Thursday, September 16, 2010


"You had to attack civilians, the people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game. The reason was quite simple: to force the public to turn to the state to ask for greater security."
~ Vincenzo Vinciguerra.

The Kurdish patriots of Hakkari are now being made to pay for their boycott of the phony AKP constitutional referendum with their lives.

Earlier today a dolmuş was blown up by contra-guerrillas in Hakkari province near the village of Geçitli. Ten civilians are dead as a result. This is no different than the Güçlükonak massacre, which was the work of the Turkish military or, more recently, the massacre in Beytüşşebap, Beşağaç, in which 12 people, including village guards, were killed.

Villagers apparently rushed to the scene of the blast and fought the TSK in order to preserve evidence that was left behind. Shades of Şemdinli! You remember the Şemdinli bombing, in which the citizens of the town chased down and captured the TSK perpetrators and found loads of evidence in the perpetrators' JITEM-registered vehicle.

According to KCK, from Hürriyet:

This is a counter-action against the people of Hakkari who joined the boycotting of the referendum on Sept. 12,” KCK officials were quoted as saying on Fırat’s website. The officials were also quoted as saying that they would not carry out any attacks until Sept. 20, the end of the cease-fire announced earlier by the PKK.

More from PKK, from Fırat News (

PKK said the guerilla forces are committed to the unilateral ceasefire, declared on 13 August.

Kurdish boycott campaign against the constitutional referendum was most effective in Hakkari, only 7 percent of the registered voters casted their ballots.

PKK statement said in Peyanus village only 5 voters casted their ballots while 99 percent of the voters supported BDP's boycott campaign and labelled the attack "a response to Peyanus's attitude in the referendum."

"The attack in Hakkari is an attack to all the Kurds" PKK said.

PKK also warned AKP government saying "The people of Hakkari is not alone".

PKK declared the victims as "martyrs of democracy" and paid condolences to the relatives and Kurdish people.

Furthermore, Selahattin Demirtaş had this to say, again from the Hürriyet link:

Later Thursday, BDP leader Selahattin Demirtaş condemned the attack in Hakkari, calling it “inhumane” and saying he believed it was carried out not by the PKK but by the “deep state,” a term used to describe an alleged criminal network within the Turkish state.

The BDP chief said he and other party officials had traveled to Ankara from Diyarbakır to participate in a secret meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Cemil Çiçek on Thursday but the meeting was canceled after the blast, CNNTürk reported him as saying at a press conference.

Demirtaş was also reported as saying the cancellation implied that the government saw the BDP as responsible for the blast.

It may appear to Selahattin Arkadaş that AKP blames BDP for the massacre but the cancellation of negotiations with BDP by AKP clearly indicates something else for me. For me, it indicates that the AKP and The Murderer Erdoğan are behind this contra-guerrilla operation. AKP needed an excuse to not speak to Kurds so it cooked up another massacre, in the finest tradition of the Ankara regime. The AKP ordered this massacre; TSK happily obliged.

Among the evidence left behind at the scene of the massacre were two military bags with two unexploded anti-tank mines, flares, bayonet, hand grenade, and a Hakkari mountain commando brigade bag containing canned tuna, chocolate, soda, cheese, and bread.

Now this is very, very sloppy. What professional soldier or contra-guerrilla would leave behind such a mess after completing a showy false flag operation? Such a slob should properly be shot. But, of course, this is very interesting in what it tells me and what it should tell others. It tells me that a professional did not do this job. It tells me that TSK ordered korucular, or village guards--non-professionals, in other words--to do this job. Hell, TSK remembers Şemdinli very well. AKP remembers Şemdinli very well, too.

Ah, well . . . 20 September is only a few days away. I can hardly wait!


Anonymous said...

Mizgîn, I made a quick post about this too and I will have to update it. The thugs committing this crime ran away in panic because they were not expecting a second vehicle after the minibus. When they noticed a second vehicle arriving, they ran in panic leaving their stuff behind. As you know, if there are two, it could have been a convoy so the most logical thing for them would be to run away. It was the people in the second vehicle who uncovered these items belonging to TSK. I doubt it was korucular because cans of tuna fish, coke, soap, and tooth are items commando's carry with themselves. Then again, it could have been korucular. I am not sure if TSK would trust the korucular with mortar shells and anti tank mines.


Saipul said...

Pretty obvious that this one was carried out by allies of the Turkish state. Apparently the families of the victims are attacking Turkish security forces at the funerals. Everyone knows who is behind this.

