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"The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society."
~ Edward Bernays.

We left off yesterday by demonstrating that PKK is clearly not Maoist nor has ever been, and that it is the Deep State and its supporters who created and continue to perpetuate this lie, we can move on to the rest of the Deep State's propaganda at Another Day in the Empire (ADITE).

First of all, in the transcript of the German ARD TV report, the very first paragraph contains a huge lie. It says that there's a "secret" war going on that is unnoticed by the world's public. The fact is that the war in Turkish-occupied Kurdistan is far from secret. Millions of words have been written on it since the 1990s with many of those words typed out by human rights organizations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, or journalistic organizations such as Reporters Without Borders or the International PEN organizations. Millions of other words documenting the atrocities perpetrated by the Ankara regime, with the full backing of the US, the EU, and the rest of the international community can be found in the evidence, trial transcripts,and judgements against Turkey by the European Court of Human Rights. Academics and journalists have written millions more words in further documentation of atrocities committed against the Kurdish people. In English alone the story of the genocide of Kurds under Turkish occupation can be read by such writers as Noam Chomsky, John Tirman, Kevin McKiernan, Jonathan Randal, David McDowall, and Paul White.

How then can anyone claim in all seriousness that there is a "secret" war going on? Unless, of course, they are the lapdogs of fascism as practiced by the Ankara regime? Who benefits from such a claim? The US government, whose foreign policy is formulated by Lockheed Martin? The Paşas, who run a business empire and a so-called democratic, civil government?

Just as a month ago the propagandists of the Deep State wanted to make us believe a ceasefire had been called by PKK in the middle of June when PKK's ceasefire had gone into effect on 1 October 2006. What's notable about the ceasefire is that it may be the first ceasefire in history that was rejected days before it went into effect, and that rejection came from the Washington and Ankara regimes just as the American "PKK coordinator," Joseph Ralston--who also happens to be a registered lobbyist with The Cohen Group in order to export tactical fighter aircraft, as well as having served in 2006 as a member of the advisory board of the ATC, as well as serving on the board of directors of Lockheed Martin . . . well, you see how it goes--was wrapping up Turkey's $13 billion purchase of Lockheed product.

So tell me, who are the real terrorists here?

The rest of the German transcript contains nothing that we don't already know. Cemil Bayık confirmed as much last November. At the end of June a small news item appeared in Kurdish-language media about the very same ARD report and it's most likely the source of the pro-mullah PressTV report. According to both reports, the American generals give a pretty good impression of CYA; they have to "overlook" PJAK's activities because there isn't a damned thing they can do about them, short of sending a bunch of grunts humping up and down those 12,000 foot peaks--on foot, mind you--to play hide-and-seek with the gerîlas. Ditto for PKK's gerîlas.

And while we're on that subject, let's make it crystal clear for the umpteenth time (just like Heval Cuma did): PJAK, and HAK, its armed wing, fall under the umbrella of KCK, which is the real organization that "outsiders" always refer to as "PKK." PKK itself no longer exists as a party, but as an ideological school. But this is what Cuma quite openly said to Western media last November, that anyone who wants to have anything to do with PJAK or HAK must go through KCK (or as those out-of-the-know keep saying, "PKK"). There is no "cover" here; PJAK/HAK are members of KCK and all of their support comes from the Kurdish people through KCK.

The hand-wringing of ADITE for the loss of filthy pasdarans blown to bits by HAK's remote-control bombs is, frankly, pretty damned hypocritical in light of the fact that you don't read anything there about any concern for the atrocities committed by the mullahs against the Kurds under Iranian occupation. But, since I'm aware of the atrocities and repression, I'm of the opinion that every time a pasdaran has his guts blasted all over a wall or a road in Iranian-occupied Kurdistan, it's a moment for a celebratory drink or two. And not only for that reason, but also for the continued health, well-being, and success of all "PKK's" gerîlas.

Naturally, I wonder, too, at the hypocrisy of quoting a journalist famous for his "unnamed" sources, Seymour Hersh, because I wonder why-- if Seymour Hersh is so concerned with Israeli involvement in South Kurdistan--did he never write anything about this during the heyday of Israeli involvement back in the 1960s and 70s? I mean, Hersh never even mentions the fact. Or why does neither Hersh nor ADITE mention the fact that PKK (back in the day when it really was PKK) received its initial training from the Palestinians in Lebanon? That's pretty ironic, given that the link to Hersh takes you to a Palestinian website. Maybe both Hersh and ADITE can start bitching about the Palestinians for helping the nascent PKK to get its military start. At least then they'd be consistent.

I'd also like to see some consistency from Hersh over the atrocities his pals in the Ankara regime have inflicted on the Kurdish people because he's one of those who's never contributed so much as a single word to all those millions of words written on the matter that I mentioned at the beginning of this post.

Don't hold your breath for that, though, because neither Hersh nor ADITE is concerned about things like justice or human rights; they're out to simply bash the American administration over the head a few times for the simple pleasure of bashing. Human rights and justice are not the concerns of the overwhelming majority of Americans. For them, "might makes right" is the main concern and if it guarantees a cool few hundreds of millions of dollars per annum for Lockheed Martin, then it's even better. What's a little blood money among friends anyway?

There's a glaring omission in the ADITE post, and that's the fact of a few hundred thousand Mehmetçiks swarming at the border like flies on stink. They've been there since the end of April 2006, when Condoleezza Rice made a visit to Ankara. They were bombing Kurdish villages as Condoleezza Rice was in Ankara. Her very presence in the Turkish capital while the good NATO ally was lobbing artillery fire into Kurdish villages and flocks was the green light. People are saying there will be no invasion before the 22 July elections in Turkey, but there may not be an invasion until after Iraq makes a decision on Washington's oil revenues laws. But you don't hear anything about that from ADITE or from Hersh as he prattles on and on about his so-called "Plan B."

Instead, it's very likely that Hevallo has nailed the matter once again. A Turkish invasion of South Kurdistan will be the US Plan B, if Baghdad does not agree to Big Oil's theft of Iraqi oil revenues.

For a little review of the rapacious plans of Big Oil, check out the following:

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