Tuesday, January 05, 2010


"We are frankly Nationalist . . . and Nationalism is our only factor of cohesion. Before the Turkish majority other elements have no kind of influence. At any price, we must turkify the inhabitants of our land, and we will annihilate those who oppose Turks or 'le turqisme.'"
~ İsmet İnönü, 1925.

KCK Executive Committee member Bozan Tekin recently spoke to a graduating cycle of new HPG guerrillas. Here's what he had to say:

Bozan Tekin: From now on, we'll speak the language they understand.

At a time when the policies to take Kurds from the mountains are being used, the number of youths that join HPG is increasing. Forty-one warrior candidates were delivered to their units after successfully completing their Şehit Kemal training cycle.

In the closing session of the graduating cycle that was dedicated to Kemal Şêvişkî, who was murdered by the TSK at a time when the Kurdish movement had declared a ceasefire, KCK Executive Council member Bozan Tekin made a speech.

In his speech, Tekin mentioned that the Turkish state is conducting a new genocide under the name of "Initiative". Tekin said, "The discourses about 'initiative' that have been mentioned up until now are revealed clearly that it's a game. Despite all our goodwill and endeavors, the Turkish state conducts cultural, social, and political genocide against the Kurds with the policy of 'one nation, one state'. Despite our ceasefire decision, the level of military operations remained the same; in addition, our people's representatives have been thrown in jail. The Kurdısh party, the DTP, has been closed and its members have been arrested. My people, who were demonstrating their legitimate reactions, were raided and our youths were murdered. From now on, our movement and our people will speak the language they will understand."

After the swearing-in ceremony, the HPG guerrillas received their graduation documents and the ceremony ended with dancing.

According to a report from ANF earlier in the month of December 2009, the number of new guerrilla recruits joining HPG since March 2009 was 787, with 591 of those joining since August.

At this point, it is very likely that those numbers will increase in 2010.


Hevallo said...

Nice one Heval heja! It's wonderful to have you back! We've missed you, Mamoste!

Zorobabel said...

I'm sure many hundreds joined in the final weeks of December, as that report was made in early December. But they shouldn't attack too soon. They need to build up their strength and coordinate their operations with the urban groups. As we have seen, they have hundreds of thousands of supporters in the southeastern cities. Then, when the time is right they can lauch a coordinated assault that will bring the Turkish occupation to its knees.

hamo said...

I just wonder if the turk government have any known objectives by doing all these harasments, torture, insults, killings and arrestments against the Kurds. Why would Turkey wishes so badly to end its existance? Without the Kurds support Turk country cannot stay in its two foot.

Anonymous said...

The success of war has two fronts. First political front, meaning you have to have the united support of the populations. The Kurds only will be united when they have democratic systems and rule of laws. The Kurds politically need union with Iranian people to balance against Turks and Arabs. Try to be united with Iranian people not Islamic Republic of Iran.
The military should be used as the last effort. Try to recruit as much as you can. There are training and training should be performed day and night to be ready for the fight. The fighters are your backbone trains them to be saved.
The Turks only understand the language of war. They have to be defeated in the battle ground otherwise they are never going to accept peace.
They have many enemies and they are surrounded by their enemies. As soon as they are getting weak, they will be attacked by many former enemies.

Anonymous said...

hi homo said