Turkish E.T. said...

Bullshit. ?

This is much different than Şemdinli and it shows us how further we are from the time of Şembinli where the perpetrators were even speaking on the cellphones as written by Sarıkaya.

"evidence that was left behind"

why was this left behind?

1) The "contra-guerrillas" forgot a bag of materials...

are you kidding me? these guys know how to plant a bomb do you think they would easily leave a material behind like this? When did they ever leave as such?? This is a naive though.

2) The "contra-guerrillas" intentionally forgot a bag of materials...

for what? to flame up wars that they themselves do not personally benefit?

3) THE PKK planted the bomb, since both above scenarios are in the benefit, surely they have TSK materials these days, who doesnt have them and it is them who left the material?


fuck. you. all.

"nobody knows who is behind this one" and its just a naive conclusion to say that this was the "contra-guerrillas" just by looking at a "bag left in the crime scene"... jeez. watch some movies guys, this scene is ultra cheap.

Turkish E.T. said...

This is really over the top moronic.

Let me tell you:

A couple of "contra-guerrillas" decide to plant a mine on a road...

They take a mine + a bag fucking full of explosives and relevant army documentation with them and forget it at the scene they plant the mine.

Why would they carry more explosives other than the fucking mine?

how could they forget it on the scene?

I dont care if you say this is fucking russian spies or american secret service but noone can say this is the turkish government. this is just too simple to make that assertion.

Anonymous said...

E.T. Oh yes everyone is an idiot and you are so smart... There is ALWAYS someone to blame but the TSK. How is this different than Semdinli? How is this different than what Buyukanit's iyi cocuklar did? They were too professionals. Oh yes, let me also remind you TSK soldiers being killed by TSK mines and PKK being blamed for it.

Also remember, they were only two kilometers from the village and they were NOT expecting a second vehicle after the minibus. Not very usual for a small remote village to have a convoy of vehicles coming to it in the morning.

The mines and mortar shell have their serial numbers. How difficult it is for TSK to look up some MKE serial numbers and say something?

Can you tell me how many times PKK has denied something it has done? Can you also answer how many times TSK/Turkish state was busted after denying something they did or blamed it on someone else?

"A couple of counter-guerrillas..."

Hey asshole, counter-guerrillas are the elements of Turkish Security Forces. Turkish security forces are under the control of Turkish government, yes?

Now, instead of fucking this and that, go and fuck yourself. It may actually make you feel better.


Turkish E.T. said...

berfo, everyone is an idiot and so are you.

there were 6 other mine blasts in hakkari this year, all done by PKK.

When this one turns out to be PKK's work, I want you to apologize.

because no "contra-guerilla" is stupid enough to leave traces of turkish army behind. and that "For me, it indicates that the AKP and The Murderer Erdoğan are behind this contra-guerrilla operation" is just out of this world nonsense.

We shall see.

Anonymous said...

If PKK is behind this, I will be demanding the PKK eliminate such units and never let it happen again and I will hold the PKK responsible. I also don't mind apologizing about blaming the TSK for it. I have that maturity.

Such an attack being conducted by PKK just doesn't make sense. Why should PKK try to kill its own support base? Seriously. There are many other places to target.

Every time I ask you questions here, you hardly answer them. I asked you how many times Turkey blamed its own shit on PKK. Also tell me how many times PKK exploded mines and blamed it on TSK? Simple questions, so answer them honestly? let me add one more bonus one: How many times have you apologized for the attacks TSK blamed on PKK wrongfully? Have you ever had that maturity? :-)

I bet you were pissed when TSK mines killed TSK soldiers. I remember what Abdullah Gul said. "The lowest kind of attack". He was referring to PKK. What has he said after he found out it was TSK? NOTHING. This type of attitude has soaked into the fabric of Turkish state and the governments, regardless of which one it is. You are no different.

Helicopters flew there immediately to pick up the bags from the villagers. Could they not locate the "elements" running away in the wide open field? Seriously. Let me remind you something else. Turkish Hizbollah would shoot people in the back and run into police stations where they would be taken somewhere and released. Seems about the same practice to me.

No counter-guerilla is stupid? Dude, what's wrong with you? Semdinli guys were smart too and they had all kinds of shit in their bags. Let me remind you Guclukonak too.

