Sunday, December 13, 2009


I see the bad moon arising.
I see trouble on the way.
I see earthquakes and lightning.
I see bad times today.
~ John Fogerty.

This weekend, Yüksekova and Hakkari led the way on payback for the new realities on the ground in Turkey.

Below is a video from Yüksekova showing the protests in the city this weekend. Please note that although it may be possible for some people to mistake the police in this video for Israeli security forces and the protestors as Gazans, this is not the case.

Although, it's also possible for some to ask me what the difference is between Turkish and Israeli security forces and I'd have to say, "None."

Here's a similar video (hat tip: Özgür Gündem), which shows a pack of Turkish--not Israeli--police severely beating one Kurd--not a Palestinian.

In Beytüşşebap, Molotov cocktails and stones were thrown at the Kaymakam's headquarters and the post office building. There were also clashes with police. My sources indicate that no DTP party members intervened to end the beating of two not-so-lucky police in Beytüşşebap. There's a tiny bit from ANF on that here: and something at Özgür Gündem.

The word from the region is that not only did the Kurds of Hakkari beat the shit out of two Turkish police, the people had also disarmed the police. In a moment of irony, if not for the intervention of DTP party members, the goat-smelling asses of these two police would have been torn to pieces by the crowd. You can see a video of those police getting what they so richly deserve, here.

Better luck next time.

Radikal had a number of photos from Hakkari, here. Below is a selection:

(I'm sorry, Mr. Police, but if you really love your fascist regime, you'll have to part with much, much more of your blood than that.)

In another item, I noticed that Radikal was reluctant to show the faces of two fascists who shot Şevket Aslan, a Kurdish youth who was attending a protest against DTP's closure in İstanbul Beyoğlu, but ANF had no such qualms. Here are the photos:


The images were captured by an AFP photographer. I hope they are spread around as much as possible so that these two hyenas can meet with an untimely end.

Human Rights Watch released a statement on DTP's closure. It says, "Blah, blah, blah, blah", which is exactly the same thing the ECHR is going to say about DTP's closure when their case finally makes its way through all the bullshit legal hurdles of the world's finest "democracies".

Excuse me for a moment while I vomit.

To end on a positive note, almost 800 new guerrillas have joined HPG in the last nine months (Source: That's almost 100 new recruits per month. With any luck, by the spring we may see an increase in that average.


Anonymous said...

In the photo second from the last, the guy in hooded green coat, behind the shooter is waving a knife.

Metem said...

Hey Mizgin, in case you missed my posting this over at boiling frogs I thought you might be interested in this article about Turkmen gas, the Saudis, and Mossad.

Anonymous said...

Ah, If you want to make an omelet you gotta break some eggs, right? Kurdish and Turkish ethnic nationalists are two sides of the same coin; both have achieved their aims by reigniting the flames of never ending war.

Zorobabel said...

If the Turkish state was planning to ban the DTP, they should have done it before it won local elections in 8 provinces and over 2 million votes in the last round of local polls. This is a huge blow to the Turkish state, as it has inflamed the opinions of millions of DTP supporters. But honestly, the DTP needs to step out of the way and let the Turkish thugs get what is coming to them.

Anonymous said...

as usual the media never reports it. interesting this is taking place during the copenhagen summit. as usual its all a game. thanks rasti for providing the videos, keep reporting

Anonymous said...

2 Kurds killed by a savage Turkish vigilante in Bulanik. I'm still waiting for the PKK response.

jaff sassani said...

PJAK separatist wars in Iran are hurting the Kurdish cause in the region.
Kurd, Persian, Azeri, Baluch and other Iranian group should get united to liberate Iran and build an Economic Union for Iranian people similar to the EU.
The Iranian People does have common language. The war in Iran for language right is stupid.
The Kurdish people energy and sacrifices should be used for better cause.
The Kurds are facing eliminations by Turks of Turkey. The Kurds need friendship with Iranian people not animosity. The Kurds are used before so why you are accepting others help? You are wasting Kurdish people energies for wrong reason.
The Kurds should fight for freedom of Iranian people first with the Iranian people.
The Kurds should ask the Western Imperialist to help the people in the region instead of using them to fight each other. The western Imperialist are in charge of those Government in the region. They can solve Kurdish problem in 24 hours if they wish.

Iranian, Turks and Arab Governments are working with the western Imperialist in the region. The Kurds war is useless against three nations simultaneously.
The Kurds need to get united with Iranian people instead of fighting others for western Imperialist politics in the region.

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