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"A lie would have no sense unless the truth were felt dangerous." ~ Alfred Adler

There's more info on the arrest of Seferi Yilmaz, from TDN:

He [Yilmaz] was questioned by the prosecutor on Tuesday after PKK member Abdurrahman Yeşilyurt, who was captured in Batman four days ago, said Yılmaz was a member of the terrorist group and was involved in the bombing of his own bookstore. After the interrogation, the prosecutor remanded Yılmaz to the court for arrest on charges of membership in the PKK. Yılmaz was incarcerated following a medical checkup.

Lawyer for the defendant, Murat Timur, [punctuation here added by Mizgîn] claimed Yılmaz's arrest was directly linked to a jail sentence of 39 years, five months and 10 days handed down to gendarmerie noncommissioned officers Özcan İldeniz and Ali Kaya by the Van Third Criminal Court for involvement in the bombing of Yılmaz's bookstore, which killed one person and injured five others. He said Yılmaz's arrest was based on claims made by three former PKK members who had turned informant, adding: The decision is illegal. Actually, our client was supposed to testify on Monday. The court deliberately delayed it so that the imprisonment of the officers and the interrogation of Yılmaz didn't take place on the same day. They tried to balance the decision. They tried to placate the military's anger over the imprisonment of the officers.

[ . . . ]

The officers had claimed during their trial that Yilmaz was closely connected to the PKK.

Uh, yeah, Yilmaz was involved in the bombing of his own bookstore. That's why Seferi Yilmaz himself was in his own bookstore, getting ready to eat lunch with two others, Metin Korkmaz and Mehmet Zahir Korkmaz. From Yilmaz' statement to IHD, as carried by KurdishInfo:

“We were three persons sitting in my bookstore, Umut Kitapevi on Nov.9, 2005. It was noon time and we generally prepare our lunch and ate it in the backroom of the bookstore. We were about to eat lunch at the same day. Metin Korkmaz, a shoe seller in the same shopping center and his son Mehmet Zahir Korkmaz were also with me. As I went out to call for other friends to lunch, I heard windows were broken. As I look at the noise I saw that the broken windows are windows of my bookstore."

There is much more at the KurdishInfo link, in case details have been forgotten, and there's another reminder from Newsweek.

Does TDN really expect us to believe this, as if Yilmaz put a contract out on himself? Does the Turkish legal system, such as it is, really expect us to believe this, and on the basis of so-called "former PKK members who had turned informant?" Let's think here. . . Veysel Ates was also a police informant and so-called "former PKK member," and he was one of the bombers, who was working with JITEM non-commissioned officers, Ali Kaya and Ozcan Ildeniz. How many other so-called "former PKK members"-turned-informant have been deeply involved with all the deep shit of the Deep State?

Speaking of those who wallow in deep shit, Veysel Ates' trial has been postponed until 3 August because he's "sick" and in the hospital. How much will anyone bet that he dies of whatever illness he has before 3 August rolls around. We all know what's going to happen in August. Funny. . . Ali Kaya's in the hospital too, at GATA. Coincidence? Some bad little bug going around? Na, they're probably fixing old Ali up with a diplomatic passport, or two, or three, so that he won't have any problems when he "escapes" while being transported back to Wan.

I have a piece of advice for Kaya if he does manage to "escape": Live fast, die young, and leave a beautiful corpse, man.

The case of the military officers was viewed as a test of Turkey's ability to hold its security personnel accountable for their actions.

Turkey failed again, and where is the EU on this? Joost Lagendijk was so giddy with happiness over the result of the trial yesterday that he virtually declared it a great triumph for truth, justice and democracy. Is there no commentary on this latest farce? No admittance that there is no democracy in Turkey, or that there has been no "reining in of the army," as Newsweek put it? Turkey refuses to take responsibility for for the fact that it is a militaristic, fascist state, but it is one the entire world is willing to accept, as if it were a normal democracy. The elephant is in the room, but everyone refuses to talk about it.

This next piece of news, is more evidence that Turkey is not a normal democracy. KurdishInfo is reporting that an HPG şehîd's body appears to have been brutalized, complete with a crushed head and disembowlment. This kind of atrocity is not generally committed by your ordinary Mehmetcik; this kind of atrocity is the specialty of the Ozel Timler. I would love to compare the autopsy report of this şehîd with those of the two American soldiers recently killed in Iraq. Although the US Army has made no public statement about the extent of the wounds or the exact cause of death, it looks like the two had been badly mauled, so much so that DNA testing was needed to confirm identity. This appears to be the case with the HPG şehîd.

Since Ozel Timler and JITEM have been operative in Iraq, is it possible they are doing a little training of the al-Qaeda terrorists there? Except for beheading, a signature of the totalitarian political Islamist, speculation in the US over the condition of the bodies of the two GI's is similar to that described at KurdishInfo. How close are Ozel Timler and JITEM to the terrorists in Iraq? Inquiring minds want to know.

From the Watch-What-You-Eat Department. . . Apparently, a python has made a stealthy escape from the Ankara zoo --Hey, Ali K! Are you taking notes? From one snake to another, so to speak--although the Agriculture Minister suspects foul play. The Environment Minister has suggested that the python may have already been turned into kebabs, which may be more indicative of the state of the town's restaurants than it is about zoo security. It's definitely something to think about the next time you visit an Ankara kebapci. A better idea would be to skip the Ankara kebapci for an Amedî one.

On the other hand, python kebab may not be so bad; It probably tastes like chicken.

Python: The Other White Meat®


Anonymous said...

:Uh, yeah, Yilmaz was involved in the bombing of his own bookstore. That's why Seferi Yilmaz himself was in his own bookstore, getting ready to eat lunch ...Does TDN really expect us to believe this, as if Yilmaz put a contract out on himself?

Mizgin, this plot is so diabolically clever that I'm forced to conclude: SEFERI YILMAZ IS JEWISH!!

Mizgîn said...

Seriously, is this not insane?