You are not listening. Those thugs were not expecting a second vehicle. They panicked and run. They either forgot their shit behind or they noticed they cannot run fast enough. Whoever they are, I want them found. That's the difference between you and I. I also want who killed Ceylan Onkol and other Kurdish kids by shooting from the garrison. I don't see you campaigning about those because they are indisputably doen by the TSK and so Katil Erdogan keeps quiet about those too. Has he even called Ceylan's mother? Hell no. TSK must be protected at the Kurds' cost.


Anonymous said...

To Turkish E.T.

There is just one simple question u have to ask yourself. Why would the PKK target people in Hakkari?Why would they target people from a province where the boycot rate was above 90 percent? Why would they target People from a province where EVEN korucus vote for the bdp? Does this make any sense to you...because it doesnt to me.

Turkish E.T. said...

mines and weapons come before their reasons. it is vile to ask why, anything could have caused this.

what does the boycott rate have to do with this? some said plain No. some said yes. some boycotted. and some had to boycott even though it wasnt their direct choice but they felt threatened. so who is against the boycotters? the majority who won yes votes? or the voters of no who would loose even with the direct support of boycotters. what a lame argument you have.if you have a thought, a theory, think a little analytical and follow it to the end. wrap it up and serve it as a proper theory, not an open ended and a senseless riddle.

the action we are talking here isnt just to plant a mine. the action is to plant a mine and leave materials of turkish army behind. if you should ask, that is the proper phrase.

"Also tell me how many times PKK exploded mines and blamed it on TSK? "
when a mine explodes, we can assume it is never a work of TSK to kill its own soldiers. Either an accident whether its blamed on the pkk or not, or it is indeed the work of pkk. Ive been to the Turkish army and seriously noone can take me to a war with those guy, with that system. That is why I feel worse for them because people in the army arent there as a result of their choices.

" many times Turkey blamed its own shit on PKK"

many times including Şemdinli. The way I apologized for it is to go out and give yes vote in the referandum. what have you done when PKK vows to stop tourism in Turkey by bombing holiday spots in the aegean?

you cant make a logical conclusion out of history today. There is change in place and today any assumption based on this history would be simply wrong. PKK has also denied direct involvement many times and yet proven wrong by their own independent fractions.

had the TSK planted this bomb do they even need to be in an open field? do you even need a cable operated bomb? doesnt TSK have enough methods to do this more smoothly than running around the fields, and planting bombs and avoiding getting caught by helicopters peshmerge style? non-sense. you take a car, casually plant a bomb, then take the car back. without leaving silly additional weaponry and Turkish training manuals behind! thats TSK style.

to blame this directly on Erdoğan shows me who you assume the current turkish government to be, and this type of blank mind makes you open to manipulation by everyone. by PKK, by Ergenekon or even others.

so chillax. this is not the work of Turkish government, or Turkish army. Even if it is PKK's work I dont think the order came from the top, whoever we consider the top to be.

Anonymous said...

E.T. man, you really can't talk straight.

"had the TSK planted this bomb do they even need to be in an open field? do you even need a cable operated bomb? doesnt TSK have enough methods to do this more smoothly than running around the fields, and planting bombs and avoiding getting caught by helicopters peshmerge style? non-sense. you take a car, casually plant a bomb, then take the car back. without leaving silly additional weaponry and Turkish training manuals behind! thats TSK style."

read that again and answer to me about how they all fucked up with the case of Ceylan Onkol and the other girl they shot from the garrison. AND how all these were handled with the "change in place". WE can't make sense from history?

Here is history for you. Recent one too. PKK owns up to it even if it's the rouge elements. TSK doesn't. Simple as that.

Your issue is that you still think TSK and its elements are all spotless professionals. FYI, I consider JITEM as part of TSK too. I leave it to you to dig out how many stupid things JITEM has done. Old habits die hard.


Anonymous said...

@ Turkish E.T.

A korucu killed 5 people today. They were civilians. Doesn't that make TSK a terrorist? Korucu get their weapons from the state and get paid as well. TSK commands them, right?

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Mizgin. Your blog has been sorely missed and not least of all because you publish all comments -- even if they're critical, or incoherent like some above. (Try posting anything remotely intelligent on Hurriyet on the Kurdish issue and you'll see how "freedom of speech" is colorfully interpreted.)

And speaking of incoherent comments, glad to see Turkish E.T. is back as strong as ever with his unfailing attempt to appear logical. Mizgin, can you do an I.P. check and make sure his comments are not coming from Erdogan's office because his argument that the TSK are all professionals who never commit crimes against civilians is very similar to Erdogan's "Muslims can't commit genocide". Truly, happy is he who who calls himself a Turk AND a Muslim ... for ignorance is bliss!


