Monday, September 17, 2007


"We will push those crooks, those mercenaries back into the swamp."
~ Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf.

Blackwater USA mercenaries are going to be banned from Iraq following their slaughter of civilians over the weekend. From the Guardian:

The Iraqi government said Monday that it was pulling the license of an American security firm allegedly involved in the fatal shooting of civilians during an attack on a U.S. State Department motorcade in Baghdad.

The Interior Ministry said it would prosecute any foreign contractors found to have used excessive force in the Sunday shooting. It was latest accusation against the U.S.-contracted firms that operate with little or no supervision and are widely disliked by Iraqis who resent their speeding motorcades and forceful behavior.

Interior Ministry spokesman Abdul-Karim Khalaf said eight civilians were killed and 13 were wounded when security contractors believed to be working for Blackwater USA opened fire in a predominantly Sunni neighborhood of western Baghdad.

"We have canceled the license of Blackwater and prevented them from working all over Iraqi territory. We will also refer those involved to Iraqi judicial authorities,'' Khalaf said.

The spokesman said witness reports pointed to Blackwater involvement but said the shooting was still under investigation. It was not immediately clear if the measure against Blackwater was intended to be temporary or permanent.

The Christian Science Monitor has more, including blog reactions to the banning. There's also something at AFP.

Ah! It's going to be a good day.


anti-ba'th said...

Why do you quotate a criminal murderer high-ranking Ba'thist to begin your posting? Ba'thist killed many Kurds. If you are Kurd it does not make sense.

Mizgîn said...

Obviously, the irony of the quote with the subject of the post went right past you.

And if you're as "anti-ba'th" as you claim, why aren't you doing something about the Syrian regime, the only Ba'ath regime left? Oh, yeah, and it persecutes Kurds too.

If you're so worried about enemies killing Kurds, then why aren't you outraged about the Kurdish youth murdered in Şirnex (Sunday's post)?

Why aren't you concerned about TSK using cluster bombs in South Kurdistan?

Why don't you care about Iran shipping weapons to your Ba'ath regime in Syria through Turkey?

Why don't you give a damn about Talabanî's wetting his pants in order to be the biggest suck-up ever to the Turkish state?

Now, do you have anything to comment on the subject of the post or not?

Otherwise, go troll somewhere else.

anti-ba'th said...

I realy just asked why you quotated a Ba'thist and you say I do not understand. Well of course I do not understand, and that is why I asked a question. Can you make an answer?

You ask me many questions but you do not know what I care and do not care about so you are making things up about me. You don't know what I do and what I am outraged about and other things.

If you want me to write somethings about the post it is very easy, it is that I think that people who kill innocent people should face justice.

The Iraqi Ba'thist killed more Kurds than anyone else and made genocide, so I think that no Kurd should be associating with them or quotating them if they agree with them. So I asked you why you did quotate this man and instead of making an answer you decide to tell me what I do and don't care about.

In truth I don't know why you attack me.