Tuesday, June 05, 2007


"It must be clearly seen how one of our small gerilla units can turn upside-down a well-protected station, guarded by dozens of soldiers armed with highly technological devices."
~ HPG statement on the retaliation attack against a jandarma station, Dersim.

DozaMe has a post about the weapons found in the train, which was derailed by HPG last week, so go take a look. As was mentioned in the comments of the previous Rastî post, the list of weapons and equipment that was published in Turkish media was only from one of the nine train cars carrying weapons. That means that you have to ask yourself, what was in the other eight cars that has caused the Paşas to clamp down again on the media so that they can't publish the information?

Think about that for a while because, after all, a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Al-Qaeda says it's "hunting" Christian and Zoroastrian converts in Kurdistan.

Actually, it would be better for Al-Q if they all came to Qendil to "hunt" non-religious gerîlas, but we know Al-Q is too limp to fight a real enemy, so I don't suppose the hevals will get a chance to ice any of these freaks in the near future.

On the other hand, HPG did ice 7 jandarma yesterday in Dersim, with one gerîla becoming a şehîd during the operation. As a reminder, the May body count is posted at HPG Online:

Total amount of Turkish operations: 67

Total amount of Turkish and Iranian operation: 1

Enemy forces killed: 102

Officers: 8

Soldiers: 90

Milicia Men (Village Guards--Mizgîn): 3

Traitor: 1

Enemy forces wounded: 64

Enemy forces Officers wounded: 2

Enemy forces Policemen wounded: 3

Destroyed enemy military vehicles: 3

The 25th May, HPG attacked by sabotage one train convoy; destroyed 9 wagons; confiscated military ammunitions in Genç Area, Diyarbakýr province.

Martyred HPG guerrillas: 12

HPG also downed a Cobra helicopter during an operation in the Hakkari-Çukurca area, and the gerîlas damaged one other Cobra so that it was forced to land. After the downings, TSK launched artillery against HPG.

HPG also states that the operation against the jandarma station in Dersim area was in retaliation for 3 HPG şehîds killed earlier in the year. The jandarma attack was meant as a warning to the Ankara regime for its operations against PKK during the ceasefire. HPG also believes that the regime is using the talk of a potential cross-border operations into South Kurdistan in order to cover up the ongoing operations in Turkish-occupied Kurdistan. HPG further states that:

". . . [O]ur gerila forces have the preparation, the determination and the ability to respond to all the attacks. It must be clearly seen how one of our small gerilla units can turn upside-down a well-protected station, guarded by dozens of soldiers armed with highly technological devices. If they (the Ankara regime) continue with this attitude, the legitimate Kurdish defense forces, HPG gerilas, will paralyze the Turkish state system and the Turkish army with their sacrificing resistance."

There's a Hitchens article over at Slate, which isn't so interesting in itself . . . in fact it's verbose, but notice the photo accompanying the article. It's captioned as a Kurdish pêşmerge, but it's not. It's an HPG (or HAK--PJAK) gerîla.

According to the Guardian, Andrew Lloyd Webber owns a Wan cat. The article gives an example of the extremity of Turkish racism against Kurds by mentioning the poisoning of Wan cats by Turkish soldiers because the cats are Kurdish.

And the old games are going on in Şirnêx. According to a report in Özgür Gündem, three men from the village of Elemun (Andaç) were out in the fields cutting feed for their flocks when they were fired on by Özel Hareket Timler with the excuse that they were planting mines. One of the three men was wounded and was taken to the hospital while the other two were arrested. Those two were released by the court pending an investigation. However, the people in the area have been forbidden to take their animals to pasture for the past month. This has historically been done to destroy Kurdish culture, which is heavily based on animal husbandry, and is the basis of family wealth.

The state's policy of the destruction of Kurdish culture and livelihood continues.


Anonymous said...

Turkish forces are currently invading Iraq...whats going on!! Give us some updates!

Mizgîn said...

Anonymous, this news is not on Firat, Ozgur Gundem, or Ozgur Politika. DozaMe has not posted anything. None of KurdishInfo's many language pages has anything on it. It's not in Western media, either.

The only thing that comes up in a search is something from DEBKAfile, quoting Turkish Cihan News. A couple of bloggers have picked it up, but the Cihan via DEBKA source is their only source.

If something had happened, it would definitely have come out through Firat.

FYI, DEBKA's sole purpose for existence is to spread BS.

Anonymous said...

You're right Mizgin. DEBKA said about 50,000 invaded, which is a lie. But the liklihood is that a few thousand have indeed invaded...

AP reported it this morning as according to Turkish security and now it's showing up on msNBC:


Mizgîn said...

Bahoz Erdal has denied the cross-border operation reports.

But, it looks like a new OHAL ("State of Emergency") has been declared for Sirnak, Hakkari, and Siirt.

I will try to do an update on this as soon as I can.