Tuesday, June 12, 2007


"I think there is a good reason why the propaganda system works that way. It recognizes that the public will not support the actual policies. Therefore it is important to prevent any knowledge or understanding of them."
~ Noam Chomsky.

Last week HPG stated that the leak of the phony invasion news was a purposeful one by the Ankara regime in order to test the water, or "temperature checker" as DozaMe reported, of international opinion over an actual invasion.

Today it would appear that HPG was correct in that assessment, as the Islamist lapdog of the Turkish general staff announced:

Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan signaled on Tuesday that Turkey should focus on battling Kurdish guerrillas at home rather than in northern Iraq.

[ . . . ]

"Has the fight with the 5,000 terrorists finished domestically, that we should now be talking about Iraq?" Erdogan said when reporters asked him about a cross-border operation against separatist PKK rebels.

And, from Iraq Slogger:

"There are 5,000 terrorists in the mountains in Turkey. Is the struggle against them over? Is this issue resolved so that we can come to dealing with the 500 terrorists in northern Iraq?" Erdogan was quoted as saying by the Anatolia news agency.

Now the regime admits what anyone with half a brain, a slight understanding of guerrilla warfare, and knowledge of the geography in question could deduce for themselves . . . most of PKK is inside the recognized borders of Turkey, while only a headquarters staff is at Qendil.

That also means that continued pressure for invasion of South Kurdistan indicates a completely separate goal from that of "countering terror," and that goal includes the oilfields of Kerkuk and Mûsil.

The ultra-fascist Tulin Daloğlu, who regularly opines at the equally ultra-fascist Washington Times, weighed in on recent events herself:

. . . A senior U.S. official — solely authorized to talk on the PKK related matters — said if Turkey invades Northern Iraq, its territorial integrity will be jeopardized. The Turkish military may agree with him. The question is who exactly provoked the recent terrorist acts on Turkey. In the last several weeks, Gen. Buyukanit expressed his concern over the states that directly or indirectly help PKK terrorism. With that in mind, the Turkish military perceives the PKK as a secondary threat.

[ . . . ]

The thing is, the key to this matter is hidden in the Iranian issue. Until Washington decides whether or how it will prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, there will be no clear action against the PKK. So far, Washington seems intent on using the Kurds to create unrest in Iran and Syria. Evidently, the United States may not want to hurt Turkey, but it may do it out of necessity.

What "senior U.S. official — solely authorized to talk on the PKK related matters" would be the one referred to here, if not the one and only Lockheed Martin "special envoy" to coordinate the PKK for Turkey?

Indeed, the key is hidden in the Iranian issue, and also includes Syria, as we learned through HPG's derailing last week of a train carrying a pretty good number of arms and equipment (with a greater number of unknown equipment not permitted to be published in the press by the Paşas) from Iran to Syria through Turkey itself. That was an embarrassing moment for the Deep State, so embarrassing, in fact, that Wolf-ette Daloğlu neglected to mention it.

Meaning, naturally, that Turkey is involving itself in the US vs. Iran proxy wars going on in Lebanon and Gaza, with NATO member Turkey taking the side of Iran against NATO member US.

No one really believes that--OOPS!--those weapons just slipped across the Turkish border without the Paşas' approval, because that doesn't happen in Turkey.

From the Lousy Propaganda Department, we have reports of PKK suddenly declaring a ceasefire. There's a round-up of that stupidity here, with the standard variety from the AP at CNN. Why do I call this propaganda? Because they're putting it out in order to cover Turkish backside for a lack of invasion. Everyone knows that PKK's ceasefire went into effect on October 1 of last year. As mentioned in yesterday's post, in which Bianet quoted political analyst Kenan Kalyon: "He also commented on the end of the PKK ceasefire, saying that the army was never held to account for not ending its operations during the ceasefire period."

As noted in last Saturday's post:

"What they're holding is a rally against peace. Kurdish people just want peace ... The PKK offered a ceasefire and the state ignored this," said trader Hayri Gokce, 28.

Even the BS analysts at Stratfor are suddenly noticing the PKK ceasefire, which began on October 1, not June 12. The October 1 ceasefire still stands on the Kurdish side. The conditions for negotiation were published in August, 2006. Stratfor is engaging in outright lies, something consistent with its purpose of propagandizing the Deep State.

What does this sudden interest in PKK's ceasefire by Turkish and Western vermin mean? It means that lots of Mehmetçiks and officers are dying. That, in connection with the fact that there's a new OHAL and that the Paşas have renewed their labeling of all Kurds as "terrorists" means that things are getting way out of hand during an election year.

This is a ploy, by the Paşas, to cover their asses. Mark my words, there will be no end to this conflict. It will simply intensify in the new OHAL areas.

HPG will continue to defend itself as it has done since October 1, and Mehmetçiks will continue to die.



Anonymous said...

have you been able to confirm whether or not the recent announcement of a PKK ceasefire was really a new declaration?

