Wednesday, July 04, 2007


IHD has issued a press release on the bombing attempt against Beytüşşebap's DTP Mayor, Faik Dursun:

IHD Concerned About Recent Incidents in Sırnak Area

Press release by lawyer Reyhan Yalcindag, President of the Human Rights' Association (IHD):

Recent incidents and serious human rights violations in the provinces of Sirnak, Siirt and Hakkari, which have been declared by military bureaucracy as High Security Zone or de facto State of Emergency (OHAL), cause us more concern day by day.

There are a few sine qua non components of democracy regarding with elections. These components are; reflection of voters’ will freely in election, a democratic election process without interventions. On the other hand there are serious allegations against security forces. According to these allegations; in recent days security forces conduct often raids to villages particularly in Şırnak area. Moreover, security forces threaten people in the villages about not voting for independent candidates for the parliament. These are very serious allegations. Therefore, officials should make a statement about allegations without delay.

A bomb, which was put near to house and route of Beytüşşebap’s Mayor, has revealed a possible assassination attempt. If one of our citizens had not recognized the bomb mechanism, a violation of right to life could have been occurred. There are some questions, which should be answered without delay, as well as points that should be clarified. If the allegation, which argues that public prosecutor has not gone scene immediately, is true an investigation should be conducted for inconsideration of duty. Law rules and same principles should be valid in every part of a state governed by the rule of law. The uttermost point is that protection of all rights and freedoms, especially right to life, for everyone without exception is an essential mission.

As Human Rights Association (IHD) we are against any kind of attempts, which might harm social peace atmosphere and arouse violence and conflict circumstances. There have been serious human rights violations, especially right to life, that are identified as crime against humanity and will be never forgotten from our memory, in recent years. Darkness of the past has not been clarified yet and we are aware of that new chaotic scenarios will harm our people. We condemn assassination that seems to be against Mayor of Beytüşşebap, Mr. Faik Dursun, who has been elected via vote of people. We state that we will pursue of the process until those, who are responsible, will be tried in court. (IHD, July 3, 2007)

Turkish version here.

It should be remembered that Faik Dursun is among those 54 DTP Mayor's charged for signing a letter to Danish PM Rasmussen in support of RojTV. He is also one among many who signed a statement from 2004, which called for a new Turkish constitution, a general amnesty for the gerîlas, and the implementation of an economic program to rebuild the Kurdish region devastated by the Ankara regime's Dirty War.

This means that Dursun is another of those troublesome, bad boy, DTP politicians that the Ankara regime would just love to get rid of. Therefore, expect to find the usual state-sponsored suspects behind this assassination attempt.

How much does anyone want to bet that the Paşas boys would then try to blame this on PKK?

More soon.

In case you missed it the first time around and want to know what we're going back to, watch the video about the Musa Anter Peace Train which Hevallo has linked to in one of his posts.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Turkey, it apears that torture is still quite common in the military republic that is called turkiye

Mizgîn said...

Thanks for the info, Anonymous. The entire AI report can be read here. There's also a press release.

So only NOW they're mentioning the Amed Serhildan?

I'm going to save the link and probably will have something on it this weekend.