Thursday, August 30, 2007


"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe."
~ Albert Einstein.

Does anyone recognize this:

That's a dersok. It's a distinctive accoutrement to the proper Kurdish gentleman's traditional ensemble. The red dersok, similar to the one pictured, is a symbol of the Barzanî tribe. The Yezîdîs in South Kurdistan also favor the red dersok.

There's also a black dersok, which is favored by most Kurds including our gerîlas in HPG, YJA-STAR, or HRK.

In short, if you know Kurds, you'll recognize the dersok.

Imagine my surprise, then, to see that the fascist American right wing calls the Kurdish dersok "a terror symbol." Check a post from LGF for more on that, and make sure to check out the stupid comments--all 300+ of them.

But I have a little shock in store for the fascist idiots at LGF. Take a look:

Here's Mesûd Barzanî wearing the dersok folded up as şaşik (LGF's "terror symbol") when he was a teenager and fighting in the mountains.

Here's Mesûd Barzanî wearing the dersok (LGF's "terror symbol") with Condoleezza Rice.

Here's Mesûd Barzanî wearing the dersok (LGF's "terror symbol") in the White House.

Does anyone remember these guys:

They were found buried in Southern Iraq:

8,000 of them were disappeared by America's long-time ally, Saddam Hussein. They were Barzanîs. Only the remains of 512 of them have been found so far. All of them wore the red dersok (LGF's "terror symbol"). All of them were murdered by America's ally simply because they were Barzanîs.

Either the posters at LGF are a bunch of morons or they're a bunch of racists. Take your pick.


samarkeolog said...

Since when was that either/or?

Anonymous said...

They call the Palestinian "dersok" a symbol of terrorists. Not the Kurdish one. Did the Palestinians steal it from Kurds? Or did the Kurds steal this from Arabic Palestinians?

Mizgîn said...

Good point, Samarkeolog.

Anonymous, how do you tell the difference between the dersok shown (which is the one the fascists are bitching about) and what Palestinians wear?

It's irrelevant where it comes from. The fact is that Kurds wear it today and, according to the fascists, everyone who wears it is a terrorist.

I find this whole thing VERY ironic coming from a group of people who are the world's greatest terrorists.

Turkish E.T. said...

it is moderate racism, and also a defense instinct. Sometimes you try to push these references to pain, sorrow so deep that you do not want to see anything that reminds you of them.
There was the traveling exhibition named "made in palestine" in new york once:

if was interesting to see some comments on seemingly liberal people who thought that "some people might be offended" by this -art exhibition.

Turkish E.T. said...