community's Pay attention, too, to his remarks on the fact that the Turkish consitution must be changed and that identity must not be connected in any way to the constitution.

While he doesn't say it because he can't, let's not forget that the changes forced on the regime thus far are not only the result of struggles by those such as Musa Anter, Uğur Kaymaz, and many, many others; it is also the result of the struggle of our courageous guerrillas and Abdullah Öcalan.

Many thanks to the comrade who sent the links.

Without further ado:

Now, he doesn't sound like you expected a big, bad, scary, SCARY "terrorist" to sound, does he? But that's what he's been arrested for.

The petition to free Kurdish mayors like Abdullah Demirbaş is still available for your signature.



even more perplexed said...

Hey Rasti,
I was glad you posted this from Youtube. I thought it would be on ROJ TV too. When I tried to stream from the website, it wouldn't do anything? I tried a couple of those 'free tv' websites that say you can watch ROJ TV through them but none of them worked. They didn't close down ROJ TV, did they???

Mizgîn said...

Roj TVs stream has been acting weird lately. They recommend using IE so you might try that.