Saturday, December 16, 2006


Something from my email box, from a heval in Europe. The following was presented as an advertisement in the International Herald Tribune:


The unilateral "cease-fire declaration" of 1st October 2006, decreed by the PKK and by KONGRA-GEL, opens new and unprecedented political prospects for peace and reconciliation in Turkey. The search for a negotiated and non-violent political solution to the “Kurdish question” in Turkey also concerns the European Union and the entire international community. After the cease-fire, it is the task and duty of the Turkish authorities to take this new opportunity to engage in a public and transparent political process of discussion with the representatives of the Kurds of Turkey about the “Kurdish question”.

That is why we ask the Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to embrace the spirit and the letter of the recent European Parliament's report “on Turkey’s progress to accession to the EU”, adopted on 27th September 2006 by the peoples’ representatives of the 25 European Union's Member States, especially those paragraphs asking Turkey to enter into direct discussions with the representatives of the Kurds of Turkey, a political process that will certainly have our support, the support of all European institutions and of the international democratic civil society.

We must support the cease-fire to give peace a chance, we must support the opening of direct discussions between Turkey and representatives of the Kurds to give democracy a chance, and the basic rights of the Kurdish people must finally be recognised.

Signatories of the Appeal: "TURKEY AND KURDS: GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!

Harold Pinter, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, UK;
Imre Kertész, Nobelprice Owner (Literature) Budapest/Berlin;
Venerable Thich Quang Do, Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam (UBCV);
Rafto Prize 2006;
Bianca Jagger, Council of Europe Goodwill Ambassador,UK;
Vo Van Ai, President of Que Me;
Jean Ziegler,Genf/Zürich, United Nations Special Rapporteur / UN Task Force Iraq;
Paulos Tesfagiorgis, Lawyer and Rafto Prize Laureate 2003, Eritrea/USA;
Vittorio Agnoletto, EP-Kurds Group, MEP-GUE/NGL;
Monica Frassoni, Chair MEP-V-ALE Group;
Francis Wurtz, Chair MEP-GUE/NGL Group;
Hélène Flautre, Chair DROI, MEP-V-ALE;
Luisa Morgantini, Chair DEVE, MEP-GUE/NGL;
Frieda Brepoels, MEP-PPE;
Marie-Arlette Charlotti, MEP-PSE;
Jiri Mastalka, MEP-GUE/NGL;
Ewa Pettersen Hedkvist, MEP-PSE;
Renate Sommer MEP-PPE;
Jens Holm, MEP-GUE/NGL;
Panagiotis Beglitis, MEP-PSE;
Britta Thomsen, MEP-PSE;
Marios Matsakis, MEP-ADLE;
Jean Lambert, MEP-V-ALE;
Bernat Joan i Mari, MEP-V-ALE;
Feleknas Uca, MEP-GUE/NGL;
Baroness Sarah Ludford, MEP-ADLE;
Roberto Musacchio, MEP-GUE/NGL;
Baart Staes MEP-V/ ALE;
Adamos Adamou, MEP-GUE;
Pierre Jonckheer, MEP-PSE;
Bairbre De Brún, MEP;
Inger Segelström, MEP-PSE;
Dimitri Papadimoulis, MEP-GUE/NGL;
Umberto Guidoni, MEP-GUE/NGL;
Tatjana Zdanoka, MEP-V-ALE;
Willy Meyer Pleite, MEP-GUE/NGL;
Mary Lou McDonald, MEP-GUE/NGL;
Pierre Jonckheer, MEP-Green/EFA;
Jan Andersson, MEP-PSE;
Miguel Portas, MEP-GUE/NGL;
Anna Hedh, MEP-PSE;
Gabriele Zimmer, MEP-GUE/NGL;
Asa Westlund, MEP-PSE;
