Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Oh, let me think about this: The Turkish and Iranian armies started bombing Southern Kurdish villages last Saturday but they only started dropping leaflets urging Kurds to flee their villages on Tuesday--three days after they destroyed villages, homes, and other property.

Yeah, Iran is trying to "cleanse" the region, all right, and in the same way that Turkey "cleansed" so much of The Southeast during the 1990s and continue to enforce today.

It goes without saying that the Teheran regime is doing all this "without hurting civilians."

If you ask me, the mullahtocracy would be pretty stupid to send helicopters to drop the leaflets after another of their military helicopters, along with eight of Teheran's finest, was brought down by PJAK's HRK over the weekend. But--hey--it could happen.

By the way, you can find something about how the corporatocracy is vandalizing and editing Wikipedia with propaganda at DozaMe, and there's a good opinion piece on the subject at AlterNet.

The other day I stumbled onto an interesting little post at Kurdistan and Hayastan about one of the most interesting revolutionaries of recent times--Monte Melkonian.

Monte Melkonian is one of those non-Kurds that Kurds should learn something about. He fought with the Rojhelatî peşmêrge against the evil Iranian mullahs in the aftermath of the Iranian revolution. He spent time in Lebanon while the PKK was in the area. As the post notes, Melkonian once said:

"We need to build a mass-based guerrilla force closely aligned with Turkish and Kurdish revolutionaries."

There's more on Monte Melkonian here and a copy of his own writings, The Right to Struggle, is also in publication.

Lukery has several new posts up about the Sibel Edmonds case, including this one, in which Sibel blasts the kerxane that is Washington and quotes Thomas Jefferson.

You go, girlfriend.

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