Saturday, April 28, 2007


"Every breath you take
And every move you make
Every bond you break
Every step you take
Ill be watching you"
~ The Police, Every Breathe You Take.

Below is a link to a shortened version of the video, Kill The Messenger, about the Sibel Edmonds case. This is a short version, running 52 minutes . . . BUT until we see this aired in the US, we will content ourselves with that which is available on the Internet.

Get something to drink, get a snack, click on the video, sit back and enjoy.

One part of the video makes me think of something though, when it mentions that Turkey used Israeli supporters in the US to gain $12 billion in military hardware during the 1990s, and then Turkey opened Turkish airspace to Israeli military aircraft . . . I wonder how many Israelis were actually bombing Kurds instead of Turks bombing Kurds? I wonder how many Israelis were actually bombing South Kurdistan under the "safe haven?"

After all, what's a few thousand dead Kurds among friends?

For more on KTM, check Lukery's other blog and, of course, more backgrounder on the video from Sibel's site.

There's something on the Islamist government of Turkey attempting to strike back at their rulers, the Paşas, from the Financial Times:

Senior ministers held an unplanned meeting hours after an unusually tough statement by the Turkish general staff that has thrown the constitutional process of choosing a new president into disarray.

The statement suggested the military was ready to intervene more directly in the political process to “defend secularism”, stirring memories of the ousting of an Islamist government in 1997.

[ . . ]

Cemil Cicek, justice minister and spokesman for the government, said the military’s announcement was an attempt to influence a constitutional court hearing on the vote in the coming days.

Once again, inquiring minds wanna know if the Paşas are going to be charged under Article 288 for their attempt to influence the court. If you ask me Cicek is full of hot air; the Paşas have more battalions than Cicek does.

For those of you who missed what the Turkish military had to say, the following should sum it up:

“The problem that has recently stood out in the presidential election process has focused on the issue of questioning secularism. The Turkish armed forces are following this with concern,” the general staff said in a statement late in the evening.

[ . . . ]

“It should not be forgotten that the Turkish armed forces are a side in this debate and are a staunch defender of secularism.

“The Turkish armed forces are against those debates... and will display their position and attitudes when it becomes necessary. No one should doubt that,” the statement said.

Don't you just love election years?


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