Giusto Catania, GUE/NGL;
Vincenzo Aita, MEP-GUE/NGL;
Enrico Speroni, MEP-NI;
Bernadette Bourzai, MEP-PSE;
Chiesa Giulietto MEP-PSE;
Sven Wollter;
Dr. Mehmoud Othman Member of National Assembly of Iraq;
Bodil Ceballos, Member of Swedish parliament;
Gunvor G Ericson, Member of Swedish parliament;
Peter Radberg, Member of Swedish Parliament;
Pater Wolfgang Jungheim, Pax Christi Nassau-Lahnstein;
Rashidi-Kalhur Ardishir, President, Southern California Division United Nations Association of the USA;
Mel Boynton Claremont, CA;
Dlawer Ala'Aldeen, Professor in Medicine, Editor-in-Chief, Zanin Scientific Journal;
Dr. Dilan Roshani Nottingham, UK;
Tove Skutnabb Kangas dr.phil.,Roskilde University, Denmark & Åbo Akademi University, Finland;
Robert Phillipson, Professor, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark;
Dr Ahmadzadeh Hasham, Lecturer in Kurdish Studies; University of Exeter, UK;
Jaffer Sheyholislami, Linguistics & Applied Language Studies, Carleton University, Canada;
Sen. Giovanni Russo Spena, Italy-Senate;
Sen. Albonetti Martino, Italy-Senate;
Sen. Alfonzi Daniela, Italy-Senate;
Sen. Allocca Salvatore, Italy-Senate;
Sen. Boccia Maria Luisa, Italy-Senate;
Sen. Bonadonna Salvatore, Italy-Senate;
Sen. Capelli Giovanna, Italy-Senate;
Sen. Caprilli Milziade, Italy-Senate;
Sen. Confaloneri Giovanni, Italy-Senate;
Sen. Del Roio Jose Luiz, Italy-Senate;
Sen. Di Lello Giuseppe, Italy-Senate;
Sen. Emprin Erminia, Italy-Senate;
Sen. Gaggio Adelaide, Italy-Senate;
Sen.Gagliardi Rina, Italy-Senate;
Sen. Giannini Fasco, Italy-Senate;
Sen. Grassi Claudio, Italy-Senate;
Sen. Liotta Santo, Italy-Senate;
Sen. Malabarba Luigi, Italy-Senate;
Sen. Martone Francesco, Italy-Senate;
Sen. Menapace Lidia, Italy-Senate;
Sen. Nardini Maria Celeste,
Italy-Senate; Sen. Palermo Anna Maria, Italy-Senate;
Sen. Sodano Tommaso, Italy-Senate;
Sen. Tecce Raffaele, Italy-Senate;
Sen. Turogliatto Franco, Italy-Senate;
Sen. Valpiana Tiziana, Italy-Senate;
Sen. Vano Olimpia, Italy-Senate;
Sen. Zuccherini Stefano, Italy-Senate;
Mecozzi Alessandra FIOM-Italy;
Prof. Dr. Deltcho Balabanov, Sofia,Bulgaria;
Eva Bulling-Schroder, Member of German Parliament;
Ulla Hoffman, member of Central Committee of The Swedish Left Party, Member of Parliament;
Kalle Larsson, member of Swedish Parliament (The Left Party);
Siv Holma, Member of Swedish Parliament (The Left Party);
Amineh Kakebaveh, member of International Committee of The Swedish Left Party ;
Anelli Dostan, Psychotherapist , Sweden;
Karla Lopes, member of Swedish Parliament (The Swedish Green Party);
Hama Dostan, Novelist, Sweden;
Dr. Helen Coley, Education and Social Research Institute, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK;
Eugene Schoulgin, writer, Norway;
Céline Delforge, Député ECOLO;
Mahfoudh Romdhani, Députée PS Vice-Président du Parlement Bruxellois;
Jan Beghin, Vice Président et Député du Parlement Bruxellois;
Bernard Granjon, ancien président de Médecins du Monde;
Jacques Fath, Membre du Comité exécutif national du Parti communiste français;
Renée Le Mignot, vice présidente du MRAP, chargée des questions internationales;
Christian Guyonvarc'h, vice-president of the Region of Brittany;
Jean Paul Nune, CIMADE;
André Métayer, Président de l’association «Amitiés kurdes de Bretagne»;