Turkish E.T. said...

Same stuff over and over again.

PKK does not claim the attack in Taksim. Bomber turns out to be a Kurd. Many days later a Kurdish arm finally claims the attack. And finally: No Kurdish condemns the attack at all.

As a matter of fact I can say that none of you care for this deliberate attack on civilians. Eye for an eye is all you care about. Savage love, savage hatred.

Anonymous said...

Wrong, as usual Turkish e.t. The PKK clearly denounced the action and the perpetrators. Except for brief episodes, the PKK has not targeted civilians intentionally. The Kurdish struggle is clear in its opposition to terrorism (objectively defined, of course). Try keeping an open mind.

The matter is simple. When there are over 1500 people on trial for pro-Kurdish political activities, do not claim that the legal path is open for Kurds. Rotting in prison & torture is not everyone's ideal. The true savages are those who have the power to give the Kurds' their legitimate rights and who persist in making the armed struggle a rational option.



"Biz bu eyleme karar verenleri ve eylemi açıkça kınıyoruz. Ortaya çıkan sonuçtan ve özellikle sivil insanların zarar görmesinden derin üzüntü duyduğumuzu belirtmek istiyoruz. TAK örgütünü, halkımızın özgürlük mücadelesine hizmet etmeyen bu tür eylemlere derhal son vermeye çağırıyoruz. Son verilmemesi ve devam etmesi halinde hareketimizin bu girişimlere karşı kesin ve net tavır alarak hesap soracağını bilinmesini istiyoruz."
- Karayilan

That is actually one of the strongest & clearest condemnations of the attack & the group who perpetrated it.

Anonymous said...

It is for me, as if Turkey ET is blinded by his/her own prejudices of the Kurdish people. Just because Turks do not denounce terror attacks on Kurdish children and women, does not mean Kurds are not going to denounce terror. In our eyes, terror is terror. I condemn the bombing. I condemn that it happend the day before PKK was to declare its ceasfire and I condemn it because it occures in a crucial period.

You see, we Kurds can condemn an attack without too much jibbing and jabbing. Unlike you, whom would rather come with a lot of excuses and then come with a vague excuse for what Turkish military and police is doing to civilians.

Anonymous said...

ET, you always expect something from people but you yourself don't set an example for what you preach. Piss off man. Don't you understand you have no credibility left? Tell me why you haven't come here to denounce the KCK trial. You could do the same when the four year old son of DTP leader was kidnapped, raped, and killed. I could state more events. The more you carry on your bullshit, the more you lose your credibility. You are a savage yourself. Yikil karsimdan.


Anonymous said...

The difference between the state's treatment of Kurdish children vs. Turkish children:

Anonymous said...

@ET "As a matter of fact I can say that none of you care for this deliberate attack on civilians."

You are either plain stupid or you are here to cause more provocations. I opt for the latter. Anyone who read the papers will know that the suicide bomber rode the metrobus to Taksim and could have killed 100s of civilians if the attack was a deliberate attack on civilians. I am not even mentioning the 29 October celebrations being an opportunity. The attack was for the police force and everyone knows that. Take your scum elsewhere.

Turkish E.T. said...

I watched an indian movie Dil Se recently and advise everyone to do so, it is an interesting, though mostly romantic bollywood movie portraying a suicide bomber. It reminded that Turkey is still far away from showing the terrorists in any other way than the simple dumb American way: the evil insurgents...

I hope one day Turkish army will be strong enough to accept its mistakes. And we will see kurdish village burnings in popular turkish movies. but until then attacks like these only strengthen them.

This guy, and the people that got him to do this job were educated by the PKK. I do ride the metrobus everyday so I'm very confused as to who did this for what, now...

Anonymous said...

What about attacks on Kurdish children? Or they do not count?

Sancak Beyi Emre said...

Who did PKK then arrest ? I thought there own where responseble for the bombing. Strange that you of all people missed that.

Ilham Bint Sirin said...

this is really old now... I wonder are you still reading this?
When Roboski happened, there was massive outrage about it everywhere. How come in the years before visibly, civilians were also killed and although there was public concern, it did not reach the same levels? If there were 34 dead in Roboski, for example 10 in a bombing attack still seems a number that is not that much smaller. Was the lesser public concern because these killings were more "mysterious"?