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At the beginning of the month, I asked the following question:

Just who, exactly, are the dirty CEHŞ who permit the presence of these MIT/JITEM vermin in Silêmanî for the last decade (and more)? No one should have too think too long or hard about that question to come up with an answer.

Maybe we have an answer from the Hudson Institute.

Hevallo has a post up about the Hudson Institute and the games that have gone on there recently. The neocon-sponsored Dirty War games at Hudson made a pretty big splash in Turkish-language media over the weekend, but the initial Turkish-language report in Zaman did not match in detail Zaman's English-language version. However, a subsequent article does discuss the details.

The first English Zaman article can be read here, the first Turkish Zaman article, here, and the second, more detailed, English Zaman article, here.

The basic story is this: The neocons and the Turkish military got together in the US to discuss a number of "terror" scenarios. One of those proposed the assassination of retired Turkish Constitutional Court judge, Tülay Tuğcu. Everyone will remember Tuğcu as the judge who upheld the Paşas decision that upended Abdullah Gül's presidential vote in the parliament.

Now, ask yourself, whose cause would the assassination of Tülay Tuğcu serve? She's on the Paşas side, so her assassination would serve the Paşas. And here the Paşas are, discussing with the neocons an assassination that would serve their purposes.

If you get that, then you get why this little bit of wargaming at The Hudson Institute is such a big deal, particularly for Zaman, a Gülen (read: AKP) paper.

Also interesting are some of the proposed "scenarios." One describes a cuicide bombing at a police station in Beyoğlu, Istanbul. Funny, it's kind of reminiscent of the recent suicide bombing in Ankara, which appeared to target the military.

Another scenario describes PKK attacking an "Iranian truck convoy carrying ammunition to Damascus." Gee . . . that sounds an awful lot like PKK's derailing of the train that was carrying Iranian weapons and other military equipment to Syria. And that train was crossing through Turkey, a matter for which the train had to have the permission of the Paşas.

And then, the funniest scenario of all is the one in which "50,000 Turkish troops cross into Iraq, establishing several checkpoints along the Iraqi side of the border and engaging in minor skirmishes with PKK fighters."

Huh? 50,000 troops cross into Iraq and establish "several checkpoints?" Does that mean they have 10,000 troops at each checkpoint? And then they engage in "minor skirmishes?" When 50,000 troops invade another country, don't you think they'd be doing more than just establish a few checkpoints or have "minor" skirmishes.

This is hilarious!

In spite of the hilarity, the neocons and the Paşas were discussing scenarios very close to some that have already taken place, which makes me think that no one's going to be writing any life insurance for Tuğcu. More importantly, both the American neocons and the Paşas are trying to figure a way to invade South Kurdistan. If they do it with 50,000 troops, they're going to be aiming for something a little more substantial than a few hundred PKK gerîlas. It would make far more military sense to use 50,000 Mehmetçiks to secure Mûsil and Kerkuk than to believe the ridiculous nonsense about checkpoints and skirmishes.

But, all this brings me back to my question:

Just who, exactly, are the dirty CEHŞ who permit the presence of these MIT/JITEM vermin in Silêmanî for the last decade (and more)?

Well, now we know: Qubad Talabanî.

Check the second English version of Zaman for that.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Turkey opens investigation into Iraq's Barzani

Mizgîn said...

Thanks, Anonymous. I noticed that yesterday. Did you note this part:

A Turkish nationalist organization asked prosecutors in Diyarbakir, the largest city of Turkey's southeast, to open the probe into the accusations over the PKK, and called for the seizure of any assets, including property and bank accounts, that Barzani may own in Turkey.

"A Turkish nationalist organization." What do they mean by that? The Ankara regime or another one of those political parties allied with the Deep State?

I swear, Turkish nationalists are the biggest bunch of retards on the planet.

Ankara is anxious to prevent the emergence of an Iraqi Kurdish state in northern Iraq, fearing this could fan separatism among its own large Kurdish population in southeast Turkey and also destabilize the broader region.

Uh, yeah. Ankara realizes that gȗ is fixing to hit the fan, and the fan is aimed NORTH.

Har, har, har.

Anonymous said...

I think the assumption about Qubad is a little too much. Firstly, Qubad does not have the power to permit the presence of the MIT in Silemani. Second, just because he attended this ugly meeting reported by Zaman, doesn't mean he would permit such a thing.

I have no doubt that the PUK has strong ties with many in the Turkish State in addition to their ties to Iran. However, the article still never revealed Qubad's opinion of this meeting attended. It also said all participants were fully aware of the topics that were going to be presented at the meeting. But this just leads me to believe that Qubad may have been just been attending to see what everyone over at Hudson is up to and how this will affect him, his party and Southern Kurdistan. His presence in the meeting may have been a good thing in case the facts were not revealed about the meeting as they were through Zaman...

berxwedan said...


ALLOWING Qubad Talabani to attend such a meeting is evidence enough of how comfortable JITEM/MIT is with Qubad. Or was the meeting "open to everybody" and Qubad Talabani just "stopped by" just to "check out" what these "Hudsons" had to say on the issue?

I think Qubad Talabani just made himself a military target by attending a meeting where HE together with the Turkish JITEM and MIT discussed the assassination of Kurdish military leaders. I think he is aware of that too, but I think he feels that he is safe enough to attend such meetings because he doesn't live in Kurdistan anymore.

