Friday, October 09, 2009


"This is the century of fear."
~ Albert Camus.

No, this story did not come from The Onion. I have no idea what those Nobel people were thinking, but it must have been the same thing they were thinking when they gave the same prize to Henry Kissinger.

Unfortunately, this news didn't come from The Onion either:

Mary Cheney, the daughter of former vice president Dick Cheney and the sister of go-to Obama critic Liz Cheney, is leaving the political consulting firm Navigators Global to start her own consulting company, and multiple sources familiar with her plans say she will not be going it alone.

"She told me she is going to be starting a firm with her dad and sister," said one friend of Mary's, with whom she has shared her plans.

[ . . . ]

"Mary is starting an independent strategic consulting firm," [American Enterprise Institute and Cheney family spokeswoman Lucy] Tutwiler confirmed.

[ . . . ]

Mary Cheney's colleagues did have some things to add. "She has told people within the firm that she wants to do something with her father," said a source within Navigators Global. "It's going to be a firm like Kissinger Associates."

If that news doesn't scare the crap out of you then I don't know what will.


Anonymous said...

Mizgin, I bet this helped the prize winner.

Anonymous said...

And here is what happened to the grandson of someone who should have won.

hamo said...

If they can give the Nobel prize in litterature to Turkish clown Orhan Pamuk last year then I see no reason why would not given to Obama after all he is really a black bastard who is commander in chief on at least two fronts (Afghanistan and Iraq) and threatening to widen the war to Iran and North Korea.

They should change the name of this rubbish and call it Nobel War Prize.

hamo said...

Hitler was seriously nominated for Nobel in peace price on 1939 eventhou he was in process of exterminating jews, romans and gay community in Europe.

I reaaly don't know what way the nobel prize work but I am sure Obama deserved it if the criteria based on achivements of crimes against the humanity which as being the head of the USA' arm forces he surely have no other compatitors.