Tuesday, September 25, 2007


"These enemies of humanity who believe that the state authority has weakened and turned their guns on our innocent citizens will definitely drown in the hole that they have fallen into."
~ Turkish PM Tansu Çiller on the Güçlükonak Massacre.

For all those who believe that PKK has been the source of all evil in Turkish-occupied Kurdistan and that PKK has been the source of "terrorism," Milliyet has one for you:

Erdal Sarızeybek, a retired TSK colonel, confessed several military secrets in his latest book called, I Saw the Betrayal.

In the book, Sarızeybek talks about how TSK created a fighting environment with the excuse of protecting the people in 1992, in Semdinli. He confesses "the crazy things we did for the war on terrorism."

"We fired with Rockets":

"My plan was like this: Within two or three nights, 120mm artillery and flares would be shot in the downtown (of Semdinli). We would shoot at the targets that we had installed earlier, and then we started shooting rockets and created a complete fighting environment. On the morning of the next day, we would assemble all the people downtown and warn them about how how wounded the people would get in a possible war and, for that reason, they should not allow "terrorists" to come into the city.

"At least once a week this became routine in Semdinli and for a long time it continued. Maybe you will call this craziness, but we did get results. We prevented the injury of people and the rest is not important."

The retired colonel, Erdal Sarızeybek, also confessed that TSK had formed several teams of soldiers with beards and dressed them like PKK. Sarizeybek says:

"The nation was burning. There wasn't a day without operations. I can confess that, once, we were in a desperate situation. We did several things. For instance, we formed some teams among the soldiers who had beards and we dressed them in PKK clothing. We put them on the roads at night in order to secure the region. For convoy security, we walked hundreds of troops at night in critical places in order to secure the area."

This confession calls to mind the confession last year by Lieutenant General Altay Tokat, when he said he also engaged in terrorism to knock a little nervousness into those who weren't sufficiently so:

"In my time, I also had them throw a few bombs to some critical points. These were empty places! My issue was to give a message. Civil servants, judges that come from the West [of Turkey] don't understand the seriousness of the situation... when things became calmer, they started to take this business nor seriously... One [act of] disaster is better than a thousand words of advice. In consequence I had [bombs] thrown at two places close to their houses. One [act of] disaster is better than a thousand words of advice. After that they understood that they needed to be careful. This way I educated them. You can't immediately evaluate this by saying throwing bombs is illegal. I might have saved the lives of those people. I did not tell them either. Now if you construe this as assassination, I'll laugh at that."

We also have the example of the Güçlükonak massacre and the Hantepe massacre, to name two.

And it was the same ones who murdered Musa Anter that also did the Hantepe massacre.

Now tell me again: Who are the real terrorists?

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