Monday, August 13, 2007


"I am continually shocked and appalled at the details people voluntarily post online about themselves."
~ Jon Callas, chief of security, PGP.

Why should you avoid social networking sites? Here's the answer, via Cryptome.

Don't assume that information applies only to Facebook.

To really mess with your mind, check out this older post on the "ugly truth about online anonymity," from Cryptogon.

You've been warned.

The hevals at KurdishInfo have KCK's statement on the recent Turkish elections, and the political analysis included in the statement is far better than any of the pablum presented by so-called experts on the subject in any other media. For instance:

. . . the AKP government made the most of all the possibilities presented. They used both the additional support of international funds and the nature of a political environment, which presented no alternative to the bureaucratic state ideology. The AKP has also been successful in gaining the support of voters, by playing the victimized party against the practices of the Turkish military, bureaucratic government and undemocratic interventions. The AKP has acted in self interest, and has done everything possible to gain majority rule, it has used the sensitivities of the community very well, and has developed appropriate sayings and slogans and has won votes by taking advantage of the political environment. However what is more important is the failure of the oppressive ‘Kizil Elma’ understanding led by the military .This is the most significant outcome in the election of 22nd July. The extent to which the AKP government, who has come to power today, will solve main issues and how seriously they will approach these issues is open to debate. The practices which they have put across to date and their recent sayings strengthen the belief that, rather than solve issues, they will continue to act disingenuously, and follow the route which will satisfy only their interests and maintain their majority rule.

It is particularly important to evaluate the outcome of these elections in light of the impact it has had on Kurdistan, the developed practices and the tableau which has emerged as a result of these. It is a reality that for the past four years AKP government has continued to show lack of interest in solving the Kurdish issue. It has in the same way failed to provide any serious funding in Kurdistan, and has left the community face to face with poverty, misery and hunger.

During the elections, however, the AKP acted unethically by acting as savior, and buying votes in this way. It has adopted a method which allows it to both subjects the Kurdish community to hunger, than use this hunger against them. Some dominant Kurdish classes and sects have also closed their eyes to these practices. These people have, for a long time betrayed the Kurdish people, denied their own reality and have sold their souls. AKP has exploited the poverty of Kurds, their religious sensitivities and their reaction against the military as well as various other commitments to buy votes. The true face of the AKP, who have developed dishonest and unethical methods, will now become even clearer. If the AKP is serious about the reality of the Kurdish question, then no obstacle can be presented to solve the Kurdish issue.

There is much more in the statement, including a rundown of the questionable election practices against the independent candidates, and praise for DTP as it maneuvered itself through the election minefield to reach the TBMM with more Kurdish parliamentarians than have ever represented the Kurdish people in the TBMM.

It's definitely worth a read.

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