On. Iacopo Venier PDCI-Italy; Vendola Nichi, presedente regione della puglia-Italy;
Paolo Beni Arci-Italy;
Rafaella Bollini , Arci-Italy;
Lionel Vandenberghe, sénateur-Spirit, au parlement fédéral de la Belgique;
Cornil Jean sénateur PS/Belgique;
Belhouari Talbia, députée fédérale PS/ Belgique;
Maes Nelly Présidente du parti Alliance Libre Européenne/Belgique;
Genot Zoé députée fédérale ECOLO Belgique;
Galand Pierre sénateur PS Belgique;
Laloy Marie-José , sénatrice PS parlement fédéral de la Belgique;
Wiriya Rawenduzy, Dr, veteran anti violence activist, Austria;
Dr. Khidir Masum, President of Koya University - Iraqi Kurdistan;
Hemin Seydi, lecturer;
Dr. Nasir Simayi, Psychologist and Lecturer;
Suleyman Chukeli, Lecturer, The Collage of Education, University of Koya;
Tony Benn, former Labour MP and Cabinet Minister, UK;
Lord Rea, House of Lords, UK;
Lord Dholakia, House of Lords, UK;
Martin Caton MP, UK;
John Austin MP, UK;
Hywel Williams MP, UK;
Elfyn Llwyd MP, UK;
Angus Robertson MP, UK;
Mark Thomas, Comedian and Broadcaster UK;
Liz Davies, Chair Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers, UK;
Dr Ghayasuddin Siddiqui, The Muslim Parliament, UK;
Shauna Gillan, Barrister Matrix Chambers, UK;
Brendan Finucance QC, Bar Human Rights Committee for England, Scotland and Wales;
Prof. Bill Bowring, Birkbeck College, University of London, UK ;
Stan Newens, former MEP and President of Liberation, UK;
Richard McKane, Poet and Translator, UK;
Frances Webber, Barrister, Garden Court Chambers, UK;
Smita Shah, Barrister, Garden Court Chambers, UK;
Ben Hayes, Statewatch, UK;
Judith Vidal-Hall, Editor of Index on Censorship, UK;
Lindsey German, Convenor, Stop the War Coalition, UK;
Nick Hildyard, Policy Analyst, UK;
Stephen Smellie, Secretary UNISON South Lanarkshire Branch and member of UNISON Scottish Committee, UK;
Jonathna Bloch, Co-author of “Global Intelligence”, UK;
Desmond Fernandes, Political Analyst, UK;
Margaret Owen, Author and International Human Rights Lawyer, UK;
Marion Kozak, women’s human rights campaigner, UK;
Roger Tompkins, Humanist and International Lawyer, New Zealand and Cyprus;
Maggie Bowden, General Secretary “Liberation”, UK;
Baroness Helena Kennedy QC, House of Lords, UK;
Richard Younger-Ross MP, UK;
Bob Russell MP, UK;
Linda Gilroy MP, UK;
Alyn Smith MEP, UK;
Stewart Hemsley, Chair Pax Christi, UK;
Hugo Charlton, Barrister UK;
Matt Wrack, FBU General Secretary, UK;
Michael Ivers, Barrister, UK;
Dave Stamp, ASIRT, UK;
Nimalan Seevaratnam, Campaign for Truth and Justice, UK;
Emma Ginn, National Coalition Against Deportation Campaign, UK;
Jeremy Hughes, UK;
Mark Barratt, People in Common;
Nancy Furlog, Code Paik, UK;
Estella Schmidt, UK;
Hans Branscheidt, Mezopotamian Development Society e.V., Germany.


Anonymous said...

Sosyologa Fînlandiyayî Kiristina Kovuinen ku li Wanê hate binçavkirin, hate dersînorkirin. Derket holê ku ji ber ku di rojnameyeke li Fînlandiyayê te weşandin de, têkildarî pirsgirêka kurd nivîs nivîsandiye, ketina Kovuinen a Tirkiyeyê hatiye qedexekirin.

Mizgîn said...

Kengi Kristina hate binçavkirin? Min gul ve nucê ne buye. Kristina raporeke pir baş ser şerê Kurdistanê nivisî. Bo xwendina wê rapore. Ez hevi me ew bash bi.