Saturday, July 14, 2007

14 TEMMUZ 1982

"What was the aim of Turkish fascism in creating the torture and concentration camp called Diyarbakir Military Prison? It simply was to stifle the democratic and national awakening of Kurdish people, to force its most brave and militant fighters to submission and to break their will to rebel."
~ Garbis Altınoğlu.

Graphic stolen from HPG Online.

On 14 July 1982 in Diyarbakır Military Prison, the hunger strike of Kemal Pir, Mehmet Hayri Durmuş, Akif Yılmaz, and Ali Çiçek began. Their hunger strike would end 66 days later when the last of them joined the ranks of Kurdistan's şehîds. Their selfless act of resistance provided the impetus to awaken the Kurdish people.

The legitimate armed struggle of the PKK against the racist regime in Ankara was born.

Kemal Pir, Mehmet Hayri Durmuş, Akif Yılmaz, Ali Çiçek . . . ŞEHÎD NAMIRIN!


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