Wednesday, September 12, 2007


"Your people have just made a coup!"
~ President Jimmy Carter to former Ankara CIA station chief, Paul Henze.

Let's remember 12 September and the legacy of the CIA's "boys", from Info-Turk:

Today, at the 27th anniversary of the September 12, 1980 Military Coup, it is necessary to recall once more the crimes committed by the putschists who still remain untouched and unpunished:

- The coup d'etat of September 12, 1980 was the second phase of a process of militarization in all fields of the country. Previously, the coup d'état of March 12, 1971 already had abolished or destroyed many democratic rights and institutions by the application of a repression without precedent.

- The Constitution imposed in 1982 by the military junta abolished the last remnants of the freedoms recognized by the Constitution of 1961. The 1982 Constitution denies the basic rights of the Kurdish people and the Armenian, Assyrian and Greek minorities of Turkey. Articles 3, 42 and 66 preach the superiority and the monopoly of the Turkish race and language. Article 4 declares that Article 3 can never be modified, even the modification of this article can never be proposed.

- The Army's domination on the country's political, economic and social life was guaranteed by the privileges recognized by this constitution to the National Security Council (MGK).

- Within two years, more than 650,000 people were taken into custody and subjected to torture.

- Thousands of people were left disabled.

- 210,000 political cases were opened in military courts.

- A total of 98,404 people were tried because of their "thoughts."

- 6,353 people were tried under the menace of capital punishment.

- 21,764 people were sentenced to heavy prison terms.

- Fifty people were executed at the end of political trials.

- Many convicts lost their lives in prison due to maltreatment and hunger strikes to protest this maltreatment.

- Files were opened on 1,683,000 people.

- Universities were placed under the discipline of the Higher Education Council (YOK), depended on political power.

- 15,509 people were ousted from their university posts under Law No. 1402.

- 18,000 public servants, 2,000 judges and prosecutors, 4,000 police officers, 2,000 army officers and 5,000 teachers were forced to resign.

- All political parties were closed down.

- The activities of 23,667 associations were halted.

- The press was censored.

- 4,509 people were sent into exile by the martial law.

- 113,607 books were burned.

- 39 tons of books, magazines and newspapers were destroyed by the State's paper mills.

- 937 movies were banned.

- 2,792 authors, translators and journalists were tried.

- Journalists and writers were sentenced to a total imprisonment of 3,315 years and three months.

In Ankara yesterday, the Deep State commemorated the 1980 coup in a way that only it can.

Let's also remember the victims of the Deep State's bombing last year in Amed.

There's a smart post at Cryptogon that discusses the "incredible asymmetric advantage" individual insurgents have against the enemy. A teaser:

I can’t think of a time in history when the individual insurgent has had such an incredible asymmetric advantage over his opponent. Hierarchical dominator systems—now enjoying primacy on a global scale—exist atop a delicate grid of undefended energy and information infrastructures. With just a bit of intelligent planning, today’s insurgent can turn a small improvised explosive into a weapon of mass profit destruction. Killing soldiers and cops is a waste of time and energy. Killing profits does far more damage to the enemy than killing any number of troops.

Different societies and opponents, however, lend themselves to different forms of asymmetric warfare.

In America (and wealthier parts of the “West” in general), people don’t have to blow up a natural gas pipeline and shut down a factory or cut enough fiber to crash the NYSE and the NASDAQ market systems for a few minutes, hours or days. Voluntary simplicity, or, living well on very little money, kicks evil people in the nuts and gouges out their eyes. (Pacifists may think of this as sending the enemy Joy and Happiness if they desire.) Doing this in the U.S. has a force multiplier effect because the U.S. is the largest source of the funds that keep the global ponzi scheme running. When people in wealthy countries opt out, the action causes major economic damage to the machine.

Now you, too, can be an insurgent against fascist corporatocracy.

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