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"If the Kurds go to war with the Arabs over Kirkuk we will help them. We don’t just fight for ourselves."
~ Cemil Bayik.

Is this fallout of the Iraq study group:

Iraqi Kurdistan's culture minister has said his region must declare its independence from Iraq on 21 March 2007 - the date of Nawruz, the traditional Kurdish New Year. "The central [Iraq] government treats the Kurdistan region unfairly if one considers the role played by Kurds in the current political process in Iraq, while the US administration is deliberately ignoring [the role of Kurds] in the local and regional balance of power," Falak al-Din Kakai said on Tuesday during a television chat show. Besides his cabinet post, Kakai is also a senior member of Iraqi Kurdistan president Massoud Barzani's Kurdish Democratic Union party.

Then Kakai backtracked a little bit:

Kakai, appeared to downplay his own remarks whe he later added that "it is not necessary for Kurdistan to immediately announce independence but the authorities need to reiterate their right to do so."

However, he appealed to the United States not to exclude Kurdish leaders from talks on Iraq's future.

Appealed? You know what, if the leadership of South Kurdistan would grow a pair and declare an independent Kurdistan on the next Newroz, the exclusion of the Southern Kurdish leadership from American-led talks about Iraq's future would be moot. There would be no need for the same Southern Kurdish leadership to "appeal" to treacherous American "friends" for anything. In fact, those same treacherous American "friends" would be appealing to the Southern Kurds to help save their asses in Iraq.

I guess it all depends on which strategy will most effectively secure the personal bank accounts of the same Southern Kurdish leadership.

Worried about Kerkuk? Don't. As far as I know, the PKK's offer to help fight for Kerkuk still stands.

KurdishMedia has several articles on the Iraq study group posted today. They're worth a look. Could the Iraq study group recommendations finally be the wake-up call to the Başûrî to give up on the fantasy of American friendship or American preference of Kurds over anyone else? We'll see.

There was other news of note that was totally overlooked yesterday, due to the avalanche of propaganda over the worthless Iraq study group, and that was the confirmation of Kissingerian Robert Gates as Secretary of Defense. Gates was confimed overwhelmingly by the Senate (only two Republican senators voted against) in just one day, with no discussion of his shady past. As previously mentioned on Rastî:

Lukery at WotIsItGood4 is pondering a possible Senate confirmation of Robert Gates as Defense Secretary, and his argument is that the Democrats should oppose the nomination because it's another attempt to put one of Daddy Bush's longtime cronies in a key position.

Given the skeletons in Gates' closet, I have to point out a few things, because the nomination of Gates does not bode well for Kurds.

[ . . . ]

Robert Gates is a protégé (read: lapdog) of Scowcroft; Scowcroft is a protégé (read: lapdog) of Kissinger, and what Kurd can forget Kissinger?

If the Democrats don't obstruct the Gates nomination, it will be very enlightening, because by Thursday after the elections, Scowcroft (the friendly face of the pashas and Deep State in America) was already in Ankara, and meeting with just about every "business" organization to finalize the thawing of the US-Turkish relationship. Naturally, he was there as the head of the ATC.

[ . . . ]

Scowcroft's running off to Ankara immediately after the elections therefore indicates to me that big changes are on the horizon, and if Scowcroft's lapdog, Gates, becomes the Secretary of Defense, expect continued Deep State involvement in US domestic politics.

Not only that, expect overwhelming approval for the recommendations of the Iraq study group.

A check of all the progressive American news sites today provides not a single article on the Gates confirmation, either for or against, proving what I have said a hundred times if I've said it once: There is absolutely no difference whatsoever between Democrats and Republicans.

HURRAY for the world's greatest one-party system! The United Sheep of America is an even greater one party system than the Soviet Union ever was. I mean, at least the Soviets had dissidents. Not so among the United Sheep of America, not so. Demopublican unity is a must, therefore there can be no messy inquiry into Gates' background. How convenient for a guy that the Iran-Contra Special Prosecutor, Lawrence Walsh, thought was a liar. The best thing that can be said about Gates' career in public service is that there wasn't enough evidence to indict. What an exoneration.

But that's what you've got Rastî for. Check this rundown of Gates' public career from 9 November, 2006:

Robert Gates, George W. Bush’s choice to replace Donald Rumsfeld as Defense Secretary, is a trusted figure within the Bush Family’s inner circle, but there are lingering questions about whether Gates is a trustworthy public official.

The 63-year-old Gates has long faced accusations of collaborating with Islamic extremists in Iran, arming Saddam Hussein’s dictatorship in Iraq, and politicizing U.S. intelligence to conform with the desires of policymakers – three key areas that relate to his future job.

Gates skated past some of these controversies during his 1991 confirmation hearings to be CIA director – and the current Bush administration is seeking to slip Gates through the congressional approval process again, this time by pressing for a quick confirmation by the end of the year, before the new Democratic-controlled Senate is seated.

If Bush’s timetable is met, there will be no time for a serious investigation into Gates’s past.

Did you get that? For a long period of time, there have been "accusations of collaborating with Islamic extremists in Iran, arming Saddam Hussein's dicatorship in Iraq, and politicizing U.S. intelligence to conform with the desires" of his masters. Yet not a single Democrat complains.

Good boy, Gates. I'm sure the Demopublicans gave you a tasty little biscuit after the dog-and-pony show in the Senate yesterday. Can you roll over and play dead, too?

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