Another interesting note is that AKP's Egemen Bağış, one of the attendees of the Bilderberg meeting in Istanbul, denounced the meeting and called the Turkish participants who had attended the meeting "traitors." I don't think AKP was aware of such a meeting, and if they were, I don't think they understood the "scope" of the discussions.

As indicated under the "Potential Wildcards"-part of the article, it is also clear that Israel is seen as an "enemy" at the meeting by implication that they were going to conspire to "destroy" Turkey by:

1) Hanging on intelligence that a Hezbollah suicide bomber trained in Syria would blow up him/herself in Beyoglu,


2) Aiding the PKK with "Mossad training manuals"(tm).

I personally think that Qubad made a big mistake by attending this meeting, as the meeting clearly created new political polarities by indicating Turkey and Iran as the "victims" (a.k.a "good guys") and the US, Israel & Kurds as the aggressors (a.k.a "bad guys".) I think it was VERY stupid as this meeting clearly had no backing of 1) the AKP, 2) the Pentagon, 3) the KRG.

If Qubad thinks otherwise, he's welcome to give his "opinion" on the matter, and also a reason on why he was invited by a bunch of out-of-touch Neocons and Turkish JITEM generals to attend this meeting. Was he representing Iran?

Mizgîn said...

Anonymous, Qubad is a representative of what? For whom? Since he is a representative, his personal opinion of the meeting is irrelevant. His presence is the issue.

Of course, it's not the first time Qubad has made an appearance at a notorious neoconservative institution. He's appeared a few times at AEI and has spoken there, so it is really nothing new that he's running with this pack of vermin.

I agree with Berxwedan's assessment, although I would point out that the discussions not only mentioned the assassinations of military/police, but of a Kemalist judge of the Constitutional Court who recently took the side of the Paşas in the parliamentary showdown over Gül's proposed presidency.

The assassination of a judge reminds me of the attack on the Council of State last year, and I find myself wondering exaclty what kind of role the neocons at Hudson played in that Deep State assassination. MAYBE they played no role, but who's going to believe that now? The suspicion exists (and by extension, Qubad's presence, and those he represents, can now be suspected of having some degree of proximity to the Council of State murder, along with,say, Veli Küçük. Now, that name may not mean anything to Kurds from other parts of Kurdistan, but that name means a LOT to Bakûrî.

I mean, if there's going to be any assassinations, Küçük should be at the top of the list. . . and by his presence at Hudson, in which assassinations (the specialty of Küçük) were discussed, Qubad and those he represents are linked to Ankara's state assassins. That is abysmally bad.

Another thing that really interests me is the fact that the details of this meeting made it into the press, and that there are so many details of the scenarios, the discussion questions, the guest list, the fact that the Paşas sat there through the whole thing . . . It's almost like someone who was there told the Turkish press.

But this isn't new either. A few months ago, information was leaked to the Turkish press about two things. The first was about a "list" the Turkish general staff had drawn up about who was a "friendly" journalist or media organ, and who wasn't. The second was a leak to Nokta magazine of the diary of a Turkish admiral, in which he discussed with other Paşas the feasibility of a hard coup in 2004.

Nokta has since been shut down by the Paşas.

As it turned out, both pieces of information were leaked to the Turkish press from the US. From Utah, to be exact. Oh, yeah, the list of "good" journalist/"bad" journalist originally came from the Turkish general staff offices, went through Utah, and then ended up in Nokta, causing a furor. In other words, someone inside the Turkish general staff got the list out.

Who benefited by both leaks? AKP. Who ended up with egg on their faces? The Paşas.

I suspect that someone in attendance at the Hudson meeting also leaked the details to the press. Who benefits from the leak? AKP. Who ended up with egg on their faces, besides Qubad? The Paşas.

Who has the ability to leak this information around the world or to plant his own mole in the midst of the general staff? Who has a lot of connections in the US?

Fethullah Gülen.

What kind of party is AKP? Fethullahçı. What kind of paper is Zaman? Fethullahçı. Through their own stupidity and desperation, the Paşas are doing a fantastic job of promoting AKP in the elections, because when stuff like this happens, AKP takes it to the press and presents themselves as "victimized" by the Genelkurmay and secularists. When AKP wins a majority, they're going to remember who it was that was in attendance at Hudson.

(Note: ONLY into the Turkish press. No one in the American press has mentioned that one of the country's premier neoconservative institutions has sat down with the Turkish general staff to discuss assassinations of political/military officials inside a foreign country. Let that sink in. The same people who brought you Afghanistan, Iraq, Joseph Ralston, and the whole bogus War on Terror, Inc., are now planning to bring you the invasion of South Kurdistan, and there is Qubad, representing whom? And he's in the middle of it.)

Berxwedan, I think the only thing that I would refine in your comments is when you say that the Pentagon didn't know about this meeting. I think there are two Pentagons. The Deep, or Shadow, Pentagon, and the conventional one. The Deep Pentagon is run from the Office of Special Plans and it is staffed only by neoconservatives. They knew about the Hudson meeting, I'm certain of it.

As an aside, check out this article on General Antonio Taguba's investigation of Abu Ghraib. It's Hersh, so disregard the part in which he relies on his usual know-nothing, unnamed CIA/government sources, and focus on the parts about General Taguba. This should give you an idea of what I'm thinking when I say "Deep Pentagon." Also, Taguba's report is here in unclassified form, no doubt.

Another example of why I think there are two Pentagons is the report of the suicide of a West Point professor of ethics, COL Ted Westhusing.

Westhusing's suicide and Taguba's railroading are examples of which Pentagon is really running the show.

For what it's worthy anyway.