Mizgîn said...

There is no new ceasefire because there never was an end to the old ceasefire.

For some reason, now the warmongers want to pretend that a ceasefire suddenly has been called, when they rejected the October 1 ceasefire before October 1.

If THEY don't want to die, let THEM end the operations. If THEY don't want to end operations then THEY can cry in vain . . . . remember that one? From Erdogan, during the Amed Serhildan?

Sorry. Everything you want to know is in Turkish, but that's basically it: There is no new ceasefire and the enemies (Turkey with US backing) are playing games with this.

Berxwedan said...

Excellent post hevala Mizgin!

This "June 12" ceasefire declaration is a fabrication by the terrorist pro-Turkish mouthpiece "Hurriyet". There is no "June 12" ceasefire, but there is still, as you've indicated over and over again, an October 1 ceasefire, which was never, ever, anywhere, declared over. There is not ONE official statement by either HPG, PKK (the political academy), KONGRA-GEL or KCK, that declares the October 1 ceasefire to have come to an end. It is therefore still in effect.

Which doesn't mean that Mehmetciks is not going to die. As long as the Turkish military continue its operations in Kurdistan, Turkish soldiers are going to die. What's so controversial with Turkish soldiers dying? Is it controversial because it makes the Turkish people realize that they're military is not invincible? :)

I think the reason behind this "ceasefire" fabrication is:

1) The Turkish media, by own initiative and without referring to any official HPG/KCK statement, declared the ceasefire over,

2) Which meant that the Turkish people now had the notion that they were under physical aggression by the PKK,

3) Which meant that the people very much, and more than before, expected the Turkish generals to start an invasion of southern Kurdistan,

4) An invasion that was "strongly advised against" on the Bilderberg meeting in Istanbul, pending "other solutions" first,

5) Solutions that can only be discussed AFTER the elections on July 22, per the Bilderbergers (read: every powerful S.O.B on the planet of earth)

Turkey is now acting fast to attempt to quell "overly" aggressive sentiments among its people, a'la 1999-style "we're going to invade if you don't do as we say" (that is, the same stuff they pulled on Syria to force Ocalan out of the country.) It's also important to note that US and UK both issued warnings to their citizens to be CAREFUL if they were to travel to Turkey. Which means that tourism in Turkey will now take a big hit. I don't think Turkey expected US and UK to issue warnings to their citizens, and I think they've been slapped out of their Hubris, realizing that they've gone a tiny bit too far in their sable-rattling.

This of course doesn't mean that Turkey WON'T invade. Invasion of southern Kurdistan is still a threat. Turkey's masters just wants Turkey to "be patient." So, my advise to the KRG: Arm every Kurdish soul, man and women, from age 14 to 90, handicapped or not. Arm them FAST and draw a defense strategy together with your brothers and sisters in the HPG.

Mizgîn said...

Sipasî xweş, heval Berxwedan.

If the ceasefire ends, it will be big news, certainly on Firat, Yeni Özgür Politika, Özgür Gündem . . . you know. You would see it and probably post something. I would see it and post something. I mean, there would be NO doubt.

I have been asked several times if the ceasefire had ended and I say, "When it does, you won't need to ask."

And complaints about dead Mehmetçiks are red herrings because the Turkish civil government doesn't care. Remember Erdoğan last year, saying that military service wasn't a place where you take it easy? The Turkish general staff has never cared. The US doesn't care. If anyone cared, they would settle down to political negotiation--not with Iraq--but with the leadership of Kurds under Turkish occupation.

After all, along with the conditions of the ceasefire, the Declaration for a Democratic Resolution of the Kurdish Question is openly available to anyone who cares.

I think the "concern" about Mehmetçiks dying is done for propaganda purposes, to "feed the monster" so to speak, and that's why. as you say, Turkey's trying to put the lid on the aggression in the population.

Anyone who thinks Turkish military is "invincible" must have been asleep since 1984 :D

I hope the part about the travel advisories in the US and UK really sticks it to the economy.

As far as arming everyone in South Kurdistan and having them stand with HPG, I could not agree more, and this has to be done in such a way as to scare the shit out of everyone's interests (i.e. money) in Iraq. And there's a LOT of Turkish business in South Kurdistan that can be targeted. Raze it to the ground. Ditto for everyone else's interests, including the US.

Plus, there are all those energy pipelines all over the place.

It's kinda funny . . . THEY really began to push the construction of those pipelines, many of them through hostile territory (like areas in which PKK operates) in 1997. Or, at least, that's when the first US troops were dispatched to Central Asia. Let's see . . . 1997 is a noteworthy date in Kurdish history for another reason too.

For more, see Chalmers Johnson's The Sorrows of Empire, beginning in Chapter 6. For an interesting intro, listen to this.

Waiting until after July 22, definitely, and I think that's something that all of us knew. Everything is in a holding pattern until then, and then we'll see what happens.

Serkeftin Heval.