Sunday, June 10, 2007


"If I can send the flower of the German nation into the hell of war without the smallest pity for the shedding of precious German blood, then surely I have the right to remove millions of an inferior race that breeds like vermin."
~ Adolf Hitler.

The Turkish election board (YSK) has ruled that Orhan Doğan, Selim Sadak, and Hatıp Dicle cannot run for parliamentary elections in July because they have criminal records.

Hevals Orhan, Selim, and Hatıp, along with Leyla Zana, had served as Kurdish parliamentarians in the 1990s, before they were charged, tried, and imprisoned for speaking the forbidden language--Kurdish--in the sacred halls of the institution of state-sanctioned Turkish racism, the TBMM.

It's highly ironic that the Kurdish candidates should be called on their "criminal" conviction, because none other than the Turkish prime minister, R. Tayyip Erdoğan, also has a criminal conviction from the 1990s. He was convicted and served a prison sentence for "inciting religious hatred." Consistent with Turkish state racism, Erdoğan served his time at the Turkish equivalent of Club Fed, the inside of which no Kurd has ever seen.

Interestingly enough, the TBMM later changed the law as follows:

Parliament has passed a Constitutional amendment package, which changes Article 76 and allows Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to become a candidate. Article 76 stipulates who is eligible to become a deputy. It states that those who have been sentenced to prison for one year or more because of "engaging in ideological or anarchic actions" shall not be elected deputies, even if they have been pardoned. The government's proposed amendment excludes this provision.

That's why Erdoğan is prime minister today. Consistent with official Turkish racism, the law appears to apply only to ethnic Turks and not to ethnic Kurds, as the example of Erdoğan proves.

We have another recent example of this same kind of Turkish racism if we compare Erdoğan wıth DTP's Ahmet Türk. Türk, everyone may recall, was convicted in March of having referred to Ocalan as "Sayın," a term of respect. At the beginning of June, the same charges were filed against Türk again in Amed.

Of course, Erdoğan has also referred to Serok Apo as "Sayın", but he is not charged nor facing prison because he is not Kurd.

None of this goes into the fact that arch-murderer Mehmet Ağar has crawled out from under his rock to head the new DP in the elections. Let's remember that Ağar was forced to resign after Susurluk because he admitted "he had overseen 'at least 1,000 secret operations," and his signature was on Abdullah Çatlı's vast collection of Turkish Interior Ministry passports.

Ağar, along with Veli Küçük and countless others, never so much as saw the inside of a courtroom for their deep involvement in the deep shit of the Deep State . . . and that's the result of more state-sponsored Turkish racism . . .

Bianet has a little something on the new OHAL, with the liar Edoğan claiming that there is no return to a "State of Emergency." Does everyone remember when Erdogan went to Amed in August, 2005, and promised to handle the "Kurdish problem" in a more democratic way? Does everyone remember that PKK gave a month-long ceasefire to give Erdoğan the opportunity to act on his words? And what has happened since then? What has Erdoğan done to show consistency in his words? Nothing. Erdoğan is a liar.

So, why should we believe him when he says there is no "State of Emergency" in "The Southeast?" Why didn't Erdoğan declare OHAL last year, when HPG was racking up the body count?

The answer is very simple: There were no elections last year and no danger of Kurds entering TBMM. That's also the reason why Mehmetçiks have been violating election laws by registering to vote in "The Southeast." The Paşas are trying to contaminate the voter registration rolls, so that whole Kurdish towns may have their ballots thrown out.

Now, this is exactly why a new OHAL has been called (along with a new TCK and a new anti-terror law), so that Kurdish voters will be forced to stay at home during the elections. And that's the same observation that Orhan Doğan has come to. But that's just more of the offical, state-sanctioned Turkish racism.

In an interview with Firat, carried on Yeni Özgür Politika, Murat Karayılan endorses the pomegranate.

DozaMe has more details on the joke of Mehmetciks pouring over the border, lots of details on the operation against the jandarma station in Dersim, and Bilderberg in Istanbul . . . so go over and take a look.

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The only way a Turk will listen to a Kurd is at gunpoint. It's time to start a second great uprising, this time kicking the Turks out of Kurdistan for good.